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Nature's Embrace Wooden Artifact

Rs. 699.00
Dimension - L-7” X W-4” X H-14”Material - Wood and MetalIn The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - Distress WhiteSort By Collection - Indoor Safari Wild and quiet at the same time! The duck artifact adds a...

Aphrodite Bust Artifact

Rs. 1,499.00
Dimension - L-6" X W-4" X H-11"Material - ResinIn The Box - 1 Artifact Sort By Collection - Gen Vouge Inspired by Renaissance art this exquisite showpiece ooze elegance and grace with its carved head of...

The Thinking Man Sculptures

Rs. 1,499.00
Dimension - L-7" X W-6.5" X H-13"Material - AluminumIn The Box - 1 SculptureSort By Collection - Industrial Finesse The quintessential artifact enlivens any modern space with its unique design. Brimmed with character, the immaculate metal piece in the...

Silver Chain-Link Artifact

Rs. 1,999.00
Dimension - L-12" X W-2" X H-1"Material - AluminiumIn The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - SilverSort By Collection -  With its sleek and modern design, this chain is perfect for adding a touch of industrial chic...

Looking Through The Round Eyeglass Sculpture

Rs. 999.00Rs. 799.00
Dimension - L-7'' X W-8" X H-3"Material - Aluminum In The Box - 1 Sculpture Color - Gold Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse Handmade to resemble, the classic design of round eyeglasses, these philosophical home decor accents are designed...

Hand-carved Family Plaque

Rs. 799.00
Dimension - L-15.5" X W-3" X H-1.5" In The Box - 1 Word AccentColor - Brown and White  Sort By Collection - Rustic Heritage This hand-carved wooden plaque is designed to form the word "Family". It...

Horse Stallion Wall Accent

Rs. 8,999.00
Dimension - L-10" X W-6" X H-19"Material - Aluminum In The Box - 1 Wall Accent  Sort By Collection - Indoor Safari Meticulously handcrafted in aluminum to resemble a striking figure of a stallion...

Through The Metal Eyeglass Sculpture

Rs. 999.00
Dimension - L-7'' X W-8" X H-3"Material - Aluminum In The Box - 1 Sculpture Color - Gold Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse Resembling the classic design of round eyeglasses, our Through the Metal Eyeglass Sculpture is inspired by...

Black Bike Artifact

Rs. 999.00
Dimension - L-10" X W-4" X H-5" Material - Aluminum In The Box - 1 Artifact Color - Black Sort By Collection- - Indoor Safari   Rev up your home decor with Casa Decor's remarkable bike accent....

Overlapping Oval Artifact

Rs. 649.00
Dimension - L-6" X W-4" X H-6"Material - AluminumIn The Box - 1 Artifact Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse Own this outstanding tabletop accessory that is professionally designed, handcrafted, and detailed in unique rope design to keep...

Enzo Zen Buddha Accent

Rs. 1,999.00
Dimension - L - 9" X W - 4" X H - 6" Material - Metal and Marble In The Box - 1 Decor Accent Color - Gold Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse   Inspired by the sacred...

Wild Galloping Horse Artifact

Rs. 1,499.00
Dimension - L-11" X W-4" X H-8" Material - Metal and Wood In The Box - 1 Artifact Color - Copper Sort By Collection -    Taking inspiration from a wild horse galloping in its natural habitat, this...

Silver Wheel Artifact

Rs. 1,999.00
Dimension - L-14'' X W-7" X H-19"Material - Aluminum and Wood In The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - SilverSort By Collection - Industrial Finesse Handcrafted in premium aluminum, this artifact has a trophy-like resemblance....

Jekyll Jaguar Metal Sculpture

Rs. 2,999.00
Dimension - L-19" X W-3" X H-5"Material - AluminumIn The Box - 1 ArtifactSort By Collection - Indoor Safari Inspired by wildlife, resembling a Jaguar, this handmade sculpture makes a beautiful tabletop accessory for office desks...

Alexa Homeschool The Kids Wooden Plaque

Rs. 499.00Rs. 399.00
Dimension - L-9.8" X W-2.5" X H-9.8"Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Black and White  Sort By Collection - Gen Vouge This wooden sign reads, "Alexa Homeschool The Kids”. It has been...

Radiant Alchemy Gold Aluminum Masterpiece

Rs. 2,299.00
Dimension - L-12" X W-6" X H-13" Material - Metal and Marble In The Box - 1 Artifacts Color - Gold and White  Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse   Prepare to be enchanted by the sheer brilliance...

Regal Vigor Charging Bull Sculpture

Rs. 1,999.00
Dimension - L-11" X W-6" X H-5"Material - AluminiumIn The Box - 1 SculptureColor - AntiqueSort By Collection - Industrial Finesse Embrace the commanding presence and rich symbolism of our Metal Bull Sculpture, and invite a...

Silver Beaded Love Accent

Rs. 699.00
Dimension - L-16" X W-2.5" X H-7"Material - Wood and Beads In The Box - 1 Word AccentColor - Silver and Brown Sort By Collection - Entertain This beaded accent is hand-cut to form the word 'LOVE'. It's...

Wooden Christmas Tree Artifact

Rs. 1,499.00Rs. 1,199.00
Dimension - L-15" X W-3" X H-21" Material - WoodIn The Box - 1 Artifact Color - GoldenSort By Collection - Rustic Heritage The Rustic Wooden Christmas Tree Artifact is a charming and nostalgic holiday decoration. Crafted with...

Silver Tree Metal Sculpture

Rs. 1,499.00Rs. 1,199.00
Dimension - L-9" X W-3" X H-19"Material - Aluminum and Wood In The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - SilverSort By Collection - Industrial Finesse Creating the illusion of a tree and a leaf, this accent is designed to look...

