6 Things that Taste better when you prepare them in Mortar and Pestle 

For centuries when food processors weren’t even a thing, mortar and pestle sets have been doing a perfect job of mashing, grinding, and mixing our herbs and spices. But with advancements in technology, most of us have forgotten about these tools and now wonder — how could a mortar and pestle be useful in the kitchen? But these kitchen tools can help you do a whole lot more than just grinding your peppercorns and cardamoms. Here are some tasty delights and dressings that you can prepare using these kitchen accessories.

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Things to Prepare with Casa Decor’s Mortar and Pestle

  1. Caesar Dressing

If you are a salad lover, we are sure you prepare Caesar dressing frequently in your home, but struggle to get that restaurant-like taste, this is because you are using the wrong tools. The best salad places use the traditional prepping style for mashing garlic and anchovies into a paste for achieving the classic taste of Caesar dressing. This keeps the paste a bit chunky that helps you taste the flavors in every bite. If you have a big mortar you can consider whisking the oil and egg yolks directly in the spout and achieve that mouthwatering aroma and flavor.


  1. Pesto

Have you wondered why the food always tastes better at your noona's house - be it a whole dish or a simple pesto? This is because your noona’s cooking style doesn't involve a food processor; noona-style involves tossing the ingredients in the mortar and then crushing them with a pestle. You will be stunned by the arguably superior pesto taste you will get from the bruising and crushing of ingredients instead of their finely chopped variant, which often makes the basil and raw garlic taste bitter. These kitchen must-haves instead extract the juices from the ingredients making every sauce and meal rich in flavor.


  1. Curry Paste

The classic and most common use of mortar and pestle sets is to create delicious curry paste. In India, before kitchen appliances dominated the markets, these must-haves were used for prepping every meal from curry to tadka. Sure there are several high-quality premade pastes of curry available in the market, and you can also achieve a smooth consistency with a food processor but nothing beats the fusion of flavor you can get from a homemade handmade crunchy version.

Not going to lie, the long list of ingredients can seem daunting, but it's just a matter of simple mashing, so next time get to work and make your food more flavorful with our mortar and pestle online. Use stone or marble mortar and pestle sets online for preparing curries, as it includes grinding and mixing of a lot of sturdy spices, herbs, vegetables.

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  1. Flavored Salts

The vegans and woke have tremendously increased the prices of flavored salts, which now cost a fortune at most specialty grocery stores. However, did you know how simple this mix is to make at home? You simply have to grind a mix of some dried herbs with spices and coarse salt for this DIY version of mortar and pestle salt mix.


  1. Hummus

For a rustic-style, chunkier hummus, reach for our mortar and pestle! After all, just like pesto, hummus was also traditionally made using this tool.

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  1. Spice Blends

While most spice blends are readily available in the markets in the finest powdered forms, grinding them yourself in a mortar pestle set will ensure that they are fresh and have the most potent flavor and aroma, which is always a good thing while prepping meals.

From preparing masala tea to creating a quick spice mix for your salads or noodles, grind a mix of fresh spices to make the most tasteful meals and blends like Indian Garam Masala, Middle Eastern za’atar, and North African bharat.


Nothing can compete with the sides and sauces you make in a mortar and pestle set. The occasional crunch, chunky texture, and flood of flavor, makes every meal an experience and it also allows every herb to stand out and be tasted instead of mixing it all.

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