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Upgrade Your Outdoor Decor With Contemporary Garden Collection

Whether you have a patio, balcony, garden, or an open terrace – designing your outdoor decor is equally as important as your indoor decor, especially if you want to fully utilize these spaces. And decorating an outdoor area with the greenery and freshness of plants is the best way of accentuating the natural look of these spaces. From creating a small reading nook on your balcony to constructing an open party area on your terrace surrounded by the beauty of nature is a great way of using these sections of your home. Explore our garden collection online to buy beautiful plant stands, planters, and gardening tools like water cans, etc., to keep your balconies or patios colorful and green.

Decorate your home with the freshness and viridity of plants with our colorful Garden Collection that will help you curate beautiful green nooks in your indoor & outdoor space. Planning on growing a green garden on your veranda, balcony, or terrace? Explore our gardening collection online to buy plant pots, water cans, plant stands, and more.

The Glamour of Going Green – Shop Plant Stands & More

For an assemblage of Foliage & Flowers
From colorful spring, through vibrant summer and neutral autumn into the cold months of winters, accentuate your home decor with natural greens and their lush leaves and flowers as they grow and change color with every season, creating a serene ambiance in your space.

For Gorgeous Green Gardens
Create a natural green nest in your indoor or outdoor space with our exclusive range of modern planters and turn your home into a relaxing retreat.

Buy Garden Accessories Online in India

Plant Stands
Compact, minimal, and modern - Casa Decor plant stand collection is designed to give your natural greens an elevated and accentuated look. You can buy plant stands online in various sizes, colors, and designs from our home decor India store. Plant Stands can be quite essential for indoor plants if the herbs are unable to access natural light from the window when kept on the floor. So invest in the right plant stand to offer your plant to reach the right amount of height. Perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration, these thrones will help your little herbs grow greener by offering them height and helping them access better sunlight. From the living room to your garden, these plant stands will help your curate beautiful corners and patios.

Wall Planters
If you have a small balcony or space, but still have a strong desire to set up a green corner in your home, explore our wall planters to add a natural dose of color and oxygen to your place. By hanging the plants on the walls you will preserve the floor allowing navigation in small or closely packed areas. These wall planters also act as great baskets for storing anything from gardening tools/ accessories or delivery packages, etc., when placed in the entryway or entrance.

Metal Planters
Unlike ceramic and terracotta planters, metal planters are not only more durable but also tend to be more functional for outdoor decoration. If you live in a windy city, you know how ceramic planter can break from the slightest storm. The metal planters online on our home decor store consist of stainless metal and come with water-resistant features that make them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These planters are designed in several trending structures and shapes for catering to modern styles and a wide variety of succulents. From seasonal plants to common vegetables – you can grow anything in these designer planters online.

Water Cans
You cannot possibly imagine growing a green garden without a proper watering routine. Casa Decor water cans are designed to offer your plants water with the right amount of pressure. Featuring a small nozzle and a sturdy handle that stops you from over-watering the plants or putting too much pressure on the soil, these water cans are perfect for growing the garden of your dreams. You can buy these water cans online in designer shapes and colors that will help you accentuate your garden decor. This stylish tool is designed to impress and draw your attention so that you never miss a day watering your gorgeous greens.

Tips for Creating a Small Garden inyour Balcony or Terrace

1. If you have a small balcony? Consider installing wall planters for saving as much leg space as possible.
2. Install wall shelves in your balcony or indoor garden to decorate plants more aesthetically and create more storage for your garden tools.
3. Dedicate a cart for storing all your gardening accessories like water cans and garden supplies to keep the space organized and clean. Wooden trolleys and carts are also great for creating Pinterest-inspired small gardens with succulents and other low-maintenance plants.
4. Use plant stands for ensuring that all indoor and outdoor plants receive proper sunlight. If you have placed the plants near windows inside your home offer them height via our plant stands online. Make sure to position them according to the appropriate amount of sunlight they require. You can explore stands in a wide variety of shapes, designs, and sizes on our home decor store online that will not only help the plants but also accentuate your home decor.
5. Avoid Overwatering: Outdoor plants may get enough water from rain, so consider the season while watering your plants. Always use a water can with a small nozzle so that you can manage water pressure as well as supply. It is recommended that you research a bit about the plant before purchasing it and maintain it accordingly.

Buy Gardening Accessories Online from Casa Decor
Get creative and dedicate a small space in your home for your hobby to create cozy nooks and green corners where you can read, meditate or enjoy your warm drinks. Explore our home decor online store to buy designer affordable garden accessories that will help you accentuate your greens. You can buy everything from plant stands to sustainable planters online from our website!