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Scripted WINE Wall Art

Rs. 699.00
Dimension - L-5” X W-3” X H-18”Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Brown and White  Sort By Collection - Rustic Heritage The perfect addition to your home bar or kitchen -...

Silver Wine Wall Art

Rs. 899.00
Dimension - L-15" X W-1.4" X H-5.5"Material - Wood and Metal  In The Box - 1 Word AccentColor - Silver and Brown Sort By Collection - Entertain Now bedazzle your space with the name of your favorite drink...

Monday Motivation Wall Art

Rs. 399.00Rs. 349.00
Dimension - L-10" X W-1" X H-10"Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - White, Black, and Brown  Sort By Collection - Gen Vouge   Let’s be real, Mondays are tough for everyone!...

Quarantine Mood Scripted Wall Art

Rs. 699.00Rs. 549.00
Dimension - L-11.5" X W-1" X H-11.5"Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Brown, Grey, and Black Sort By Collection -  Gen Vouge Featuring the meme "Working Hard" and "Hardly Working" upside down to...

Farm Fresh Typography Wall Panel

Rs. 899.00Rs. 749.00
Dimension - L-16” X W-1” X H-16”Material - WoodIn The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Brown and WhiteSort by Collection -  Entertain  This wall hanging is the perfect kitchen...

Framed COFFEE Wall Art

Rs. 799.00
Dimension - L-19.7" X W-1.5" X H-5.65"Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Brown Sort By Collection - Rustic Heritage Let your love for coffee hang on your walls with this Coffee...

Looking For ‘Adventure’ Wall Art

Rs. 899.00
Dimension - L-24” X W-1” X H-16”Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Wall Art Color - Brown and White Sort By Collection -  Gen Vouge Reflect your personality in your decor by selecting...

Cottage Core Wall Art

Rs. 899.00
Dimension - L-12" X W-0.5" X H-12"Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Brown and White Sort By Collection -  Gen Vouge Inspired by abstract design featuring a modern take on traditional geometrics, these...

Mappy 'Explore' Wall Accent

Rs. 899.00
Dimension - L-22” X W-1” X H-6”Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Brown and White  Sort By Collection -  Gen Vouge A popular wall accent for decorating rooms and personal...

Beer Bottle Wall Art

Rs. 799.00
Dimension - L-14” X W-1” X H-12”Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Brown, Gray and White Sort By Collection - Rustic Heritage Bring in a whimsical yet functional bar accessory to decorate...

Hand-Carved Wooden Jali Wall Panel

Rs. 999.00
Dimension - L-18" X W-1" X H-18"Material - WoodIn The Box -  1 Wall DecorColor - White Sort By Collection - Rustic Heritage Now decorate your home with the majestic charm of these Hand-Carved Wooden Jali Wall...

Rajasthani Floral Wall Panel

Rs. 899.00
Dimension - L-15.7" X W-0.6" X H-15.7"Material - Wood In The Box -  1 Wall DecorColor - White Sort By Collection - Rustic Heritage Now add a touch of Indian tradition and culture to your walls through these wooden...

White Floral Wall Art Accent

Rs. 1,299.00
Dimension - L-11.8" X W-0.5" X H-11.8"Material - WoodIn The Box - 1 Wall DecorColor - White Sort By Collection - Rustic Heritage Add an artistic touch to your walls with these abstract country wall art...

Scripted YUM Wall Art

Rs. 599.00
Dimension - L-12” X W-1” X H-6”Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Grey, Brown & White Sort By Collection -  Entertain    Indulge in the delectable charm of our White...

Let's EAT Wall Art

Rs. 899.00
Dimension - L-” X W-” X H-”Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Brown & White Sort By Collection -   Entertain    Enhance your dining experience with our "Eat" Scripted Wall Art....

COFFEE Corner Wall Art

Rs. 999.00
Dimension - L-22" X W-1" X H-6"Material - Wood  In The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Brown and White  Sort By Collection - Rustic Heritage   This wall hanging will make the perfect home accent and gift for...

