10 Home Decor Tips for Decorating Homes with Plants

Be it office or home decor, houseplants are the biggest rage in the interior decorating world right now. And for great reason – they are affordable, colorful, and can bring an essence of outdoors, indoor. But deciding which houseplants you should buy? What rooms they will thrive in? And how you should decorate them to get that Instagram-worthy interior can be quite a challenge, especially when you are an amateur gardener? Find the answers to all these questions and get additional home decor tips for decorating your space with these gorgeous greens - from finding the right plant stand to investing in the right planter according to your space and herb, we have covered everything in this blog. 


10 Things to Consider while using Houseplants as Home Decoration

  1. Start Simple

Looking at all the colorful leaves on the internet you might be tempted to buy a lot of plants, however try to restrain from this. Start simple with a small plant, and definitely don't make the mistake of buying more than 2 plants on a single store visit. Houseplants are very sensitive to light, temperature, and moisture, and require specific care depending on their type. So, consider your home environment while buying a plant or planter. Start with easy-to-grow greens and learn to take care of them for a while before investing in high maintenance plants. Buying too many herbs too soon without any research will only clutter or leave your home full of dead plants.

These are some plants that are easy-to-grow for beginners and also help in creating a beautiful home interior.


Snake Plant

ZZ Plant

Spider Plant




  1. Purchase Plants from your local Gardens & Nurseries

Plants can dry out or go bad even from the slightest temperature switch in your home, so imagine the impact they have during the shipment period if you are ordering them online from 100 km away. Always make sure to buy plants from your local gardens, this way you can select the best stems with greener leaves. You don't want lifeless plants in your home, as it not only looks bad but is also considered bad according to Vastu. If possible only shop planters, and plant stands online. Plus in local nurseries' plants are typically grown and taken care of by specialists who know and can detect pest problems and other diseases concerning plants to prevent and avoid their spread. They might also offer you some expert tips for the plants you select. 

You can also ask them for recommendations based on the light in your home. Since they are from your local location they would also have a better understanding of humidity and temperature in the area and would suggest a plant that thrives in your home. 


  1. Match Plants with your Decor Design

There is nothing wrong about buying plants simply because of aesthetic purposes because some plants are really that beautiful. With a wide variety of colors and patterns, it's natural for you to get confused so, select the ones that suit your home interior. If you love mid-century designs, consider oversized plants like rubber trees and fiddle leaf figs and pair them with tall planters for a modern chic look. If your taste leans towards the farmhouse look, shop functional plants like aloe or herbs, and display them in vintage metal planters or DIY repurposed pots. Succulents, eucalyptus, and arrowhead vine are also great options for this look.

This will create a cohesive look in your home. For a more eclectic visual, you can experiment with small plants and display them in designer and colorful pots. Mix and match different colors and textures for a botanical look. Basically, treat the plants like any other home accent during selection to find the right match. 


  1. Liven up your Bathroom using High-Humidity Plants  

Decorating your bathroom with a plant is a great way of not only elevating the look of this space but also allowing your greens to enjoy high humidity. Ferns, peace lilies, and orchids, tend to thrive in this added moisture from the shower and will bloom beautifully here.


  1. Brighten Up Dark Corner 

Most people believe that plants need ample light and avoid putting them in the corners, but most houseplants rather tend to be the perfect accent for adding life and color to your corners. You can consciously invest in shade-loving plants to give your corners a vibrant upgrade. 

Here are some low-light plants recommendations: 

Nerve Plant



ZZ Plant



  1. Create Contrast with Plant Sizes

Displaying just one plant in any room can look out of place and lonely, but a pair or group can create a beautiful display, especially if a variety of colors and shapes are involved. So, pair different sized plants together to create a visually appealing contrast in your home


  1. Use Oversized Plants to Make a Statement 

Once you have familiarized yourself with easygoing plants, you can start exploring oversized herbs that can also serve as beautiful centerpieces for your home. Whether you consider a fiddle leaf fig or a Boston fern – a huge houseplant in your living room, bedroom, or even entryway can be a visual stunner and a major conversation piece. Oversized plants have the potential of turning drab corners into a masterpiece. If you are scared to go really big, try modest-sized plants that eventually grow taller. 


  1. Add Color with Flowering Houseplants 

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of indoor plants have vibrant flowers like cacti, peace lily, etc. So instead of just focusing on green, look for other color options as well while shopping for plants. For adding bright blooms in your home consider African violets, begonias, bromeliads, and kalanchoe. They all have unique bold flowers that will introduce a lush range of colors to your interior.


  1. Elevate your Plants with Plant Stands & Planters

Once you have picked your plants, it's time to style them in your home with some pizzazz. Instead of displaying the pots on the floor, use our metal plant stands and planters to give them some height. Casa Decor also has wall planters, so you can explore them as well if you are designing a small apartment. 


  1. Remember – Just like a lover, there is a plant for everyone 

One visit to a nursery is all it will take for you to find your perfect plant. So, schedule a visit today and find a decorative match for your home. Yes, plants can be a lot of work, but low-maintenance plants can survive with just a little bit of care, so buy a plant that suits your personality and routine, so both you and your plant can grow together in your home. 


Ready to Start? 

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