In light of the recent environmental concerns, sustainable kitchenware online has become very popular. It’s a trend that we as a responsibly aesthetic home decor brand are very passionate and vocal about, as it can lead us as a society towards a cleaner and greener life.

Even the smallest changes in your home, especially the kitchen can make big differences if everyone adopted them – that can include ditching plastic based products for reusable ones or shopping for more wooden serving trays and bowls.

And if you want to manage your carbon footprints in 2022, there is one section in your home that can use a major overhaul: Yes, your kitchen.

In most homes, the kitchen is usually the most profligate section, filled with different odds and ends. From the chemicals we use to clean, utensils we use to serve food, to the dozens of plastic boxes in our pantry, there are several opportunities for upgrading and switching to more eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen accessories.

But, what makes eco-friendly kitchen products better? Well, in addition to being environment-friendly, these kitchen accessories can also help reduce your overall waste which will automatically help you save money and follow a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

By changing some practices and swapping a couple of game-changing sustainable kitchen accessories, you can cut down your carbon footprint by minimizing food waste, saving water and scaling back on plastic use, etc — and eliminating tons of toxic chemicals from your daily routine.

It may be apparent how using eco-friendly kitchen accessories can help promote a sustainable environment; however, we have still listed a few reasons which you might not have initially thought of that will motivate you to order eco-friendly kitchen items online.

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  1. For Safe Food Storage

If anything the wave of vegan culture and organic food has proved how people wish to minimize their exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.

But despite adopting a healthy lifestyle are they storing their food safely? Are your kitchen accessories food-friendly?

Most plastic storage boxes and bottles contain BPA. Several studies have shown that BPA, a component found in plastics often seep into the foods and beverages which are stored in them. This results in you consuming the BPA with the food. It was found that BPA was linked to causing damage to laboratory animals’ reproductive systems. Its full effects on humans are still unknown, but, it’s a risk you as a consumer shouldn’t be willing to take.

So, its better that you opt for storage boxes made from glass, metal, or ceramic, instead of plastic containers. There are several websites online that provide eco-friendly kitchen accessories, so you can explore them as well.

You can also explore reusable containers made from food-grade silicone. These materials will prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into your drinks or food from the kitchen accessories.

Kitchen containers that are made from these sustainable materials can be reused and are also more durable compared to plastic. Order these kitchen items online for the sake of your family’s health, if not anything else.


  1. To Save Your Money

Although eco-friendly kitchen products tend to seem more expensive in comparison up front, in the long run, they turn to be a smart investment. By swapping your plastic chopping board to a marble/ wooden cutting board or instead of using traditional paper towels (which run out very quickly in a family of four) you can use reusable cotton dishcloths that you don’t have to buy every month. 

Individually the cost of paper towels might not seem a lot, but add it together and you will be shocked about much your spend on it in a year. And as discussed above, plastic from the chopping will not only mix with the food but also get damaged faster. Whereas you can use a marble or wooden board for years.

By investing in better quality kitchen accessories and smart alternatives you can save a lot of money, while also taking care of the planet.


  1. To Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Investing in eco-friendly kitchen products reflects your conscious effort of choosing a greener environment and preventing your exposure to all the toxic chemicals that are found in food products. Most of you must already be making changes in your diet by consuming organic and natural food items, so why don’t you bring this sustainable change in your kitchen.

A kitchen packed with eco-friendly tools and cooking accessories is good for the environment as well as your health.

Using these products can also act as a valuable teaching lesson for young children for adopting an eco-friendly mindset, and learning the importance of being conscious of the food they eat, and the quantity of waste they produce.

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  1. Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Everybody is aware that plastic waste is responsible for severely damaging the planet. The majorities of plastic goods produced in the market are not recyclable, and stay accumulated in forests and oceans. So, limit your plastic use, try to find cloth or wooden based alternatives whenever possible.


  1. Safely Cook Your Food

Do you have a cookware set with Teflon? While Teflon is a convenient invention for non-stick surface cooking, its long term use can have harmful effects. Researchers have discovered that toxins can release and break down in the food if it is overheated.

The PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is the active chemical, which is used to make this kitchenware. Other chemicals used in it also include PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) which interfered with the development, growth, and reproduction of laboratory animals during the research.

Fortunately, we have safer cookware alternatives. Cast iron pans are a popular and also a safer option for giving a natural non-stick effect.

We suggest whenever you buy kitchenware online or offline, you research the material used in it, as their fancy names can make you feel like they are made of a new technology when in reality the chemicals can be very bad for your health.


  1. Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

Whether you are snacking on some nuts or sipping on your favorite drink in your home, there are several reusable alternatives available in stores of kitchenware online. You can save water by simply using our shape-shifting collection of chopping boards that turn into a beautiful serving board when you display your cooked meals on them. You can also use wooden bowls for snacking throughout the day and put them for cleaning at night.

This way instead of using a different plate or tray you can serve your snacks on the same board you chopped your veggies or prepared your sandwich on. For water or drinks, you can just refill them in a metal glass and use it throughout the day. This will help you save water and also reduce the number of utensils and kitchen accessories you will have to clean by the end of the day.


  1. Green Clean Your Kitchen

You must have noticed that most stores selling kitchenware online have a section on eco-friendly living! Wonder why?

There are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in several commercial cleaning products, whose fumes are so hazardous that they can cause headaches and respiratory irritation. So, next time when you buy cleaning supplies take a look at its ingredients and steer clear of products containing chlorine, ammonia, or petroleum-based chemicals.

Also, if you smell any artificial chemical in the air while using a cleaning soap chances are you have inhaled some VOCs.

Make sure that you don’t use any liquid soaps containing this chemical on your kitchen accessories and tools that come directly in touch with your food.

Alternatively, you can always go all-natural and create your own DIY homemade cleaning supplies, however, we understand it can be a challenge so we recommend you explore sites that offer organic cleaning solutions for kitchen items online and order them after going through the ingredients.


  1. Do your Bit to Protect Our Planet

Everybody is aware of the global waste problem, unfortunately, it can’t be solved overnight. We understand living a sedentary life can make it hard for people to actively make conscious choices for the betterment of the plant.

But replacing your kitchen accessories with sustainable alternatives can really help decrease plastic consumption. Plastic is one of the biggest problems that result in the death of so many animals on land and ocean. It is not good for living beings or the planet, so better start swapping it with eco-friendly kitchenware for the healthy future of your kids.


Final Thoughts

We hope this article will inspire you to adopt an eco-friendly kitchen and invest in more sustainable accessories and tools that encourage a healthier way of living for both the environment and your family.

Note that reusability is the key feature of eco-friendly products. By having these kitchen accessories you can save your resources, lead towards a healthier lifestyle, and also do your bit in protecting and conversing the planet.

You can explore our collection of sustainable kitchenware online on our website.



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