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The Rich Pug Figurine

Rs. 2,999.00
Dimension - L-11" X W-4.3" X H-10" Material - Aluminum In The Box - 1 Figurine Sort By Collection - Bowwow Basics   This handmade aluminum pug sculpture is the perfect addition to any...

Mr Poodle Pet Feeder Set

Rs. 5,999.00
Dimension - Small - L-12" X W-7.5" X H-5"                     Medium - L-15.5" X W-9" X H-6.5"             ...

Sylvan Doggo Pet Feeder

Rs. 899.00
Dimension - L-9" X W-9" X H-7"Material - Wood & MetalIn The Box -1 Pet FeedersColor - Brown and SilverSort By Collection - Bowwow Basics The Sylvan Doggo Pet Feeder is a sleek and...

Mr Bruno Pet Feeder

From Rs. 899.00
Material - Marble & MetalIn The Box -1 Pet FeederColor - White and SilverSort By Collection - Bowwow Basics Carefully handmade with premium metal and marble, this sustainable feeder offers the utmost safety and...

Purr Bowl Pet Feeder

Rs. 899.00
Dimension - L-9" X W-9" X H-7"Material - Wood & MetalIn The Box -1 Pet FeedersColor - Brown, white, and silverSort By Collection - Bowwow Basics The Purr Bowl Pet Feeder is a...

NomNom Sustainable Pet Feeder

Rs. 899.00
Dimension - L-9" X W-9" X H-7"Material - Wood & MetalIn The Box -1 Pet FeedersColor - Brown and SilverSort By Collection - Bowwow Basics NomNom Sustainable Pet Feeder is an innovative feeding solution...

Canine Chic Frame

Rs. 999.00
Dimension - Photo - 5" X 7"Material - Marble In The Box - 1 Pet Photo Frame Color - White Sort By Collection - Bowwow Basics Whether displayed proudly on a mantelpiece, gracing...

Buy Eco-Friendly Pet feeder Online in India  

Start training your pets from the first day by investing in our pet feeders, so they know where to go when they are thirsty or hungry. We have designed our pet feeder with an ergonomic approach keeping the pet owner’s well-being in mind, including double feeding bowls that can be used for feeding different food products or water and food together in each section.
The top of the pet feeder is made up of wood while the containers attached to it are of stainless steel which gives it longevity. The feeder is structured like a table and has some height, to prevent the pets from mixing the food or creating a mess.

This minimalist pet feeder is suitable for cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. It is also good for animals, especially cats, to eat in an elevated and inclined position as it helps in their digestion and keeps them healthy.

Order a pet feeder online today from Casa Decor for your fluffy friends, and train them to be good boys/girls.


Buy Pet Photo Frames Online Buy Pet Photo Frames in the shape of bones and with designs of cute dog footprints on Casa Decor! 

If you have a pet, we already know that you love him/her to the moon and back, so why not add a few pictures of your cute baby on your walls? Casa Decor collection of pet frames is dedicated to dogs and designed in the shape of a bone with premium quality wood. You can also use these bone-shaped pet frames to make a quirky statement by adding pictures of
your cats in them, which will definitely turn into a conversation starter.  

You can hang the frame in your room or your children’s room, and reminisce old memories because we all know how quickly pups grow into dogs. Capture cute candid pictures of your fluffy buddy and display them in our pet frames online to draw all the attention towards them.  


To add a cute mix to your walls, explore our Pet Hooks Online! 

Our pet hooks will help you acquire a sleek and stylish vibe with our wooden-based hook design that will scream your love for your pets. They are available in simple classy designs as well as in bone shapes. They are a cute addition to any home. You can buy our pet hooks online for organizing your four-legged friend’s accessories like leashes, coats, and collars. Of course, if you are looking for something a little unique for your home, they will make a great coat hook for humans too.

Casa Decor’s pet hooks are ideal for dog lovers, children, and customers who want to add a cute and unique element to their homes.  


Buy Dog Figurines Online: Our Pet Figurines Collection is fashioned to suit all Decors!

Our pet figurine collection consists of stunning metal statues of dogs fashioned with copper, bronze, and silver-based alloys. There are several intricate processes involved in creating these extraordinary-looking pieces. The eccentric element of these abstract dog figurines is produced by creating antique metal shades that are rubbed and polished for hours to achievea smooth finish.

They are perfect ornament for home and office and add an elegant accent to the decor. You can adorn your table or wall shelves with these figurines or gift them to a dog lover. You can browse through Casa Decor’s collection of pet figurines online and place an order for the product you like right now.  

Explore our Pet Accessories Collection and shop for everything your Fluffy Buddy needs!