Your home decor is a reflection of your personality, from the wall colors you choose to the art pieces you hang on your walls – everything reflects your individuality and preference. While some people like functionality in their homes, others like to enjoy the luxury of technology. And like we always say there are no good or bad when you are decorating your home interior according to your preference and style. The home decor products in your space should cater to your lifestyle. 

However, designing doesn’t come innately to all, and it’s good to know a bit about our personality and what you are drawn to for understanding the science of decorating. Whether you are, or not into pop psychology, you must have heard of MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), a questionnaire-style MCQ test designed for helping people understand their personality type better. 

Inspired by Carl Jung’s conceptual theory, Isabel Briggs Myers with her mother, Katharine Briggs devised the MBTI system, which is designed on the four principal psychological functions based on human experience: sensation, feeling, intuition, and thinking. 

Consisting of 16 personalities, through this test you can learn more about your type, learning what each type prefers, how they perceive the world, and behave in different situations. 

In this blog, our experts will tell you which home decor accessories you should select and how you should decorate your home decor, based on your MBTI type and its defining traits.



ENFP: Bohemian

People with ENFP MBTI Type tend to live a carefree and enthusiastic life, making bohemian decor the perfect fit for their home! Bohemian styles combine vibrant colors, rich patterns, and printed textures – elements that may make your home decor appear a bit “messy”. However, being someone who is slightly chaotic and enjoys living freely; you will appreciate these elements. Boho style has endless decoration potential so mix a few things to create a home as vibrant as your personality.


INFP: Shabby Chic

People with the INFP type are very caring and gentle. They can come across as a little introverted at first but once you get to know them, people describe them as the life of the party. You tend to gravitate towards daydreamy aesthetics and soft home decorations, making shabby chic style an ideal match for you. The shabby chic interior focuses mostly on pastel and white shades that give the space an open and bright feel that welcomes guests with a warm vibe. Distressed patterns and vintage furnishings will help you play with style and add a modern charm to your home.


ENTP: Eclectic

You can be seen breaking rules, experimenting with unconventional things, and working on different challenges. You love your authentic self and are not afraid of doing what you love. You can embrace these traits in your decor design using Eclectic home decor design. It is an easy style to pull off and incorporates cohesive elements in each room.


INTP: Bauhaus

You are an easy-going, decisive, and very creative thinker, so a design style like Bauhaus will give you plenty of opportunities to experiment and mix different arts. Bauhaus style also embraces technology and prioritizes function over aesthetics.  


ESFJ: Traditional

A popular home decor aesthetic, which reminds you of your roots, is right up an ESFJ type's alley; it includes intricate details and sophisticated aspects that are incredibly visually, inviting and pleasing. It caters perfectly to your social butterfly traits. And the traditional handmade accessories add a classic vibe to your space. 


ISFJ: Transitional

Although shy, you also have a very strong desire for developing deep connections with your close lads. You prefer a space that radiates this side and creates the vibe for such conversations. And Transitional-style will help you achieve this look and vibe. Don't confuse this style with contemporary aesthetic because of their similarity; as it flows between modern style and trends of the past.


ESTJ: Modern

A modern home decor design is the perfect option for an ESTJ. You like your environment organized and structured, you also like technology leading you right towards the Modern interior. From furniture to home decor items, everything in this style exudes simplicity and elegance. It is defined by its lack of clutter and chaos, Modern design focuses on the essential aspects rather than elaborate accessorizes. 


ISTJ: Minimalist

You tend to prefer simple and straightforward things – be it in your style or home. You want things to be functional making minimalist home decor a suitable selection for you. You naturally want to create a home that reflects organization, over rooms that seem cluttered or showcase multiple elements. A minimalist style fits you because it allows you to create a fuss-free setup that looks put together and keeps your stuff and accessories in line. 


ENFJ: Cottage Style

Being an open and warm person, you innately enjoy making people comfortable, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that you would want to design a home with a similar vibe. A cottage-style home would be the perfect choice for someone like you. It’s a combination of the farmhouse aesthetic with vintage accessories, light colors, and a focus on maximum utilization of natural light will make your home very cozy and inviting. 


INFJ: Postmodern

Postmodern home decor design would blend well with your idealistic and creative type. A bit unconventional, this style strives to incorporate a variety of patterns and textures in the mix that brings life to the room. When you first meet someone you often come off as reserved, but as they get to know you they are surprised by your style and love your creative muscles. Your inner world is full of unique accessories and unconventional decoration and art. Postmodern home decor design will give you the chance to flaunt the best part of different styles and make a comfortable and appealing space.


ESTP: Retro

People with ESTP type are lively, spontaneous, and enjoy living a flexible life – and a bit of an old soul, making retro styles a fun way of decorating your home. This style is popular for its large patterns, bold colors, and unique vintage decoration accessories. Use old family heirlooms to give the space a traditional touch while flaunting your heritage. Retro home interiors are timeless and give the rooms an exciting and unconventional touch, which is exactly how people see you. You love a good challenge and are far away from boring, and this style capture those traits of your personality type beautifully. 


ISTP: Mid-Century & Modern

ISTP-type people are uncomplicated, individualistic, and have a charming creative streak making mid-century modern style a great home decor aesthetic option for your home. You have a hands-on attitude and like engaging with your adventurous side. This specific style will help you emphasize bold choices while also allowing you to add versatile yet functional furniture and decor accessories to your home. Instead of following the traditional path and selecting tradition over modern, you can mix both to create your unique spin. 


ESFP: Bollywood/ Hollywood Glam

People with the ESFP type have a stylish, bold, and dramatic side, making the filmy aesthetic perfect for you. You love attention and compliments and based on your style you can seek inspiration for either Bollywood or Hollywood Home decor design to create your space. If you like color Bollywood Glam in Karan Johar movies, it is perfect for you and if you lean towards more modern design Hollywood Glam can help you achieve this aesthetic. These interior design styles feature statement pieces and play with the idea of elegance, and include a lot of over-the-top pieces. It aligns perfectly with your personality and attention-commanding persona. You will definitely feel like a star in your home with this style. 


ISFP: Art Deco

People with ISFP type are creative, artistic, and love unconventional home decor items. So, naturally, you are drawn towards handmade accessories and unique accents.  An Art Deco aesthetic will be the perfect fit for you. This style is dominated by graphic prints like an animal or geometric patterns, sleek lines that create a quirky atmosphere. Art Deco mixes different elements, it is colorful, eccentric, and grand, but it still looks put together – this aesthetic sums up how people see and feel about you.


ENTJ: Industrial

ENTJ-type people are best suited for an industrial-style home. Like your personality; homes with this design are filled will practical, simple decor accessories. You will love the way everything in your home will have a purpose, be it multifunctional furniture, shelves, and other efficient pieces. These aspects are way more important for you than all the flashy and grand decorations. Your no-nonsense vibe will blend incredibly well will industrial-style home decor. 


INTJ: Steampunk

Considering Steampunk Style for your home may catch you off guard, but as someone who appreciates old styles and strategic design, it could fit wonderfully in your home interior. Steampunk home decor design is known for incorporating exposed brick, unique accessories (think: globes, gears, and old maps), and industrial furniture. Being a lesser-known interior design, it showcases your personality better compared to other designs. 


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