Diwali Decoration can be a bit confusing, with home decor trends changing every year, festive trends also evolve – making it overwhelming to keep up with different themes, popular aesthetics, and sustainable options. But don’t worry, we have listed some home decor products that will not only come in handy during festivals but will also be functional all year round.   

From endless laughter to illuminating lights and the sweet flavors of the season, the festival of light is all about celebrating our culture, tradition, and the people around us. Lights and entertaining being the dominant part of Diwali Decoration, this list consists of our most beautiful serving and illuminating accessories. 

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4 Home Decor Products Perfect for Diwali Decoration 

French Fleur Cake Stand

Festivals include endless flavors on platters, making it important that the presentation does justice to the sweetness of traditional sweets. And with Casa Decor’s sustainable serveware you can do exactly that by creating beautiful table arrangements. This colorful ceramic cake stand gorgeously captures the felicity of the festive season that will shine on your coffee or dining table and create an elegant stage for the traditional flavors of your kitchen. Use these home decor products for displaying ladoos, burfis, etc, or fill them up with savory snacks. 


Artiste Wooden Candle Stand

Ditch string lights for a more magical setting this Diwali with the timelessness of our carved wooden candle stands and the classic charm of our silver metal candle holders online. This Suave Wooden Candle Stand features intricate carving that introduces a vintage charm to any setting be it modern or contemporary. Perfect for brightening up the corners and entryways in your home, this piece will definitely become the talk of the building amongst your neighbors’ post-Diwali. This piece not only makes a great Diwali decoration accessory but can also be used throughout the year for burning your favorite scents. 


Tea-Light Candle Holder

We can’t talk about the festival of light without mentioning candles and diyas. Casa Decor presents beautiful sets of ceramic tea-light candle holders that will light up every corner, room, and heart in your home. Introduce this confluence of two crafts into your space to brighten up your decor. These Ceramic Tealight Candle Holders are handcrafted and hand-painted by our team of local Indian artists. Featuring a Scandinavian vibe, the vibrant blue on these tea light holders will add a hint of color and traditional luxe to your space. Create a soothing ambiance in your space, with a combination of these beautiful tea-light holders and your favorite scents. Compliment and highlight the sculpture of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, and other deities in your home by surrounding them with these accents to introduce a soothing richness in your space. 


Golden Butterfly Tray

Handmade from natural metal, featuring a gold finish this Golden Butterfly Tray is not only great for serving food but can also be used as an ethereal Pooja Thali or diya platter. Display this tray as a centerpiece on your table with a collection of tea-light candles or diyas. It can also be used as a trinket tray or a stage for your home decor accents. While it’s metal texture makes it trendy and its gold finish makes it festive, making this multi-functional serveware accessory the perfect Diwali decoration item.   


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