Former party lovers would agree that bar hopping is fun in the 20s but as we move towards the 30s it’s the home bar that becomes our comfort place. And after 2020, when Coronavirus took over our plans for the whole year, the home bar has become an essential area in most homes. House parties became popular again, and our home decor incorporated a club aesthetic. And honestly, there is nothing better than drinking at the comfort of your abode in your pajamas with a fancy home bar design

Or, even if you like hosting parties, turning a room in your home into the coolest club and entertainment zone is a great way to enjoy every occasion be it a weekend get-together or special celebrations. 

However, you will need to set-up a killer home bar design that obviously goes beyond just stocking up the cabinet with a wide variety of booze. In this blog, we are spotlighting some home bar decoration ideas that will help make the most of your space. 

Whether you wish to build a fancy home bar or turn a small portion of the kitchen counter into one, these home decor ideas below will help you with them.

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15 Chic Home Bar Design Ideas for Hosting the Best House Parties 

  1. Add a Mirror Backsplash

Using mirrored cabinets and wine fridges for storage not only makes the house bar look aesthetic but also allows you to locate the bottles conveniently and make the most of the small space. It also creates a formal vibe which makes it perfect for minimalistic decors. You can display other bar accessories in this glass cabinet and make it more functional. 

  1. Customize Storage Space

If you have a little space to revamp, try introducing stylish storage solutions in your space for storing all bar essentials in one place. You can use cabinets, floating shelves, hidden mini-fridges, and drawers for making more room for all your bartending tools and bar accessories

  1. Decorate it like a Real Bar

Your home bar design should have a feeling and ambiance of a real bar. Use wall art, or vibrant colors and textures in the background of the bar counter, to make the space give off a real bar aura. You can explore a wide variety of home decor online that can help you accentuate your home bar. From scripted wall art to trendy home decor items, Casa Decor has a gorgeous entertaining collection. 

  1. Turn It into a Club

If you have enough space and budget, you can definitely consider dedicating a whole room to your bar and turn it into a club, by adding a sound system in it. Imitating a club’s aesthetic in your home decor will turn your home into the perfect party place. Cover the floors into funky prints (like cheetah print) and use upholstery for setting the scene, while you can give the walls a warehouse vibe by getting a painted brick design. You can then buy furniture and bar accessories to complete your new home bar decor.  

  1. Convert your Dining Area

Use creativity and empty spaces in your home, for creating this party zone. You can use an empty basement and turn it into a cozy dining space with a low-key attached bar. Introducing a small bar in the dining area is a cool way of decorating the home and also a functional idea for hosting parties more efficiently.

  1. Build a Full-Fledged Bar

The bar comprises more than just a bar counter, it is filled with entertainment options as well – be it a dance floor, pool table, or karaoke screen. Thankfully you can easily include these elements in your home bar design and make this room a venue for entertaining. 

  1. Disguise Appliances

A lot of furnished houses come with everything in it from appliances to furniture, and often you must have noticed that everything matches in it. You can create a similar look by matching your mini wine fridge with your cabinets. This will add a romantic pop of color to your space, making everything seem like a fancy restaurant set design. 

  1. Invest in Home Bar Cart

During house parties most people like to separate into groups and sit in different rooms, a home bar trolley is a perfect solution for entertaining guests even when you are not present in a room. Place trolleys in different rooms, and let your guests help themselves with any snack or drink they like. This is a very useful home bar idea if you have a beautiful open terrace or long balcony, as you can just move the cart and take the party anywhere with you. 

  1. Make It Moody

Use wallpaper, vintage artworks, and paintings for creating intimate home bar decor. Instead of keeping the walls blank, decorate it with paintings and whimsical yet useful tools like animal-shaped bottle openers, etc. You can also use patterned wood for your cabinets to give a more grandeur appeal.

  1. Flaunt Your Collection

home bar design should exclusively focus on highlighting your alcohol collection be it whiskeys or wine, make sure to make your cabinets and cellars with glass windows so everyone can admire it. Also, aesthetically displaying bottles will further create a beautiful home bar decor. 

  1. Experiment with Gold Bar Accessories & Serve ware

One of the most stressful things about creating a sexy home bar decor is shopping for its bar accessories and all the serve ware, be it glasses, shakers, or trays. The easiest way to select these accessories is to buy drink ware in glass and serve ware and other tools in golden metal. Gold adds a luxe touch to the setup making it fancy and festive. 

  1. Make your Bar Shelves/Cabinets Multi-Purpose

Don’t keep the cabinets, drawers, and shelves in your bar empty, use them for home organization. You can store, your kitchen accessories, excess pantry, etc., in your bar cabinets, or use them in a variety of other ways. 

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  1. Get Lit

Use candle stands, lanterns, and low lighting to create a cozy intimate atmosphere in your bar. You can also create a wine glass chandelier above your bar counter, to give your home bar design – real restaurant bar vibes. You can shop for candle stands from our home decor online store, and instill a tinge of romance in the atmosphere of your home 

  1. Mix in Books

A glass of wine goes very well with a book! You can use the space on your bar shelves for displaying your book collection. The wine bottles can act as bookends and you will have an organized and fancy display in your home bar. 

  1. Get Counter-Productive

If you have a small space, and can’t dedicate a whole room to a bar, try and make the most of your kitchen, and divide two sections on the kitchen counter to make a bar counter. You can add shelves in the kitchen walls, for creating extra space, and displaying all your bottles and glassware.

We hope that these homes bar design ideas will help you create the perfect entertainment zone in your space!

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