Are you decorating on a budget or perhaps looking for an affordable but eclectic housewarming gift? Well, you have landed on the perfect page, as we have listed here some of the best-selling home decor items under 500 on our website. 


10 Must-Buy Home Decor Items under 500 on Casa Decor

  1. Artiste Wooden Candle Stand

Timeless, dramatic, and aesthetic, this hand-carved wooden candle stand will illuminate your home adding a magical touch to your space. Perfect for decorating living rooms, entryways, prayer rooms, and reading corners, this accent looks stunning with and without the candle. Pair it with scented candles from our collection to embrace your different moods. This candle stand is a great buy for a handmade accent under 500 rupees. If you are trying to add a moody vibe to your home on a budget, this candle stand is a must-buy for you.  


  1. Peach Blush Scented Candle

Fill your space with the refreshing fragrance of this fruity-scented candle and get rid of your long day work tiredness. Handcrafted using eco-friendly wax and wick, this scented candle doesn't excrete any harmful smoke and will instantly add a pleasant lush to the air. Priced at just Rs 399, the scent of this candle will help you set the mood for meditation, relaxing conversations, and romance. 


  1. Color Pop Black Arc Globe

Add a hint of your personality in your home, by displaying your hobbies or wanderlust. Globes are great informative tools that make a classy addition to your home. Available in geometrical shapes, colorful shades, and diverse patterns, these affordable home decor items are great for filling up the empty corners in your home. Place it on your desk and let it help you gain more knowledge or just use it for updating your decor. You can buy these home decor products under 500 on our website in various finishes and designs. 


  1. Brown Woody Photo Frame

Photographs are a great way to tell a story and give your guests a sneak peek into your life. Based on the photo frames and memories you select, these home decor items can act out as great conversation starters. So, if you are looking for affordable accents for a budget-friendly update, you should definitely consider adding more color and personality to your walls using photographs with silly poses or from your vacations. Handcrafted in wood, this photo frame blends elegantly with most decors and aesthetics. You can also add your favorite quotes or artistic shots in this wooden picture frame for a timeless touch. 


  1. Silver Bulldog Metal Bottle Opener

You cannot host a party without a bottle opener, making it a party essential; however, this bar accessory doubles up as a wall accent and bar accessory. Handcrafted to resemble an angry bulldog, this home decor product will add a quirky touch to your decor. It also makes an eccentric gift for dog and beer lovers. Also, because this bottle opener is wall-mounted you don't have to worry about losing it in between parties. Handmade in metal featuring a silver finish and intricate detailing this accent will look like a whimsical art piece on your walls.


  1. Retro Square-Check Coasters

A simple set of coasters can go a long way in elongating the life and finish of your premium furniture. This coaster set features that classic checkerboard design that will match will all your serveware and furniture designs. Place a set on your dining table and coffee table to use the coasters as a decorative or functional accessory. Drink coasters also make an excellent affordable gift for your drinking buddies. Go to our website to buy these home decor accessories under 500 in various shapes, shades, and patterns.


  1. Midnight Black Letter Sorter

This simple industrial-style letter sorter will do wonders in helping you organize your desks. Mails, magazines, files, important documents, and work files are just some of the things you can sort out on these stationery organizers. This not-so-obvious must-have home decor item is a lifesaver for messy people. Buy this letter sorter and display it on your study desk and office table to keep all your important documents systematically. 


  1. Golden Ornate Wall Brackets

Wall brackets are very versatile decorative accessories that can be used for decorating a wide variety of things like plants, lanterns, wall hangings, etc. You can also install them under your wall shelves to give them a vintage look, or place them above the entrance or garden door to create a magical Pinterest-inspired aesthetic. You can buy these home decor items online from our store in various designs and color options. 


  1. Chameleon Door Knocker

Gothic and eclectic, this metal door knocker is inspired by a chameleon that will add a quirky touch to your entrance. The metal door knocker makes a pleasant ting sound that is audible but not irritating loud. Intricately handcrafted to resemble a chameleon, this decorative hardware accessory will turn heads and help you make a statement at your door. This home decor item is definitely a great eccentric pick for just 500 rupees. 


  1. Initials

Now add a personal touch to your home, studio, or room, by flaunting your initials on your walls or desks. Available in bedazzled designs and with subtle wooden carvings, our initials online are a great addition to your home. Casa Decor Initials also make a great housewarming gift for new homeowners and couples.


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