Discovering your home decor preferences and interior design style can be both overwhelming and confusing. There are infinite factors that we consider and evaluate while investing in a house, including a budget, location, family space, surroundings, facilities, design, etc, in which home decoration really falls at the end of the list.

But we all have a picture of our dream house in our minds and sometimes we wander in those thoughts. Based on their traits and types – all 12 zodiac signs are known for their distinct personality which reflects in their taste, style, and dream home design.

Homes are our safe space, and people with different zodiac signs tend to find comfort in certain things and styles, which also play an important role in defining our ideal space. You can use these factors about your zodiac personality to create a home decor design that helps you turn your home into a cozy serene sanctuary that fully suits your style. 

In this blog, we have listed some grand ideas that people with different zodiac signs prefer in their home decor. You can incorporate some ideas from this blog and take the first step towards designing your dream home. 


How Each Zodiac Sign Likes to Style Their Home Decor?

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): Eco-Friendly and Eclectic 

Aquarians are known to be unique and quirky. So, if you are an Aquarian you are not likely to follow the latest home decor trends and you will absolutely never spend a fortune to decorate your home. 

You will try to incorporate a lot of eco-friendly tech and environmentally-conscious options in your home – think of solar panels, natural light flickers, rain-catching systems, and more. You enjoy spaces that allow you to dwell in your thoughts. So, a spacious and futuristic home decor design seems to be the perfect fit for you.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Serene and Soothing 

While Pisces value alone time, their creative instinct also draws them towards decorating their house with calming, inviting tones and objects that exude a relaxing aura. You are a water sign, so anything that resonates with it would bring a calming element to your soul, so you can consider adding cools shades of teal and blue in your color scheme. For designing a comfy space, we can picture you throwing in a lot of soft fabrics, cushions, and throw in pillows in your interior. 

Your instinct also craves for free-flowing open area. Clutter is definitely not your friend unless your moon and ascending signs are a complex mix of other signs. And naturally, you also would love to stay close to water whether it's a house close to a lake, ocean or comes with a pool.


Aries (March 21 - April 19): Everything Lively and Loud

Aries are known for their big and bold personality. You love life and want to experience every aspect of it as much as possible. Your dream home decor design needs to incorporate your lively and adventurous personality with patterns and colors.

Now, you would agree as an Aries that you can be quite dramatic – vintage grand chandeliers, candle stands, intricate sculptures are some of the home accessories that will add drama to your space.   

You can incorporate this effect in your furniture as opposed to walls. Your aura obviously needs extra rooms - an in-house active space like a gym would be perfect for balancing your hyper energy and the pool outside would be ideal to cool down your fire-y temper. You get bored easily but you are also creative, we can expect Aries to change their home design frequently.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Calm and Classy 

People with the Taurus sign love indulging themselves in beautiful things, but they also crave stable and comfortable environments, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you transfer these habits onto the interior design of your dream home.  

As a Taurus, you are likely to get drawn towards a large sectional couch, which is surrounded by all the comfortable items in reach. Taurus can be couch potatoes on their day-off and use their space as an escape from the stress of the outside world. 

So, a cozy and comfortable home interior design works best for you. People of this zodiac sign also love delicious food, so based on their traits they are expected to have a beautiful kitchen and an elaborate bar with the finest collection of wine. Being an earth sign, you prefer neutral colors and understated tones which create a feeling of steadiness that you constantly desire in life.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Open and Affluent

Although your likes and dislikes change every day, there are few things that you don’t mind bringing in your dream home. Just like your dual ever-changing personality, being a Gemini you like the contrast in your space. People of this zodiac sign can be quite social and like being surrounded by people so your home decor style may consist of open spaces for hosting the best parties for your friends and family. 

Use wide windows and big glass panels for bringing plenty of light to your space that can resonate with your personality. Don’t forget to add the latest technology in the mix, to fulfill your desire of staying ahead of everyone else. Try incorporating modern home decor tech features like smartphone-controlled space and voice-activated sound systems in your space. Gemini(s) like luxury, so every element in their home also tends to have that luxe effect. 


Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Traditional and Tasteful

Cancers are known for their soft side and old soul, which is automatically attracted towards antique and traditional objects, so it is natural that their dream home includes home decor accents and furniture that fall into those styles

You would make every room in your space as cozy as possible. The kitchen is likely to be the focal point in your home because of your love for hosting and being around people. Your lively spirit also makes you likely to have a big dining area, bar, and party zone where you can gather all your loved ones to celebrate every big moment in your and their life.

