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Our Popular Home Decor Collections

Home Accessories

Shop Statement Home Decor Items and Accessories for every room! : Whether you are looking for modern or contemporary home accents for a major makeover or a quick refresh, we have everything you need for packing your home with personality. From metal accents that resonate with your spirit animal to photo frames that help you relive your memories and art that evokes emotions, explore the home accessories online in our collection to add a hint of your personality to your home.


Handcrafted for Multi-Utility! : Designed with functionality and multi-utility in mind, our compact furniture collection consists of different versions of a c-shaped tables and side tables online that are perfect for various things in your home. Apart from conventional furniture, we also have multi-layered carts and trolleys that make your home a smart place to live and store. Shop now at our home decor India store!

Kitchen & Bar

Designed to Celebrate : From everyday dinners to weekend get-togethers and festive feasts with the fam, our selection of serveware and barware accessories online are designed to cater to all occasions - be it birthday celebrations, high-tea parties, movie nights, or fancy dinners. From bottle openers and wine chillers to cake stands and trays, we have everything you need to entertain a small gathering or a whole crowd. Handcrafted in ethically sourced food-safe materials like metal, ceramic, and wood, all our kitchen products are handmade using sustainable and eco-friendly to give your cooking space a conscious update.

Decorative Hardware

Give every corner a designer touch! : Be it a minor cabinet update, a storage solution, or a new installation project – buy decorative hardware online for your home at Casa Decor. Update your kitchen with our ceramic knobs or change the door handles of your furniture to give it a new look or maximize the space in any room with our multi-utility wall shelves. Buy knobs, wall brackets, door handles, door pulls, and more from our hardware collection.


For Gorgeous Green Corners : Whether you want to grow succulents for their air-purifying properties and aesthetic appeal in your home or create a small garden on your balcony with seasonal vegetables, we have the right planters and water cans that will help you in creating greener healthier plants and herbs. Add a natural color and freshness of plants, to your home with our garden accessories that include plant stands, planters, and water cans online.


For an Enchanting Ambiance : Create a magical mood for meditation, a cozy gathering, festive celebration, or romantic dinner with our lanterns and candle stands Add elegance, luxury, and perfection to your home with Casa Decor’s scented candles and candle holders online to infuse a soothing vibe in your space. These home decor accents are an excellent addition to any home or office interior and are a brilliant tool for creating the right mood. The handmade and sustainable nature of our lanterns, candle stands, and T-light candle holders allow them to seamlessly mix with modern and classic styles. They can be placed in any room, near the bedside, or on the center or side table.

Pet Accessories

Buy Sustainable Pet Feeders, Accents & Photo Frames Online! : Designed exclusively for modern pet owners, Casa Decor’s Petish collection consists of a sustainable range of pet feeders online in various sizes that will improve your pet’s eating experience. Apart from these pet essentials, we also have quirky photo frames inspired by these furry friends along with beautiful handmade sculptures of various dog breeds.

Casa Decor presents a modern home decor collection filled with exclusive designs, high-quality products, and timeless style inspired by traditional techniques and modern trends of the global market. Offering artist-approved home decor products ranging from sustainable kitchen accessories that will become a part of your daily routine to harmonizing home accents that will become the epitome of your style - our functional collections are filled with diverse designs, geometrical patterns, and artful shapes. Explore our home decor online store to indulge in the aesthetic flavor of modern rustic art and living. With a kaleidoscope of color and devotion to the smallest details – our home decor accessories are handcrafted by local artisans using ethically sourced raw material - making them good for you and the planet. So, buy our home decor items online to turn your space into a contemporary sanctuary of art.

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