How to Create a Dramatic Home Decor Design with Geometrical Patterns?

Homeowners are often wary of introducing too many shapes in their home decor, but this year you can go all out with geometrical designs as it is one the most popular home decor trend of 2023.

From chevron wallpaper to rhombus furniture and checkerboard coasters – geometrical patterns are available in a wide variety of colors and categories of home decor items.  

Thankfully, you can admire the beauty of different shapes and geometrical patterns without being a math lover. Very versatile in their appeal with clean lines and cuts, you can use different shapes and motifs for transforming your space.

Here are some creative ideas which you can use for infusing more geometric prints in your space using different home decor products and interior design themes.



  1. Create a Retro Kitchen

Most homeowners don't really experiment with their kitchen walls or cabinet designs. You will always see solid wallpaper and cabinetries in a kitchen! However, the kitchen offers ample opportunities and space for filling the home decor with these lovely patterns. 

From cabinets to backsplash, you can select from a wide range of shapes and symmetrical designs for creating stunning decor displays. Instead of using the classic marble countertop, you can try resin for adding more color and symmetry to your kitchen decor.

Apart from this, you can also introduce home decor items like cake stands, coasters, Lady Susan, etc with a black and white checkerboard design to create an inviting arrangement with a retro aesthetic on your kitchen counter. For background choose hand-painted tiles or strategically arrange different tile patterns to form a beautiful chaos with shapes. 



  1. Flawless Flooring with Geometric Patterns 

Geometric patterns really shine on floors. Certain shapes on the floor not only add detailing but can also help in making the room look more spacious. You can use geometrical flooring for enhancing your home decor and room's aesthetic. Chevron, rhombus, straight lines and diamonds are some of the patterns you can consider.

Select prints that bind and balance the overall visual of your space. Make sure to choose shapes and colors that look good together. Avoid adding too many shapes or very small sizes, as it can make the space feel claustrophobic. Remember home decoration is all about balance, so select designs that look and feel right. 


  1. Wall Art 

Don't know what to do with an empty wall in your home? Well, you can use geometrical patterns in a few ways for giving your wall a decorative touch.

The simplest way is to cover the wall with geometrical wallpaper in a design scheme that blends well with your decor. Using the second idea you can consider adding more shapes and patterns on your walls by hanging home decor accessories like mirrors, photo frames, plaques, and wall accents with geometrical frames. 

You can also consider hanging abstract modern art pieces created with a fusion of shapes for amplifying your home decoration. Art pieces will help add more depth to your interior giving your space a nice artistic touch. A collage of specific frames or precisely cut mirrors, and paintings full of patterns can help you create beautiful arrangements with a geometric pattern on your walls. 


  1. Introduce Pretty Partitions with Geometric Patterns (Jaalis)

Own the space constraints in your home by mimicking the trending open layouts. Instead of creating walls between two sections, divide it using large-scale panels and partitions covered in geometrical designs to give this traditional home decor item a modern feel.

These partitions introduce pretty lattice designs in your space in the form of wooden and glass panels to offer you privacy in each section. These innovative and space-saving home decor products work as great dividers and also help in beautifying your home decor. 



  1. Decorate your Tablescape with Geometric Designs 

Some patterns and colors never go out of style. Black and white checkerboard design is one such geometrical pattern. Use table accessories, serveware, coasters, table runners, etc in this design for achieving a dramatic look on your table. This look is perfect for festive dinners and casual get-togethers. 

If you want to leave a lasting impression experiment with abstract geometrical patterns with a fusion of more than one shape to create eccentric displays. Casa Decor has a beautiful collection of kitchen and bar accessories in various geometrical shapes and designs that you can explore to buy the perfect shape according to your decor.

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  1. Create Funky Furniture Arrangements 

Contemporary and modern furniture is highly influenced by unconventional designs and often features angular structures that make them unique and eye-catching. Using these abstract geometrical structures is a great way of inserting a unique charm into your interior. 

The surfaces of these home decor items also come covered with a variety of geometrical patterns. From chevron to rhombus you can explore our home decor (India) store to find furniture in different geometric patterns. Pick a design that suits your space and lifestyle to give your home an “edgy” look. Pair these surfaces with metallic home decor accents to create a wow-worthy set up in your living room or other entertainment areas. 

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  1. Fabulous Furnishings

If you are not up for a major overhaul? Then you can consider bringing in some soft furnishings in geometrical patterns to experiment with the look. From curtains and cushions to upholstery to rugs, the furnishing options are endless.


Casa Decor Style Tip:

Focus on Balance

Geometric Decor is all about balance, so avoid adding shapes in every corner. If you have covered your walls with geometrical patterns, use decorative home decor products with similar shapes to balance the symmetry in the room.

Pair prints with Solids

If your walls are covered in geometric designs, use solid photo frames and metallic art pieces for fashioning your decor.

Avoid Small Shapes on Walls and Floors

Tiles and wallpaper with smaller shapes tend to create denser geometrical patterns that result in forming overwhelming displays, so avoid using such dense clusters of shapes on big areas like walls and floors, as it can make the room feel claustrophobic.


Hope these home decoration tips can help you design a beautiful Space with Geometric Shapes! You can explore CASA DECOR to shop for different home decor items online at



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