Naturally, your drive for hosting and cooking makes you likely to have a stunning Serveware collection that will look as tasteful as your culinary dishes. Cancer prefers light wall colors, pastel hues, and illuminating elements. 


Leo (July 23 - August 22): Vibrant and Vivid

Leo loves attention, and their home decor design also reflects their flashy personality. If you are a Leo you would agree how you are attracted to unique pieces that no one else would dare to include in their home interior. You like compliments, so trends are going to be a major part of frequent decor updates

Being a fire sign you are confident and social, so your home will comprise everything from a bar to an open terrace for throwing the best parties because you just need an excuse to brag about your new art or serveware set. You would also add bright and bold attention-grabbing colors and eye-catching furniture in your home without any hesitation. 

Leo is also one of the signs who love their zodiac symbol which is a lion. So, you are also likely to experiment with animal-themed decor. You can explore Casa Decor's Wildlife Collection to create an eccentric and eclectic home decor theme. Ideally, you would prefer a big space with multiple rooms so you can always entertain guests. Leo's are also the epitome of self-love - so you are likely to have no shortage of mirrors around your home.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Stylish and Simple

A Virgo tends to find happiness in small things, trends really don't bother them. You desire stability, calm and want a feeling of having everything under your control no matter where you are at in life. 

A big apartment with a minimalistic home decor aesthetic is a suitable living environment for you. Your dream home is likely to feature neutral colors that blend in with everything and functional decor accessories that serve both the purpose of aesthetic as well as utility.

You like finding modern stuff and adding new tech to your home. So, you can get a little experimental while watching interior designing shows and turning pages of magazines. Your dream home is definitely going to be completely organized and clutter-free because you are someone who likes to know, where everything is. 


Libra (September 23 to October 22): Harmonious and Trendy 

People of this sign thrive on a balanced life. So they are likely to choose a home decor design style that can offer them the best-of-both-worlds, the comfort of the couch as well as the functionality of modern decor. 

You as a Libra – like to incorporate pastel and light colors to your space that feel welcoming to guests without being too basic for your taste. You would also create a balance of furniture with tables, plant stands, wall shelves, home decor accents, etc. 

Despite being crowded your decorative accents will complement one another. You can have a flair for art and creativity which you are likely to express in your interior design. Unlike Leo, your taste is elegant and subtle which can be upscale as well as minimalist.


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Private and Posh

Honestly, as a Scorpio, you can be weird and happy with something as minimal as a wooden cabin in the forest. But your dream home is the complete opposite of it because you also seek perfection in everything you do. 

Your dream home decor design should definitely reflect the most important aspect of your personality which is protecting your privacy. You like your own private space in your home, which identifies with your introspective and mysterious personality. 

You also prefer darker colors and a gothic aesthetic in your furniture and home accents. You won't mind coloring your walls black and grey. The art on your walls can also quite discreet and explicit just like your dark humor. Scorpions are also the only zodiac sign that is most likely to have a hidden room behind their bookshelves or kitchen bar. 


Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Compact and Creative

Although you don't prefer spending time alone in your home, it doesn't mean that your creative instinct doesn't go wild with the idea of decorating a home. You would love a small cozy house in comparison to a mansion so that you can easily travel without worrying about its whereabouts. 

A tiny house with a Bohemian home decor aesthetic is the ideal dream home for this zodiac sign. A space big enough to hold all your belongings, is adequate for you. You like personalizing your space with photographs and gifts with meaning. Every home decor accent or unique accessory in your home is likely to hold a story. Your interior decoration style is personal, inviting, and practical. 


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Functional and Sleek

Capricorns are one of the most efficient and hard-working people and these values reflect in their home decor design style. Though most people prefer a space that makes them forget about work, your interior aesthetic can seem quite formal, some of you might even be excited about adding a home office in the mix. Your dream home decor is so simple that it can resemble a fancy office layout. 

Because of your minimalist mindset, your taste leans towards a sleek and modish decor design style. You like looking at an organized space so your dream home is likely to have accessories and elements in designs and a quantity that can be easily managed. 

Although you don't pay much attention to trends, you have a keen eye for design which reflects in your selection of each piece. You also strive to include a lot of organizational pieces in your decor like wall shelves, organizational baskets, and other space-saving accessories, so you never have to waste your time looking for something when you need it.


Let us know if we got your dream home decor right based on your zodiac sign in the comments below!

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