Explore our Wall Decor Collection that Recites your Story!

Wall Decor Online

When you purchase a home, its walls become a blank canvas that you can paint with your creativity and style. However, when it comes to decorating walls with home accessories, less is more. Overcrowding the walls can make the furniture clash with the paintings, frames, or whatever you choose to hang. The art on the wall may also clash with other pieces if not matched correctly in terms of color, and shape. 

Casa Decor’s Wall Decor online collection is filled with traditional and modern art like typography, motif designs, word plaques, etc. You can explore different wall decoration options, and choose the items that best suit your decor.  

Metal Wall Decor

Discover the perfect metal wall decor online at Casa Decor, where beauty and functionality merge seamlessly. With our metal wall art, you can transform your walls into captivating canvases, showcasing your unique style and artistic sensibilities. Each piece is meticulously crafted, paying attention to intricate details and impeccable finishes. This collection features a variety of designs, from abstract geometric shapes to nature-inspired influences, ensuring there's something to suit every aesthetic. So, elevate your interior design with our stunning metal wall accessories and let your walls reflect your artistic spirit.


Mirrors are an absolute essential in every home that helps us look our best all the time. However, these functional accessories offer more benefits than one. Apart from ensuring that you look presentable, wall mirrors also help elevate your wall decor while also enhancing the visuals.

Interior designers are known for using these home decor accessories for creating the illusion of a bigger space. Strategic placement of mirrors in your home can help reflect light that can make your room look bigger than it is. We have a stunning collection of wall mirrors with designer frames featuring geometrical designs, hand-carved patterns, and minimalistic details.

All our wall mirrors online are handmade so they also have a timeless charm that will help create attractive accent walls.

Scripted Plaques 

Want to add a fun quirky vibe to your decor? Explore our scripted plaques featuring popular memes, puns, and words to accentuate your home decor. Decorate your kitchen with plaques with words like ‘Yummy’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Eat’ etc., on it and hang wall panels will ‘Bar’, ‘Beer’ and ‘Wine’ on them near your alcohol cabinets or home bar. From motivational frames to funny quotes you can find a wide variety of scripted wall panels online in our collection.

Wall Art

Embrace the grandeur of traditional hand-carving with our wall art collection that will help add the timeless charm of vintage home decor to your space. Handcrafted in ethically resourced wood by seasoned Indian artists these unique pieces will add a beautiful edge to your decor that everybody will swoon over.

Things to Consider while shopping Wall Decor Products Online:

Stick to your Intuition

You know your home better than anyone else. Therefore, while buying home decor accessories for personalizing your space opt for things you like, whether it’s a quirky wall hanging or a contemporary art piece. Don’t hesitate or buy something solely because of the trend, invest in things you need and prefer.

Consider Room Size

Keep the size and structure of your room in mind while purchasing any metal or wooden wall art decor. You might like a big art piece, but opting for a bigger size when you have a smaller space can make the room and display appear awkwardNote that the wrong-proportioned art piece can make the space look smaller or cramped.

Create Contrast with Existing Decor

Make sure to consider your existing home decor theme while purchasing any wall decoration accessory. Buy wall art that gel perfectly with your current look. A vintage wall panel can look amazing in minimal and traditional homes, but it will look odd in a modern home, if not selected carefully.

Mix & Match

While it’s important to follow a theme, you can have fun with colors, textures, patterns, and materials. From hand-carved wooden wall art to mirrors with metallic details and vibrant frames, you can mix and match a wide variety of wall accessories to create gorgeous accent walls. Here is an additional tip, always make sure to create contrast with your wall color while selecting home decor items so that it complements the backdrop.


Just like you spend hours selecting the perfect wall hanging; it is important you think about the positioning of the accent before drilling any holes. Make sure to check the size of the wall hanging to make sure it is according to the available wall space.

Buy beautiful wall decor online from our home decor online store!