Thanks to the constantly changing home decor trends, planning a home makeover can be quite expensive. However, if you are a smart shopper, you can explore the online markets to find some unique, quirky, affordable, and functional accessories to update your home. Simplifying this affordable search on our website, we have listed some budget-friendly home decor products that will make a great addition to your space as well as a great gift for your friends. Use this list to buy affordable and versatile decoration accessories under 1000 from our home decor online store.


10 Popular Home Decor Items under 1000 on Casa Decor 

  1. Cordon Bleu Cutting Board

This chopping board will work as a multifunctional accessory in your home. From cutting veggies to serving snacks and acting as a stage for your fruits and condiments, this essential home decor item will help you prepare your food, serve your snacks and organize your kitchen counters. Handmade using the finest-quality food-safe wood, these chopping boards make a great housewarming gift for new homeowners as well as an essential buy for your kitchen.


  1. Ambrosia Mortar & Pestle Set

We all need a reliable and strong mortar & pestle set in our homes. From grinding ginger garlic paste for curries to crushing various spice mixes for various dishes, these manual mixers come in handy for prepping different flavorful Indian recipes and signature mocktails/cocktails. Handcrafted in high-quality white marble, this piece features a non-porous finish that prevents the paste or spice mixes from getting stuck in the kitchen tool. It is also easy to clean and store. The pestle of the set also makes a cute dip bowl, so you can prepare salsa and serve it directly in it. Explore more traditional kitchen tools at our home decor India store.


  1. Black Delight Cake Stand

Add this cake stand to your serveware collection and elevate your every party with a great dessert arrangement. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, high-tea parties, or weekend get-togethers, upgrade your hosting style with this stunner. Designed in metal and mixed media, and featuring a sturdy black top, this cake stand accentuates different colorful crowd-pleasing desserts beautifully. Order this cake stand or explore more designs at our home decor online store.


  1. Classic Country Home Cutlery Organizer

This handmade wooden caddy can be used for organizing a wide variety of things in your home. From makeup products to cutlery and art supplies to stationery you can store all the knick-knacks around your home in this organizer. Display it on your desk, kitchen counter, or dressing table to de-clutter your space. Handmade in wood with a minimalistic design, this piece is trendy, timeless, and durable – making it a must-have home decor item under 1000.


  1. Speckled Beige Bath Set

This bath set is handmade in ceramic and comes with the popular on-trend speckled look that is just perfect for upgrading your bathroom decor. Consisting of a tumbler, a soap dish, and a liquid soap dispenser, this set will help you organize your bath/bathroom counters. Priced at just RS 999, you can explore a wide variety of bath sets in our bathware collection online.


  1. Sylvan Oak Leaf Platter

Inspired by the design of an oak leaf, this tray is handmade in sturdy wood to resemble the leaf’s shape. Perfect for serving and decoration, the serving accessory will fancy up your hosting style. Suitable for fall decoration the tray captures the season's aesthetic elegantly. You can also install it on your walls for an eclectic display in your dining area. Buy trays online in different colors and materials under 1000 on Casa Decor.


  1. Eden Garden Tissue Holder

Whether you are hosting, having a regular meal, or preparing something in your kitchen, you are always at a high risk of accidental spills near food; and keeping a tissue holder in your dining and cooking space is the best way of minimizing the mess. This designer tissue holder imitates the shape of a square tray that comes attached to a metal holder that keeps the tissues in place with its weight. Covered in a beautiful red color with golden floral patterns, this tissue tray is a gorgeous addition to your tables, bar counters, and kitchen. Thanks to its design it also doubles up as a decorative tray while fulfilling its function. You can also consider it as a pocket-friendly handmade gift under 1000 for your friends and family.


  1. Theos White Metal Planter

Featuring a white planter that sits elegantly on a black minimal stand, this home decor product is a great addition to your space if you like plants or the natural color they bring. If you can't manage natural houseplants, you can also pair this planter with artificial plants and dried stems for a contemporary look. The tall planter is ideal for decorating your empty corners with some color and freshness. This planter also makes the perfect gift for amateur plant parents. The product is handmade entirely in rust-resistant metal and can be displayed in indoor and outdoor spaces. Buy planters online in different colors and sizes from


  1. Wooden Terrazzo Plant Stand

One of our best-sellers, this plant stand comes with a geometrical monochrome speckled table top and wooden legs that give it a popular and contemporary feel. Suitable for decorating plants and a wide variety of other home decor products, these stands will help you carve out eye-catching corners. The compact stand can also be used as a bedside table, balcony table, and nook furniture. These cute eccentric stands also make a great festive gift for your friends and family who like plants.


  1. Decorative Candle Bowl

Combining a fusion of different pleasing floral fragrances, this handcrafted candle will add the freshness of spring to your home. It features a golden decorative bowl with textured rim that comes filled with scented wax for a premium look. The wax used in making this piece is 100% organic and toxin-free. Use this home decor item for setting a magical or moody vibe in your home or gift it to your friends during the festive season.

Hope these affordable home decor products will help you spruce up your space! Explore more home decor items under 1000 on our website at


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