Top 10 Rakhi Gifts you can Consider for your Sweet Siblings

Home decor products are versatile gifting options that can be used on all occasions be it birthdays or Rakha Bandhan. In this blog, we have listed top 10 Raksha Bandhan gifts from our home decor collection that you can consider for your sibling!

Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is a very special occasion that celebrates the bond and love between siblings. In Indian tradition, on this occasion, the sister ties a band/thread (rakhi) on her brother’s hand wishing for his health and prosperity, while the brother is responsible for buying rakhi gifts for his sister.

While the age-old tradition of Rakshabandhan originally started with a promise of a brother protecting her sister, today it has evolved into a celebratory festival that symbolizes and cherishes the love between siblings. 

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It is celebrated every year in Shravana (August) month according to the Hindu calendar during the full moon day (Purnima). This year it will be celebrated on 30th August 2023. 

While when you are young often a chocolate bar is enough – but as we grow old and wise our gifts also become thoughtful. From cake stands for your sister’s new baking hobby to planters for her cozy corners, or trinket trays for her jewelry that annoys you and is spread around the home - you can find a wide variety of rakhi gifts at our home decor online store.



Before we begin with the list, one of the most important things you need to celebrate this and most Indian festivals is a Pooja Thali. Turn our trays into beautiful pooja thalis and decorate them with attractive rakhi threads and season’s savory sweets. Explore our serve ware collection of leaf trays online to buy beautiful Pooja Thalis.  


Top 10 Best Rakhi Gifts Online 2023

  1. Wooden Boxes: For her endless jewelry collection

Sometimes our siblings can be quite clumsy, and I think all girls are guilty of leaving their jewelry around the home after coming from a party or night out, so if you are also annoyed with your sister leaving her trinkets around the home, buy home decor items like wooden boxes or Trinket Trays to send a message. Add a piece of jewelry in the box to make the gift more thoughtful and make her extra happy.

Boxes are also super versatile so you can stock them with different treats like chocolates and dry fruits and keepsakes like watches and jewelry for your sister. Consider our Glitter Galore Wooden Box Set for this occasion!


  1. Decorative Mirror

Siblings' fights often start with sharing silly nicknames and calling each other ugly and end up with sharing treats. This Rakshabandhan, make your sister feel pretty and gift her, our Dress-Me-Up Wall Mirror with her favorite makeup products. Get creative with your gifts, but don't forget to add her favorites to the mix to bring a big smile to her face. 

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  1. Desk Decor: For your Sibling’s Workaholic tendencies

Finding the perfect gifts for a workaholic sister or brother can be very challenging. Don’t worry; Casa Decor has the perfect functional Rakhi gift for such siblings in our opulent range of desk decor, including letter sorters, stationery sorters, and other home organizers. 

With these home decor items on their desks, your brother/sister will be reminded of your thoughtful gesture despite their busy schedules.



  1. Photo Frames: Revisit your best memories together

No matter how much you argue, this Raksha Bhandan gift your sibling something they can cherish forever. Photo Frames are the best gifts for all occasions, as they hold personal memories of the giver and receiver. 

So, go through your old photographs and find something that reflects your relationship the best and add them to these picture frames. We have a wide collection of resin, wood, and metal that are perfect for displaying all your beautiful memories in style.

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  1. Dessert Platters: Celebrate her sweet tooth 

Whether you are a brother who likes to bake or a sister who wants to set up a beautiful Rakhi platter, surprising your sibling with an assembly of their favorite sweet-meets gifts is a great way of celebrating the festival. Casa Decor has a beautiful collection of serving platters that you can use for displaying a variety of dishes. 

Consider buying our Gold Fleur D'or Cake Stand for your sister/brother if she loves baking or our Wooden Bowl set to remind them of you whenever they use it for breakfast, salads, or snacks. These home decor items are handmade and timeless gifts for people who like to host. Our kitchen accessories add a vibrant feel to all festive celebrations, making them a great gift.


  1. Coasters: Give an ode to your gossip sessions over tea, beer, or wine

This Rakhi, celebrate the special bond with your sister or brother by gifting them something that represents the cherished memories you've shared over countless cups of tea, beer, or wine. Our coasters are the perfect symbol of protection and make a thoughtful gift for your sibling who has always been there to protect and support you.

From childhood days of sharing milk to adulthood adventures of sharing a beer and exploring different tea and wine flavors, these coasters serve as a nod to the beautiful memories you've created together. Each coaster carries its unique design, capturing the essence of your shared experiences and adventures.

Imagine sitting down for a heart-to-heart conversation with your sibling, a cup of tea in hand, and a coaster that reminds you of all the laughs, secrets, and bonding moments you've shared. These coasters not only protect your furniture but also hold sentimental value, serving as a reminder of the special bond you have with your sibling.


  1. Planters & Plant Stands: For the nurturing sibling who loves gardening 

This Raksha Bandhan, go beyond traditional gifts and surprise your sibling with something truly unique and meaningful. If your sibling has a green thumb and a love for gardening, we have the perfect gift idea for them! Present them with a thoughtful combination of plants and platters, a gift that symbolizes their nurturing nature and passion for gardening.

By gifting plants and platters, you are not only acknowledging your sibling's love for gardening but also promoting a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. These gifts will not only bring joy and beauty but also provide a sense of fulfillment as they take care of their plants

Explore our Garden range to find a colorful collection of planters and geometrical plant stands on our home decor online store. 

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  1. Animal Accents:For her love for astrology or to remind her of her childhood nickname 

This Rakhi, gift your animal-loving sibling something truly special. Our collection of animal accents at Casa Decor is the perfect choice to celebrate their love for astrology or remind them of their childhood nickname. From zodiac-inspired decor pieces to dog figurines, these gifts will add charm and personality to their home. If you are buying them an animal accent based on their childhood nickname, be cautious because you might end up fighting. PS Don’t forget to pair this with another gift we don’t want your sister getting mad at you on Raksha Bandhan. 


  1. Serveware Accessories: Appreciate her Love for Food & Entertaining

If your brother/sister is a big foodie who is also obsessed with table styling, then our serving accessories will make a gorgeous gift for him/her. Apart from being a gifting gesture, you can also use these designer platters for elevating the appeal of your Rakhi table arrangement. Use the terracotta collection in our home decor store for serving the traditional flavor of your kitchen.


  1. Bar Accessories: Bottle Openers & Wine Stoppers 

As we grow our siblings become our favorite confidante and drinking partners! So, this Raksha Bandhan cheers to togetherness with our splendid scripted bottle openers with messages like Love, Celebrate, and Grateful! From your first cold drink to your first beer/wine together, our bar accessories online will remind you of all the special and happy moments together.


Here at Casa Decor, you can explore a premium collection of home decor items online perfect for rakhi gifts that will impress your brothers and sisters. We recommend you order your rakhi gifts online in advance so that you have them in your hand before the occasion. 

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