1. Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Indoor plants are without a doubt the best home decor accessory. They not only add felicity and color to your space but also purify the air you breathe. Plus the extra greenery and color add life to the rooms. Plants are very affordable and you can find the most popular species at your local nurseries. If you are new to gardening, opt for succulents or herbs that require minimal care, and experiment with other species once your interest increases. For decorating them, you can buy colorful planters, plant stands, and garden accessories online from our home decor Noida store and create gorgeous green corners in your home.

2. Rotate Lighting

If you have lamps, you can simply move them to different rooms, to give each room a new feel. As for the ceiling light consider using colored bulbs to give it a moody vibe during different seasons. This way you will be able to make a significant difference in your home aesthetic without actually affecting your bank.

3. Change Accents Seasonally

Most of us usually change our curtains and cushion covers during different seasons – reflect this seasonal change on your accents as well by swapping your home decor products throughout the year. You can either swap them in different rooms or store them for the next season. Take out vases in spring, tree ornaments during Christmas and candle stands during winters. Depending on the temperature you can also use different colors and fabrics to create a warm or cool feel in your home.

4. Incorporate a Banquette

Consider adding a banquette in the empty corner of your home and turn it into a cozy nook by simply adding a few wall decor online in the background and plants on the side. This will not only create extra sitting space but also add more personality to your lonely awkward corner. Place it near a window and turn it into a cute reading or gathering spot.

5. Experiment with Color

Be it using wall paint or buying new fabrics; create a major visual impact in your home by making a dramatic change with your color choices. If your home was all neutral make it colorful and if it was bright consider painting your wall white and beige for a year. You can also experiment with accent walls, wallpapers, or stickers if you want to start slow.

6. Remember the Ceiling

Ceiling wallpapers have taken over Pinterest – you too can add textures, color, and patterns on your ceiling to make an eccentric statement. This design style will create a luxurious aesthetic with just a few extra bucks leaving a refreshing impact that will earn you a lot of compliments. Home Spruce-Up Tip: Creating any design, texture, or putting wallpapers on the ceiling can be challenging so don't take it as a DIY project, also hire a professional who has experience with the type of job you want to create.

7. Mix & Match

Instead of following a theme with metal accents or hand-carved artifacts, mix and match your accessories to turn your shelves into an art exhibition. Explore our collections to decorative table accent in a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Mix gold with silver and minimalistic accessories with traditional complex pieces to make a statement in every corner.


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