Do you love traveling? Or do you want to be able to? Sadly, most of us either don’t have enough cash flow or leisure time to afford the pleasure of wandering as far as we would like. Fortunately, you don't require a first-hand experience of having traveled the world for enjoying the beauty of a vintage globe. Vintage globes surrounded by intriguing colors and fascinating history displayed in your studio can help you soothe your wanderlust. It can also work as a motivator for you to open a savings account dedicated to your traveling plans. Globes are an eccentric home accessory that adds a layer of interest in your space. In the last few years, the homeowners and home decor enthusiasts have shown a rapid interest in mid-century, retro vintage designs and trends, globes being their favorite. A lot of us have been rushing to thrift stores and flea markets for scoring vintage globe at great bargains. But the arrival of the Pandemic has put a pause on these shopping sprees, making us want to stare at a globe, and manifest a trip to the other corner of the world even more than ever. Well, lucky for you, we have an assorted collection of vintage globes online, and that you can explore and find the perfect piece for your home or home office.


Globes look amazing perched on bookcases; but, that doesn’t mean they need to be relegated to just office spaces. You can also place them in different rooms around your home including your living room, family room, or children;s rooms, as seasonal decorations. Most of our collection comes under affordable range, including the Earth Fame Globe, which you can easily buy from our category of globes online.
You can order multiple globes online and create a visual impact amassing a collection on your shelf or mantel.


Accessorize and organize your home at the same time! Casa decor’s collection of globes online has been strategically designed by Indian artists, who delicately assemble each piece. This globe comes with a drawer, making it a perfect accessory for your study table or work desk, which you can use for storing your pens, notebooks, or diary. The aesthetic and meticulous detailing of utopia inspired globe makes it an exquisite and unique addition for your home.


Indeed, globes look beautiful displayed on their own but you can achieve a more dramatic look by assembling a larger collection; and our Davy spot Globe is perfect for it. There is no denying that globes are often intended for learning or educational purposes. But, home decor stylists and decorators like them for more than their functional value, and love the way they bring aesthetic elements in the room giving off a vintage vibe. You can buy our Davy Spot Globe from Casa Decor online Store and add a royal mid-century atmosphere in your decor.


Looking for vintage globes online that can take your home decoration to wild new heights? Use this vintage globe to add a twist of modern color block design in your space. The piece is unique, one of a kind in the market that is designed to get showered with compliments. It will add a fun and funky character in your space. You can display it on your coffee table, mantel, or bookshelves.

Explore our collection of home decor online, and order globes that fit in your decor aesthetic and accent!