The dining room is not only an integral part of most houses it is also the core of dinner parties, making it important that you dress it up with all the essential dining table accessories. Dining room is the place where you share daily meals with your family, host parties, and entertain guests. So, naturally, this functional space requires an assortment of functional table accessories which comes in handy during your daily family meals as well as festive gatherings. Keeping these factors in mind, it is very important to design a dining room area that combines functionality with the festive feels. 

However, with the plethora of serveware and tableware available online and offline, we understand how you can find it difficult to select the right home decor accessories for your dining table. In this blog, we have listed five must-have table accessories that everyone should have on their dinner table. So, if you have been considering what to shop for your next formal dinner or lunch, this list will definitely come in handy.


5 Important Table Accessories you should keep on your Dining Table during Formal Dinners

  1. Table Linen

Table linens include table runners, covers, and mats. We know that majority of people don’t like using linens on their furniture, and you can totally skip the cover if you want to flaunt the beautiful surface of the table. 

However, you should place a few table mats and small runners at the seats to prevent the heat from the dishes, or accident food spills from ruining the surface of your dining table


  1. Coasters

We have all ruined at least one table in our home because of the lack of coasters. So, if you not using them, you better start now! Coasters are small pads that are placed under drinks to prevent liquid spills from damaging the table or table linen. You can find coasters in a variety of colors, designs, and in different materials like wood, marble, resin, etc. Coaster sets are quite feasible and you find a beautiful collection at Casa Decor

It is advisable that you invest in a lot of coasters and keep a set on every table be it coffee or dinner table so that your guests don’t search for them whenever they need one. 

Make sure that you buy coasters that come with rubber padding or smooth textures else they will end up causing more harm than protection. 


  1. Napkins and Rings

Napkins are the most important dining table accessory. Be it paper tissues or cloth-based napkins that you place on your lap for preventing food stains, in case something falls on your lap, you should always ensure that there are spare tissues and napkins sitting on your dining table. 

Napkins are not only essential for wiping hands after the meal but also come in handy during spilling accidents. Modern etiquette demands you to display napkins in a specific shape and style and napkin rings are used for keeping them in shape. 

Things to Keep in Mind while using Napkins: 

  1. The fabric of napkins should be soft and sturdy; cotton is one of the best-suited options. 
  2. You can choose any color or print that blends in with your other table accessories and linen. 
  3. For formal dinners avoid using flashy colors and prints. 
  4. The length of napkins should be between 22-26 square inches. 
  5. According to European table etiquette, napkins should be placed on the left side of the plate with forks on them. 
  6. The pointed end of the napkin should always be placed towards the person.

You can also explore Casa Decor to buy a beautiful collection of napkin rings or other home decor products online!


  1. Condiment Servers & Turntables

Condiment-Servers are used for storing ingredients like salt and pepper that help guests add the appropriate amount of flavor to their food according to their preference making these little canisters an important part of the dinner table. Based on the table Etiquette salt shaker should be placed on the right side of the pepper shaker and both these ingredients should be kept in the center of the table setting so everyone can access it. 

A dining table should be arranged in a way, that it offers efficiency in regards to accessibility of the food. Lazy Susan turntable will be a great addition to your dining table, as it will allow everyone to grab anything they want without asking to pass the dish; it also makes more space on the table so you can permanently display all the condiments on it.  


  1. Centerpiece

Between 4, 6, and 12-seater, dining tables can be quite spacious and can look awkward without the spread of food platters. Centerpieces help offer an aesthetic appeal to the table when it is not arranged for festivities. You can display candle stands, vases, lanterns, and sculptures on the dining table to add an element of decoration to it. 

These bare essentials will help you layout a beautiful dining arrangement, however, you can explore more table accessories online and take inspiration from social media to add an eccentric spirit to all events. But Make sure you don’t gauge too much on decoration; After all, the real star on the table is always your food, isn’t it? 

Use these table accessories to set up beautiful and functional dinner tables. If you have any other dining table decoration hacks, make sure to share them below in the comment section.


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