5 Spaces you can Decorate with Initials in your Home

The interior trends are changing and modern homeowners are getting more inspired by their own personal style than being influenced by home decor trends on magazines. Bringing a wave of personalized home decoration accents in the markets – and one of these products includes Initials.

Using letters, alphabets, and scripts in your decor is a fun quirky way of personalizing your house. This Contemporary trend has always been popular but now with these home decor items trending on Pinterest and Instagram homeowners are looking for unique ways of incorporating letters in their home decor design.

From adding initials at the home entrance or using them as decorative elements to accentuate the home decor – you can use the Initials in our collection for forming words and names to decorate your shop, home, studio, bedroom, office etc. Initials provide us with various opportunities for customization and to use our creativity. Here are some decoration tips that will help you decorate your home with initials.

 5 Places you can decorate with Casa Decor’s Initials in your Home

  1. Bedroom: Claim your Space with your Name

Whether you are decorating a kid's or adult's room, alphabet initials are a lovely way of creating a person's association to that room. By spelling out their name or displaying their initial using these letters, you give them a feeling of ownership. Similarly, for adults, for master bedrooms, you can form quotes like “MR & MRS" etc using our initials. These initials can be displayed as decorative tabletop accessories or as wall accents. Consider forming loving words next to your photo frames or pictures that mean something to you.


  1. Front Door: Welcome your guests with Cheery Greetings

Greet visitors at your door with fun slogans and welcoming positive words! Showcase your personality at the door, by using our initial alphabets to form cheeky words and phrases at your doorstep. You can further decorate the initials with other home decor accessories, like flowers, bead garlands, etc to give the space a more fun look. You can also use bedazzled initials online from our collection, or colorful letters to make your entrance more vibrant.


  1. Bookshelves: Organize your reads using Alphabets

This is a great interior styling idea for homeowners with huge book collections. Simply use different alphabet accents to systematically arrange your reads while creating a visually exquisite display in your home. You can do so on your bookshelves, kid’s room, or study. This hack can also be used for arranging files and documents of your clients alphabetically at your office.  


  1. Kitchen: Make cooking fun with Playful Wordplay

Most of us are guilty of not paying any attention to our kitchens when it comes to decorating. And well in your support you can’t do much in your cooking space, with appliances, utensils, condiments covering every corner. However, you can definitely utilize the empty walls in this space and spell out words like ‘YUM’, ‘NOM-NOM’, ‘FOODIE’, etc., on your walls to add a fun character to your kitchen. Consider installing letters like ‘CAFE’ or ‘COFFEE BAR’ over your coffee machine, ‘VEGGIES’ near your vegetable stand, and ‘PRO CHEF’ at the kitchen door.

  1. Home Bar: Tag the Popular Zones  

Whether you drink alcohol or not, your bar is always the most popular place in your home during a party! So, tag this counter with a restaurant-like sign using our initials, and guide your guests to their favorite area. You can add a ‘BAR’ sign, near your alcohol cabinets or refrigerator, wherever you store your beer and wine. We also have scripted ‘BAR’ plaques in our home decor Noida store online, so you can also explore assembled words for creating this look.  


Get Creative with Initials

Once you start getting compliments on these displays, you can explore the internet for some inspiration and DIY projects to add more personal style to your decor. You can decorate the initials with wall hangings, flowers, garlands on walls or pair them with lamps, sculptures, candle stands, etc., on your furniture.

From spelling out a favorite destination (Paris, India London, Egypt, etc.) and pairing it with the map of that place to create an interactive design that evokes great conversations every time, to creating holiday-themed words with our initials (like ‘X-MAS’ for Christmas or ‘LOVE’ for Valentine's Day) using relevant decorations and colors - you can use these products from our home decor online store in a variety of ways. These tabletop accessories can be added to any space or room, from your side tables in your living room to your shelves in your studio.

Apart from these, you can use these decoration items for creating words that are relevant for each room like ‘EAT’ in the dining room, ‘WASH’ in the laundry room, ‘GOOD MORNING’ in the garden/balcony, ‘FAMILY’ at the entrance—or whatever you want!

Visit www.casadecor.co.in to explore a variety of designs of letters and initials online and personalize your space with words or puns that showcase your persona in your decor.  

You can also explore our scripted plaques and accents on our home decor India store online to create a similar vibe!


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