When it comes to decorating a new house or redecorating the home decor of your old place, we all instantly look at magazines and shows, for inspiration which often has the most exaggerated and expensive suggestions. While some trends can be worth trying others can really be a hassle and a bad choice for your place. So, avoid following home decor trends blindly, especially if you are decorating your home on a budget. In general decorating can be quite expensive, especially, if you are doing the whole house or room at once. Setting a budget in advance prevents excessive spending making it an important tool to ensure that you don’t end up with an empty wallet while filling up your home.

From creating a set-list of what you want to determining a budget and researching the most affordable shops, in this step-by-step home decoration guide we have listed all the important things you should be considering while setting a budget for decorating your home.


Make a Wishlist 

Before starting any creative project you should brainstorm ideas, so let your imagination run wild and explore as many home decor ideas as you can. Consider all the things you always wanted in your dream home, whether they fit in your home decorating budget or not. Take out all the inspiration photos, and Pinterest boards you have been saving and highlight the things that stand out to you. Do you love neutrals? Or are you in love with traditional wallpaper? Or do you love the look of colors? Are you more attracted to abstract sculptures or intricate statement pieces? Having a pre-defined list of all the items you like and want to include in your home will help you in times when you are confused between two options.


Determine Your Budget

Once you have a wishlist ready you can analyze how budget-friendly or expensive your plans are. So, based on it you can keep the list aside and create a reasonable budget that might cover some ideas from your wishlist so that you don’t empty your pockets while decorating your home.

Determine your regular expenses, and figure out what you can afford to create a spending budget for the project which doesn’t really affect your everyday lifestyle and spending. Trust us no home decor item is worth compromising your lifestyle. So finalize a figure that you can spend comfortably, and decide whatever you spend it on later during the planning process.


Make a Decorating Plan 

Now that the financial aspects of home decor are decided, you can focus on the creative plans. Based on your budget you can decide whether you want to hire an interior designer. A decorating plan should include everything from determining a floor plan, and light fixtures, to deciding an overall look, and other additions like wallpapers, artworks, accents, etc. This decorating plan includes everything that goes into a room. And this is where your wishlist comes into help – during this step you can consider all your plans.


Comparison Shop

Price comparison is a significant step in interior designing and decorating. Sometimes in home decor India markets you might find some things more affordable in the online stores and others in offline markets0. So, you might get some amazing deals by exploring different websites and your local markets.

Research and familiarize yourself with how much different things really cost and avoid spending 5000 bucks for a 200 rupee handmade artifact. Don’t run after brands when it comes to handmade home decor online, because most companies have overpriced products. Instead, invest in art and support artists by shopping products locally. Additionally, while comparison shopping remember to add the extra costs like custom work, labor fees, shipping, delivery, etc that might not be included in the original price tag of the item.


Narrow Things Down

Even if your wishlist is budget-friendly, realistically you cannot fit everything from it into your home. So, once you have a budget and a list of things you want to buy, from your comparison shopping spree, now will be the time to narrow the things. Cut down all the things that are unpractical for your budget, and try to make adjustments wherever you can. 

This may mean going for a pre-fab bookshelf instead of a built-in cabinet or simply buying store-bought curtains rather than investing in custom window treatments. In some cases, you can make minor adjustments to achieve the same look. For instance, if your heart is stuck on a $5,000 couch, look for something similar but with a more affordable filling. Chances are you will find a similar piece at a lower price, without affecting your home decoration budget.


Prioritize Your Purchases

Instead of purchasing all the trendy and artful home decor items online, prioritize your purchases to avoid overspending or buying things that you don’t necessarily need. Also, prioritizing the purchases will prevent you from buying everything together, which is never a good idea. So, buy the essentials first, for instance, furniture like a sofa and bed is much more important than a dining table or home decor accessories like mirrors and artworks, so buy the former before the latter.

Also before selecting your paint jobs and wallpapers, buy your sofas, and coordinate your walls accordingly. Although you can select either first, it is recommended that you buy the expensive stuff first.


Stick to the Decorating Budget

This is probably the hardest part because of all the endless options of designs and home decor accessories online. However, sticking to your budget is very important, because it allows you to stay organized and prioritize all the essentials and necessities. Scrolling the internet and losing track of what you really want can be very easy when the home decor online collections are so beautiful. However, sprucing up products on a wimp will not only affect your pocket but also create a cluttered look in your room. No matter how gorgeous a piece is, if it’s not properly displayed, it will only ruin your aesthetic. Also, remember overspending in one area would mean that you will have to make up for it in other sections.  


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