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Lighting plays an important role in our homes. From adding a functioning glow to maintaining a moody atmosphere, the insertion of the right tool can really help set the mood for any scene – be it meditation or festive. 

Casa Decor presents an all-natural lighting collection online that consists of candle stands, lanterns, scented candles, T-light candles, and more. So, use these lighting options online to add the warm atmosphere of natural candlelight to your indoor and outdoor space. 


Buy Candle Stands Online to add Drama and Serenity to your Decor!    

A great ambiance entirely depends on its lighting arrangement. Light up your home with your favorite scents placed on our collection of beautiful metal and wooden candle stands. 

Our wooden candle stands are made by professional Indian artisans who use traditional techniques for carving the designs. Our candle holders will definitely add a dramatic character to your room. The metal candle stands will help you achieve a more elegant and sophisticated aesthetic; they will look exceptionally good paired with modern decor.  

You can browse and order Casa Decor’s candle stands online within a few clicks and use them foraccenting your furniture or display it as a table centerpiece  

Refresh your Space with our Scented Candles Online

With the plethora of fragrances in the market, it can get a bit overwhelming to select the right scent for your home, and we definitely don’t encourage hoarding. You can either invest in your favorite scented candles or use the season’s signature scents to add a festive or cozy feel to your home. Consider floral-scented candles for spring, pumpkin, and cinnamon-scented candles for winter and fruity fragrances in summer. 

Our scented candles online offer you the best of both worlds by adding the natural moody vibe of candles and relaxing scents of your favorite fragrance in your home. These zero-waste candles come in small tin boxes, and wooden bowls, which you can utilize for storage once the wax is finished.

Handmade from natural ingredients our eco-friendly candles burn longer without the emission of any harmful smoke. 

Use Tea-Light Candle Holders for an Everyday illuminating glow!

From festive decoration to everyday routines, T-light candle holders are perfect for celebratory fervor and daily meditative or prayer routines. You can light a tea-light candle in your cozy corners while reading, enjoying some me time, or light up your home with a warm glow after worshipping god in the evening. These small and quick-burning candles are also great alternatives for taper candles when you want to enjoy a candle-lit dinner without doing all the work of setting up the table. Plus you can buy tea-light candles in different scents as well.  


Embrace the Vintage Charm of our Lanterns Online!

Whether you are dressing your home for the holidays or simply updating your decor, decorative lanterns offer a versatile way of adding a vintage character to your space. Find a preferred size and candle style for illuminating your corners with the warm glow of candles spreading through our lanterns online. 

Shop hanging models and tabletop accents in our indoor lantern collection. These lanterns are designed in different colored glass to reflect a moody light in your space. You can also pair the lanterns on our home decor online store with our scented candles for transforming your home into a calm oasis. You can use our wall brackets in your entryway and garden for hanging lanterns, and create a magical visual. Adding them to your prayer room is also a great way of introducing a soothing touch to the space. 

Explore our home decor online store to buy lanterns, scented candles, candle holders, and more lighting options at affordable rates!