6 Creative Ways of using Casa Decor’s Jewelry Box 

Crafted in wood, inspired by the diverse need of modern homeowners to store a variety of things, Casa Decor presents an exquisite range of decorative storage boxes that can be used for organizing anything from the most mundane things to your artfully expensive jewelry in style. Handmade in wood, featuring different contemporary and traditional designs, this jewelry box collection will help you store all your precious trinkets, memories, and mementos. 

Here are a few creative ways in which you can use these handmade jewelry boxes:


The Perfect Jewelry Box 

Prevent your precious and expensive jewels from getting damaged from dirt or scratches using these beautiful sustainable boxes. You can use it for storing your accessories, or use it as a gift packaging while giving someone special different gold/silver articles. 


Create the Perfect Gift Pack 

Sometimes one gift is not enough! Create customized gift boxes using these designer storage boxes and fill them with all things loved by the receiver including some pictures for memories, candies for sweetness, and jewelry for a forever memento. These multi-utility boxes will be a great gift for a new wedded bride or couple for storing all their jewelry, knick-knacks, keepsakes and precious gifts. 


Store your Secret Sweet Stack

Whether you are trying to hide the candy from kids or your siblings, our wooden storage boxes are perfect for protecting your favorite treats. However, make sure to keep them at a height because kids will definitely be attracted to their sparking design if you opt for our bedazzled box collection.   


For all the Precious Memories: Polaroid Specifically

We all agree that the aesthetic of Polaroid pictures is everything, however, there are only so many pictures you can hang on your walls. Preserve all those memories and hard prints safely in these boxes, and open this treasure of memories every once in a while to reminisce the fun times. From love letters to special notes and well-wishes, keep everything close to your heart locked in these handmade boxes.  


Use them as Decorative Tabletop Accessories 

Mix modern-day aesthetic with an old-world charm with our handcrafted jewelry boxes, and pair them with your wooden furniture to decorate and de-clutter its surface. The decorative top of handmade storage boxes makes them a multifunctional decoration for your tabletops that you can use as a disguise for storing your keys, change, trinkets, etc. The boxes can also be used for keeping bills, important notes systematically on your table. You should also consider buying these jewelry boxes online for decorating and storing your pen drives, important CDs/DVDs, hard drives on your desk.   


Cutlery Organizers

Instead of leaving your cutlery, coasters, napkin rings, etc., on your dining table, store them in these closed boxes to keep them safe and clean. These boxes are perfect for storing silverware and small barware accessories including wine stoppers, bottle openers, mixers, etc. 


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Get creative and use these storage containers like a stationery organizer, jewellery storage box, trinket collector, or any other way you like. Explore more of our home decor products online at www.casadecor.co.in! 


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