Your home decor design style is a reflection of your personality. You can decipher a lot about a person by just looking at their home. Take a look around your home and notice how your home interior is completely different than your parent's or friends' house. 

Modern, industrial, bohemian…. the list keeps going on. One of the most common challenges homeowners face while describing their preferred interior design is the lack of vocabulary in defining the theme which often leads to a lack of understanding between them and the designers. With the abundance of unique decor design styles, it has become a daunting task for the client and designer to decipher which theme will work best in a house. For so many interior design themes combine the quality of a variety of styles. This makes it important that you have at least some knowledge about each interior design style so you can differentiate one from other. 

We have made a comprehensive list of the most preferred interior design styles that you can explore and incorporate in your decor. You can experiment with a specific design theme or create a combination of many based on your creative instincts and personality. Read this blog to find a home decor style that resonates with you the most. 


Popular Interior Design Styles to Lookout for in 2021


If you are a nature lover and love bringing in natural light in your home, this is the decor for you. Scandinavian home decor design features minimal handcrafted accessories and furniture. Most of the pieces are inspired by nature. This style celebrates functional and minimalist decor with a lot of earthy tones, whites, touches of black, and a few hints of color, which also makes it a popular Pinterest interior design style



Idealistic for people with OCD, and a flair for organization, minimalist home design will help keep your space organized. Every piece in these types of homes is well-considered and functional. Minimalist design is simple, clean, and stark. Minimalistic interior is dominated by the "less is more" fashion philosophy.



This home decor theme is well-suited for people with a taste for the modern and upscale interior. Contemporary design is dominated by sleek accessories, masculine color palettes, and includes a clutter-free decorating approach.



If you are a self-proclaimed healer, or like meditation then Zen design is the perfect match for your personality. This home decor design features a spa-like environment and is often decorated with candles, oil burners, and natural materials. Most things are sustainable in these homes and interiors include linens and wood. Being an Eastern approach, Zen-style homes are more popular on the Eastern Asian side. The main focus is on creating a calming sanctuary by using natural elements, soft lighting, and greenery.



If you are one of those people who find beauty in unrefined and raw structures, then you will absolutely love the industrial style aesthetic. Most people believe that the industrial home design style looks like an abandoned factory but you cannot be more wrong. Industrial home decor is all about functionality and space-saving. It’s smart, modern, and minimalistic. It makes the most of Edison lights and exposed plumbing pipes. Industrial design features a more masculine and unrefined look. Old metals/ wooden furniture pieces, exposed pipes, and industrial lighting are some of the things you will in these homes.



This home decor theme is perfect for homeowners who like the functional and simple design. Steve Jobs was also obsessed with mid-century modern design. This modish design is characterized by the modern functional decor, geometric patterns, and neutrals color palettes.



For the people born in the wrong era, the 70s home decor design allows homeowners to live their fantasy and create a retro aesthetic in their space. Filled with groovy/floral prints, the indulgence of shaggy rugs, super-comfy sofas, and hanging plants indoors, this decor theme is a lively interior design. Some of the main features in a Seventies home include whacky floral patterns, neutral textures, curvy chairs, faux fur, etc.



If you are a creative person who likes a casual space with patterned pillows, rugs, and poufs; and handmade tribal accents, and worn-out furniture, your style is Bohemian. This interior design styles celebrates easy and flowy designs that look casual and have a more global vibe. In most bohemian homes you find a combination of traditional accents and distressed furniture pieces.



For modern homeowners who like to live life king size, this home decor style takes inspiration from Hollywood style interiors and consists of bold colors, glamorous decor accents, and luxurious furniture and decor accents. The main elements of this style include lacquer walls, and statement decor pieces like massive mirrors, bold paintings, art lights, metallic decor, and luxe fabrics. Glitter galore and metallic bling are two essential features for imitating this style.



Rustic home decor is all about simple living that is dominated by either natural or handmade decorations, which evoke a calming and bucolic feeling. The notable features to look for in this style are the furniture pieces that age with beautiful patina, natural fabrics, organic material upholstery, and copper accents.



Traditional home decor design can bring a sense of serenity to old-school souls. Homeowners who like embracing and keeping their heritage alive by preserving and incorporating heirloom pieces in their decor can design their home with a traditional theme. Most pieces in traditional homes belong to bygone eras, which make them very good conversation starters. Tradition home decor focuses on the past and incorporates touches of ethnic upholstery and antique decor. However, they require a lot of maintenance and care.

Explore these home decor design styles to find what suits your vibe and personality!