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Silver Feather Wine Stopper

Rs. 549.00
Dimension - L-3" X  W-1" X H-7"Material - MetalIn The Box - 1 Wine Stopper Color - Silver and BlackSort By Collection - Entertain The Silver Feather Wine Stopper combines elegance and functionality in one exquisite accessory. Crafted with...

Silver Ornate Wine Stopper

Rs. 499.00
Dimension - L-3" X B-1" X H-6"Material - MetalIn The Box - 1 Wine StopperColor - Silver and BlackSort By Collection - Entertain The Silver Ornate Wine Stopper is a luxurious and stylish accessory that adds a touch of...

White Marble Spoon Rest

Rs. 999.00
Dimension - L-10" X W-5" X H-1"Material - MarbleIn The Box - 1 Spoon Rest Color - WhiteSort By Collection - Entertain The White Marble Spoon Rest is a stylish and functional kitchen accessory, crafted from high-quality...

The Sweet Love Cake Stand

Rs. 799.00
Dimension - L-8" X W-8" X H-6"Material - Marble & MetalIn The Box - 1 Cake StandColor - White and GoldSort By Collection - Modern Muse  The Sweet Love Cake Stand is a symbol of romance...

Spruceup your Home Decor with our Latest Collections & Trending Designs!   

Accentuate your decor with the latest home decoration items ranging from furniture to photo frames and tableware to hardware. Whether it’s ornate, traditional, minimalist, contemporary, or industrial - we have a home decor collection dedicated to every interior design that will blend beautifully with your home decor.

Explore our blogs and consider creating a mix and match of different home decor items and trends for styling your own unique design approach. An abstract sculpture, dazzling wall mirror, geometric plant stand, and many more such items can be displayed together for achieving the decor aesthetic that you desire. Experiment with colors and unique elements to fill the empty spaces around the home with accent tables, vases, and artifacts, for adding extra design detail.

Explore New Trends Every Week

Explore a galore of trending home decor items on Casa Decor. We launch new products almost every week, so ensure that our customers have access to all the Instagram famous and popular Pinterest products. From home accessories that will accentuate your personality to decor elements that will become a part of your daily routine, you can buy anything from kitchenware to hardware on our website. So, whether you are decorating or revamping your living room, kitchen, bedroom, kid’s room, bathroom, or entryway; you can select a wide range of home decor products that will blend beautifully with your home decor and aesthetic from our home decor online store.

Here is everything you can find on our Home Decor Website:

Presenting a wide range of functional and luxury home decor products that you can use for decorating every room and corner in your home.

Garden Decor:
If your home features a small balcony or large open space, you can turn it into a mini-garden by introducing our beautiful garden decoration items like vases, planters, and plant stands in this area. Combine this vibrant display with your favorite plants and our designer figurines and candle stands to give your garden decor a luxurious touch.

Kitchen Decor
Browse through a sustainable collection of kitchenware and serveware accessories that will add more flavor to the recipes of your kitchen. From eco-friendly wooden bowl sets to cake stands and mortar pestles, we have a dynamic range of food-safe kitchen & bar accessories that are perfect for gifting, daily use, and hosting.

Bedroom Decor
Bedroom decoration is a tricky task because if you don’t set it right, it can mess up your sleep and routine. Casa Decor has a diverse range of bedroom organizers and other home decor accessories that you can use for accentuating your bedroom decor, and fit into your everyday routine. Add a table lamp near your bed if you like reading before bedtime or a candle stand in your sleeping space if you want to experience deeper sleep cycles with a scented candle around. Try to choose functional home decor elements based on your bedtime routine and incorporate them into your interior. Like storage boxes for your jewelry or a decorative tray for your skin care products on the bedside table.

Living Room Decor
Our living is the center for entertaining, so most of us design this space to impress the world, by including popular home decor trends and accessories in this space. Introduce luxury home decor products in this space such as accent tables, sculptures, artifacts, photo frames, bookends, plant stands, showpieces, wall art, and more.

Buy Trending Home Decor Products in India on Casa Decor

At Casa Decor, we understand how unique elements help elevate the homeowner's personal style in their space; this is why we ensure to offer a diverse variety of designs in home decor accents and furniture. From rustic modern aesthetic to minimalist designs and traditional fervor, we try to incorporate a touch of dynamic themes in our home decor products so that each piece blends in a variety of decors.
Design and decorate your dream home with Casa Decor's beautiful home decor collections:

Wall Decor
The walls in your home take up the majority of visual space, and a house with bare walls not only looks dull but also uninviting. Our home decor online store has a great selection of wall accessories and hangings, including wall panels, mirrors, wall shelves, scripted accents, wall brackets, photo frames, etc., that you can use for accentuating your home decor.

Lighting Decor
Our Illuminate collection is dedicated to adding a bright glow to your home. Lighting being a crucial element of home decor, we offer everything you need to add a ‘Festive Bling’ in your space from lanterns to candle stands and table lamps.

Decorative Mirrors
These home decor items do the double-duty of decorating your home as well as keeping you in style. You can explore our home decor India website to check out a fabulous collection of geometrical frame mirrors online. Hang them in pairs in your living room or entryway to make your space shine brighter with reflecting light.

Accessorize your table with a dynamic dining display including Lady Susan turntables, coasters, napkin rings, tissue holders, and more to create a picturesque for your food. These functional table accessories will make your dining experience more delightful.

Photo Frames
Dedicate a wall or a shelf to your favorite memories by displaying your good times in a stylish collection of our photo frames online. Consisting of metal to wood, these photo frames come in a variety of aesthetics that will help you create a vintage, modern, or minimalistic look in your home.

Showpieces aka home decor accents give your home a unique personality. From sculptures of animal accents to abstract pieces – the showpieces you choose tell a lot about your personality. While some people like decorating their home according to Vastu and Feng Shui others like to adopt a more random approach with whimsical decor accessories that turn into great conversation starters.

Kitchenware and Serving Accessories
From serving bowls and trays to coasters and cake stands, we have a gorgeous collection of eco-friendly kitchenware, which will help you accentuate the flavor of your signature dishes. Explore a wide range of these kitchen and bar accessories on our online store for hosting the best parties.
So, go ahead and explore the new home decor products on our ‘What’s New’ page to decorate your home with our new arrivals and trending products.