Modern Abstract Bunny Figurine

Rs. 1,499.00
Dimension - L-7" X W-4" X H-7"Material - AluminumIn The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - SilverSort By Collection - Indoor Safari Walk down the whimsical lane of art with wildlife characters: inspired by nature. Professionally handcrafted in aluminum and silver finish,...

Striding Polar Bear Artifact

Rs. 999.00
Dimension - L-10" X W-2" X H-5"Material - Aluminum In The Box - 1 Decor AccentSort By Collection - Indoor Safari Add a luxurious, fun character to the shelves, mantle, or other display units with our...

Grease & Groove Accent

Rs. 1,499.00
Dimension - L-7.7" X W-3.3" X H-10"Material - AluminumIn The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - Silver Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse This outstanding tabletop accessory is an epitome of style and class displaying the aluminum beams in a professionally designed, handcrafted...

Sylvan Harmony Chain link Artifact

Rs. 799.00
Dimension - L-27" X W-3" X H-3"Material - WoodIn The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - BrownSort By Collection -  The Sylvan Harmony Chain link Artifact embodies nature's serene essence in an intricate, silver chain adorned with...

Rustic Wood KITCHEN Accent

Rs. 899.00
Dimension - L-28" X W-2" X H-2"Material - Wood In The Box - 1 Word AccentColor - Brown Sort By Collection - Entertain   The Rustic Dark wood KITCHEN Accent is a charming addition to your kitchen...

Black Pickle Ball Artifact

Rs. 849.00
Dimensions - Dia-7" X Height-7" Material - MetalIn The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - Black Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse The Black Pickle Ball Artifact is a sleek and durable paddle designed for the fast-paced sport...

Sacred Solitude: Young Buddha Unity Sculpture

Rs. 2,499.00
Dimension - L-10" X W-4" X H-13" Material - Resin and Wood  In The Box - 1 Sculpture Color - Antique and Brown  Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse This Young Buddha Sculpture is a serene...

Silver Shimmer Scripted LOVE Accent

Rs. 699.00
Dimension - L-9" X W-1.5" X H-7"Material - Wood and Beads  In The Box - 1 Word AccentColor - White Sort By Collection - Entertain This Shimmering Silver Scripted Accent will add an essence of all...

Silver Abstract Tree Artifact

Rs. 699.00Rs. 549.00
Dimension - L-12'' X W-3" X H-12"Material - Aluminum and Wood In The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - Silver and BrownSort By Collection - Industrial Finesse Inspired by nature, taking resemblance from a growing...

Silver Sacred Fig Leaf Artifact

Rs. 2,999.00
Dimension - L-15'' X W-7" X H-22.5"Material - Aluminum In The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - Silver Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse Native to the Indian subcontinent, this artifact is inspired by the leaf of the iconic Indian...

Speed Lovers Artifact

Rs. 999.00
Dimension - L-10'' X W-4" X H-5"Material - AluminumIn The Box - 1 ArtifactSort By Collection - Industrial Finesse This Motorbike Accent makes an outstanding tabletop accessory. This eclectic artifact is exquisitely handmade by the superior...

Biker's Speedy Artifact

Rs. 999.00
Dimension - L-10'' X W-4" X H-5"Material - AluminumIn The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - Silver Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse The aluminum sculptures bear thoughtful designs which evoke fascinating and interesting ambience inside the home. Professional designers...

Cash Reward Wooden Plaque

Rs. 499.00Rs. 399.00
Dimension - L-10" X W-2" X H-10"Material - WoodIn The Box - 1 Wall ArtColor - Brown, Black and White  Sort By Collection - Gen Vouge   It has been professionally handcrafted in exotic wood with impeccable...

Falcate Affair Artifact

Rs. 1,999.00
Dimension - L-9" X W-2.5" X H-25" Material - Aluminum and Wood In The Box - 1 ArtifactColor - Silver Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse   Introduce the space with thoughtful and reflective embellishments that render a...

Country Core Wooden Decor Accent

Rs. 599.00
Dimension - L-" X W-" X H-"Material - Wood In The Box - Set of 4 Napkin Rings Color - Brown Sort By Collection - Industrial Finesse   Complete the table settings with the aesthetically pleasing metal...

Vintage or Prime, Get Decor Accents that Rhyme with your Decor!

Fill in the empty spaces of your home with decorative antique designs to achieve a lush look with our home accessories collection of Decor Accents. Casa Decor currently offers five major categories of decor accents online; including human, bird, animal, object, and plant figurines. All our decorative items are handcrafted and are made from the finest material (metal, wood, clay, and resin) which makes them so beautiful and long-lasting. These artifacts can be placed on center table or wall shelves.

Browse through our collection and add an accent of your spirit animal or bird in your room.

Home Decor & Home Accents

Find stylish home decor items and modern accents online for any room in your home at our home decor India online store. Look for handmade sculptures, animal accents, or artistic artifacts online to exquisitely enhance your space with a touch of Indian tradition and modern trends. 

From photo frames for wall decoration and home essentials for your daily routines to globes for desks and flower vases for your tabletops, explore a wide range of home decor items including bookends, initials, decor accents, wall decor, tabletop decoration, etc., under our home accessories online category.

5 Tips for decorating some of our home decor accents

Use mirrors, wall art, scripted plaques, and wall panels to dress up empty walls and add a contemporary feel to your home. 

Consider placing trinket trays, vases, and statement bowls on side tables, console tables, counters, and bookcases for a polished finish.

Flaunt your hobbies and decorate and organize your books with our bookends online. 

Indulge in the classic taste of luxury with gold and silver metal decor accents to create a luxe look. 

Buy globes online and strategically display them in your home or office to start conversations about your wanderlust or travel adventures. 

Utilize these home decor ideas for finding the right home accessories for a stylish and updated look in every room.


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