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Buy Compact Furniture Online

Casa Decor presents a beautiful collection of Compact Furniture featuring disciplined shapes, agate marble tops, speckled art, and geometrical patterns to express the idea of subtle luxury - achieved through the synergies of exotic wood and marble.

From compact stands designed to carve out your special corners to C-tables that become a part of your daily routine and multifunctional carts that keep everything in your home organized – Casa Decor presents a functional collection of furniture including carts, tables & more, handcrafted to make your space a smarter place to live & store! From modern living rooms and artsy receptions to fashion studios and contemporary entryways, you can place these compact accent tables in any formal or informal home decor setting. Buy furniture online from Casa Decor home decor India website to explore these eclectic designs.

Explore Compact Modern Home Furniturefor Updating Your Style

Discover a crowd-pleasing blend of design and function with our contemporary home furniture collection that fits all tastes, interiors, and lifestyles. Give your existing living room decor a visually interesting aesthetic with the addition of our compact pieces. From carts that will help organize your books, plants, and daily essentials to side tables that will help you elevate your modern decor – be effortlessly on-trend with these modern furniture pieces from Casa Decor.

Picking out compact furniture doesn't mean that you have to forgo your design sensibility. Casa Decor presents a range of 100+ designs featuring accent tables, end tables, side tables, storage carts, kitchen trolleys, laptop tables, wooden stools, and plant stands that combine form with function. These small tables online will allow you to add a personal finishing touch to the room. Plus the practical design of these furniture pieces will provide extra storage to your space.

Find the Best Accent Tables for Your Living Room

Buy compact tables online in varying shapes, sizes, and designs from Casa Decor!

From modern coffee tables and geometrical end tables to classic agate accent tables, our furniture collection will add functionality and style to your space.

Buy Coffee Tables Online
Coffee tables come in different sizes and now with the rising trend, people prefer displaying one or two pieces of two accent tables instead of a large traditional coffee table. With minimal decor becoming popular, most people opt for that organized cleaner look.

End Tables
The trending designs of end tables online are usually, smaller and with less but enough surface area to hold your accents, decorations, or trinkets. End tables are displayed at the end of a sofa or couch. Apart from offering extra storage space, our end tables also add a decorative touch to your space making it the perfect living room furniture.
An accent table can be used for displaying scented candles, vases, sculptures, and remotes. Alternatively, accent stands can be included in any room or spaces like receptions, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc., for aesthetic and functional purposes.

C Collection
Designed keeping modern necessities and function in mind, this C-Collection is handcrafted to serve homeowners in a variety of ways. The tables in this collection are cut and designed to form a C-shape – from which they derive their name. Unlike most tables, these pieces have legs only towards one side allowing the user to utilize them as a tabletop table on the couch, a breakfast table on the bed, or an end table. You can buy C-tables online in India in a wide variety of styles, designs, and structures at Casa Decor.

Side Tables
Side tables derive their name from their placement style and usually reside on the sides of the room, a couple of feet away from the main table. Side tables can be used like accent tables and displayed next to a chaise lounge, sofa, or any armchair in the living room. Generally, side tables have a small surface area and are often used for creating cozy reading nooks. Many people also use them on a patio or balcony as a mini coffee table. Small in size, our designer side tables online will complement the furniture in your bedroom, office, patio, game room, etc. Plus, you can also display these handmade tables in groups together and create a bigger surface according to your preference.

Plant Stands
Offering both utilitarian function and artist-approved form, you can order plants stands online from Casa Decor, which can be used for what they are or for displaying a plethora of other things if you open the box of creativity. Our unique and intricate collection of plant tables look delicate, yet can hold everything from your favorite plant to your collection of books. At Casa Decor, we offer you a collection of plant stands online that will arrest the attention of every guest while matching a variety of decor accents. Suit your sensibility and browse our wooden, vintage, and abstract modern designs for finding the right fit for your space. Explore our handmade plant stands online and order the perfect throne for your Cactus or Yucca!

Table Shapes and Styles
From traditional circular tops to edgy octagon surfaces and simplistic squares, buy furniture online in India from our home decor store in diverse shapes, designs, and sizes to create the interior aesthetic of your dreams. Be it retro black and white checkerboard, timeless chevron strings, or traditional hand-carving you can shop any furniture design at our home decor online store.

Buy Sustainable & Sturdy Furniture Online
All the furniture items online on our home decor website are designed, handcrafted, and hand-carved by our in-house team of Indian artisans using ethically resourced wood, metal, marble, and agate stones. The natural materials used in their construction not only make them sturdy and durable but also makes them unique. Featuring natural textures, colors, and patterns; every accent table, and living room furniture in the collection is truly unique.

Tips for Buying Furniture Online
1. Always ensure to measure your space where you want to place the furniture and compare it with the product specification before purchasing it online.

2. Go through the home decor online store’s return/replacement/refund policies before making the purchase. Casa Decor offers an easy return and refund policy.

3. Buy pieces that match or will blend with your current home decor aesthetic.

4. Make sure to read the product specifications carefully to determine its maintenance requirements. Certain materials may demand more care in comparison to others, so make your selection depending on these things.

5. If possible try to shop during the home decor sale season to get the best rates and deals.

6. Review the product's weight capacity, especially while buying compact furniture online. If you buying something for a specific storage purchase ensure that the product is sturdy enough to hold the stuff.