Today we will be talking about “the history of Lazy Susan”. Although commonly used in formal restaurants, these home decor products are slowly getting popular amongst homeowners, who love the convenience they offer while hosting. 

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What is a Lazy Susan & Why you should add one to your Serving Collection?

Lazy Susan is a rotating tray often placed on dining table that allows everyone at their seats to reach for the platters or condiments displayed on it. Instead of disturbing people in between their meals and asking them to pass on different condiments and dishes, people can just rotate the Lazy Susan and grab their preferred flavors while having a convenient dining experience. Being a functional accessory that aids in distributing food, it is very popular in Chinese restaurants because of the availability of several sides in the cuisine. 


The Origin Story of Lazy Susan 

Although Lazy Susan Turntables are very popular all around the world today, the device made its first appearance in the 18th century as “dumbwaiter”. According to some, it was an American invention designed by Thomas Jefferson for his young daughter Susan, who complained about always feeling empty when leaving the table. Being the youngest, Susan was always served last, as a result, was left with fewer options and minimum food portions.   

Others also believed that Thomas Edison was the one who invented the turntable for his phonographs that later somehow evolved into the Lazy Susan, that we know today. It is worth noting that Thomas Edison's daughter was also named Susan. Hence, the true history of this rotating tray seems more of a legend than a fact. Nonetheless, the name Lazy Susan was later inspired by one of their daughter’s names. However, there is also another theory regarding the home decor product’s name that recounts Susan as a very common name of maids during the time, hence could be an influencing factor. Despite these folk etymologies, the earliest use of these servers being called ‘Lazy Susan’ dates back to 1903 according to Boston Journal.

Available in materials like wood, plastic, and metal, these home decor items, can be used for serving, organizing, and decorating. Apart from the practicality of sharing food, Lazy Susan looks stunning on your dining table. Plus, it creates extra space that keeps the table organized. Be it a big gathering or everyday meal with your family – this serveware cuts down a few visits that you have to make to the kitchen to get some jam or butter, otherwise. 


Some Reasons to buy a Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan’s are the perfect addition to your table whether you are hosting an indoor or outdoor event. These rotating trays maximize your space, helping you to distribute food, drinks, and other condiments with ease during big gatherings.

Available in a wide range of sizes and designs, our Lazy Susan turntables are perfect for different tables and purposes. Handmade from kitchen-safe and sustainable materials like metal, marble, and wood, these serving accessories are fully weather and water-resistant hence can be used for your garden or rooftop parties as well. 

These ingenious serving trays are constructed in different sizes to fit comfortably on varied tables. You can choose carved wooden designs or agate marble to coordinate the tableware with your furniture design. 

Lazy Susan also acts as a stage for your special recipes creating a focal point on the main dishes. Apart from food and condiments, many of our customers also use these rotating trays for decorating flower pots, lanterns, candles, etc. 

Constructed from sturdy material, these home decor items can hold anything from a 10-pound turkey to a big multilayered cake among other dishes and treats. 

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Our Lazy Susan Turntable Collection

No more leaning across the table or disturbing people in between their meals – with these home decor products online you can safely and efficiently pass around condiments, snacks, and drinks at the table. Explore our Lazy Susan collection on our home decor online store at and upgrade the way you dine!


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