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Classic Resonance Door Knocker

Rs. 499.00Rs. 299.00

Blue Wise Owl Door Knockers

Rs. 499.00Rs. 299.00

Aqua Green Wall Hook

Rs. 299.00Rs. 199.00

Candice Filigree Wall Hook

Rs. 399.00Rs. 299.00

White Marya Filigree Hook

Rs. 399.00Rs. 319.00

Blue Bella Ceramic Wall Hook

Rs. 499.00

Gilded Beauty Wall Brackets

Rs. 799.00

Oriental Vibe Drawer Pulls

Rs. 699.00Rs. 499.00

Multi-Utility Wall Shelf

Rs. 2,999.00Rs. 2,099.00

The Modern Dual Hook

Rs. 399.00Rs. 299.00

Opulent Filigree Wall Hook

Rs. 399.00Rs. 299.00

Gold Finish Wall Hook Set

Rs. 499.00

Antique Tree Twig Door Handle

Rs. 1,199.00Rs. 749.00

Royal Antique Drawer Pulls

Rs. 699.00Rs. 499.00

Alphabet 'A' Wall Hook

Rs. 399.00Rs. 299.00

White Filigree Flower Dual Hook

Rs. 399.00Rs. 299.00

Regal Splendor Knob (Set of 6)

Rs. 499.00

Antique Emblem Drawer Pulls

Rs. 699.00Rs. 499.00


Are you thinking about updating your kitchen cabinets? Sprucing up your old furniture? Or considering maximizing your space with some wall shelves? Or planning on adding a glamorous touch to your entrance with some vintage door knockers?

Well, you have come to the right place to meet all your hardware needs and find the best knobs and pulls online in India. Crafted by our in-house team of local artisans all our home decor products are designed and handmade by local artisans using premium quality raw materials that come with a promise to last for generations.

From trendy knobs for modern, traditional, and contemporary kitchens to quirky, minimalistic, and artistic wall hooks, Casa Decor's decorative hardware online collection is filled with pieces that will look like jewels installed on your furniture. Inspired by flora and fauna, a lot of our products resemble beautiful beings found in nature. While our ceramic knobs are filled with color, our metal door handles and wall hooks offer sturdy function with a trendy twist.

Buy Decorative Hardware Online in India

Hardware is one of the most crucial parts of your home, from wall hooks and cabinet knobs to wall shelves and door pulls, your home is covered with these essential items that simplify your life every day. Without the right pulls your kitchen will fall apart and so would your routine. And without wall shelves how will you make more space in your home? And without wall hooks, you will probably lose your keys every day. Explore Casa Decor’s decorative hardware collection online and match these essential elements with your home decor aesthetic.

Buy Wall Shelves Online

Wall shelves are a must-have in every home. Whether you have a small or a big space, wall shelves help you create extra storage area without taking up any leg space, and not to forget that they are super multifunctional. From books to kitchen utensils and plants to collectibles you can use these space savers in any room for decorating or organizing literally anything. 

Featuring an old-world charm of Indian handicrafts with modern functionality – you can explore our wall shelves online to create a beautiful display in your home for decorating your accents or favorite reads. Give your room an organized touch by using these hardware essentials.

Buy Wall Brackets Online

Hand-crafted in variousartistic designs, the wall brackets in our collection can be installed underwall shelves or near your entrance for hanging lanterns, garlands, plants, andcrochets for a magical look. 

Buy Vintage Door Knockers Online

Ditch loud electricdoorbells & go back in time with our vintage door knockers. Shaped likebirds, gothic entities, and popular signature symbols, these metal door knockers will help you upgrade your entrance with a classic charmthat you will only find on our home decor online store.

Buy Hooks onBoard for Functional Storage

Easy to install and perfect for storing multiple things in one space, these board hooks are designed to create a permanent home for your trinkets. Featuring four and more hooks in each piece, these boards can be installed in any room for organizing a variety of things, like your keys at the entrance, utensils in the kitchen, clothes in the wardrobe, or pet toys in the passageway.

Enhance YourStorage with Cabinet Knobs and Pulls 

No matter the theme orhome decor style of your furniture, cabinets, or space, you can find knobs and pulls in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and colors on our website that willhelp you elevate the visual appeal of your table, dressers, chests, and doors.Choose between handles, and drawer pulls when selecting hardware options forheavy storage and kitchen drawers with utensils in them. Drawer handles providemore surface area to grab onto, offering a nice grip, while decorative knobsare sleek and considerably space-efficient for small spaces.

Looking for fancy kitchen cabinet handles? Install them horizontally like drawer pulls or
vertically on elevated cabinet doors for creating an effortlessly and sleek coordinated look. These handles are perfect for holding heavy items like your installation hardware and serveware collection. The solid grip makes it easy to open and close these drawers allowing smooth accessibility. 

Meanwhile, kitchencabinet knobs have their own classic charm that ties the drawers and the roomtogether. For embracing a more eclectic image, mix both knobs and pulls withcoordinating finishes. Not sure which kitchen cabinet hardware will best suityour space? Take a quick look at our knob and pull online collection to getinspired. For example, metal cabinethardware meshes naturally well with pieces such as contemporary and moderndesigns, and ceramic knobs look better with wooden brown cabinets because oftheir colorful appeal.

Home Decor Style Tip:
Always keep the material, color, and design of your furniture in mind whilechoosing drawer handles and cabinet knobs. A contemporary mahogany dresser, forexample, might look better with a metallic finish than wooden knobs and pulls.Whatever style of cabinet pulls and knobs you choose, make sure that they suityour aesthetic and functional needs.


Selecting the perfect style for Cabinet Knobs, Door Handles and Drawer Pulls

While choosing the right drawer pulls or door handles that fit your aesthetic, think about the surrounding decor, along with the furniture or cabinet themselves, where you want to install the hardware. While remodeling the kitchen every year can be expensive and wasteful, you can update its look subtly with this feasible trick. Just change the knobs and pulls in your kitchen. Make these hardware accessories stand out by making a dramatic change. If you had metal knobs before, opt for colorful ceramic knobs to make your cabinets stand out. A great way of adding adecorative touch to your door is by installing door knockers and designer door handleson it. There is no interior rule that says that you can only install doorknockers on your front door, so if you are living in a shared space you can addthese home decor accessories on your door to encourage your friends and familsssyto knock before they enter your room. Explore door handles and door knockersonline on our home decor India store to find the perfect fit for your woodendoors.