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10 Creative Ways of Sprucing your Home Decor for the Festive Season

Festivities come with dozens of hosting opportunities, that require us to stay prepared with our festive-themed home decor and serveware that can entertain and leave an impression on our guests. Be it upcoming festivals, birthdays, or a surprise promotion, celebrating our joys with our family and friends is a great way to share our happiness. However, festivals involve a lot of preparations, since it is when all the family comes together for the celebration. 

Soon we will be stepping into the months that bring a lot of festivals and celebrations, making this the perfect time to plan a home decor makeover. Be it Diwali, Wedding season, or Christmas, it’s better to get ready for a whole lot of celebration. After all, everyone will be visiting you soon, and your home should look its best while welcoming the guests. 

From home decor products to serving accessories that make your food more inviting, there are a lot of things you need to consider while decorating your space for the festive season. Be it strings lights and candle stands for Diwali or plaids and flower garlands for Christmas, every festival has a specific theme that makes it special, and incorporating those home decor items in the mix can really instill a festive vibe in the air. 

Get your home ready for all upcoming festivities, by not just cleaning the clutter but also adding some festive decoration items that get you in the jolly mood of the season. Our everyday decor design even if exquisite is not suitable for the festive season – sometimes it can be too modern or too bland to blend with the festival. I mean, we expect to see color in our home during Holi, and diyas and string lights during Diwali. Some home decoration items are just designated for certain seasons like reindeers and Santa for Christmas. 


And this is why homeowners need to have a backup to celebrate different occasions. While buying new home accessories every year is bad for the environment, repeating the same kitchenware during every gathering can also make your guest feel less important. So, if you are in need of some home decor inspiration and sustainable ideas for sprucing up your space, this list below will be a great help to you. 



Festive Colors: Gold Galore & Stunning Silvers

Gold and silver accents are designed to add a festive charm to your home. The shining glimmer of these colors sparkle your space to give it a fancier feel. You can find a wide range of gold and silver home decor products online on our website, ranging from sculptures, artifacts, trinkets trays, and photo frames. You can also consider using glitter and beaded home accessories for decorating the corners and shelves. The handmade home decor items in our collection also make great festive gifts for your loved ones, so explore our categories for some gifting inspiration. 


Focus on the Lighting 

Be it Durga Pooja, Eid, or Gurupurab, all festivals are celebrated with one or another form of an illuminator. From string lights to lanterns and candle stands, the home glow in light every night during these festivals adding the joy of the season in the cities, towns, and villages. 

Even the spooky Halloween season is dominated by natural wax, wick, and wood. Explore our Illuminate Collection to buy beautiful vintage candle stands for adding a dramatic look to your space, or buy our lanterns online to brighten up the corners in your home during different festivals.    


Fill up the Platters with Festive Treats 

From rum cake in Christmas to ladoos on Diwali and ghujia on Holi, the different variety of delicacies during these festivals is what makes them special. The best way of decorating an inviting table is to accessorize it with these seasonal sweets. 

But instead of changing the platter every season invest in timeless serving accessories made from wood, metal, and marble that never lose their charm. We have a beautiful collection of cake stands, wooden trays, bowls, Lazy Susan, etc, that you can buy from our home decor online store for Diwali 2021, or Christmas 2021, and all the other upcoming festivals.  


Bring in Seasonal Flowers

Decorating the space with seasonal flowers is a great way of celebrating the season. You can buy vases online from our home decor online store, or buy garlands from the local market to accentuate different colors of nature in your home. 

Dried stems are great decorative addition for fall, while sunflowers and roses look great in spring and summer. You can also use natural indoor plants for decorating your space during different festivals. Explore our garden collection to decorate natural and artificial herbs in your space.


Don’t Forget the Bar 

Festivals are more or less like parties but with more people and better food and booze. And no party is complete with bar essentials like bottle openers, coasters, and wine stoppers. Whether you are hosting an open bar party or a non-alcohol gathering, bottle openers are always in high demand for opening soda bottles and chilled beers. Coasters ensure to prevent spilling and staining, minimizing the cleaning stress on the host. We recommend you lay out a couple of coasters on every table so that everybody can access them. And wine stoppers will keep the taste and aroma of your expensive bottles fresh in-between drinks 

Explore our exquisite collection of bar accessories online to host the best parties during all the upcoming festivals in 2021. 


Stick to the Theme of the Festival

The diversity in ritual, ceremony, and food is what makes each festival special. The value in their purpose and story is what has inspired us to celebrate year after year. So, stay true to these values and try to celebrate them with authentic taste and tales. 

Celebrate the richness of all cultures by commemorating them with traditional flavor. Decorate beautiful ‘pooja thali’ with our metal serving trays, or light candles and Diya if occasions demand so. In the party mood, don’t forget to pass on the authentic tales of why these festivals are celebrated. Also, stick to the theme of the festival to make it more special with our festive home decoration items. 


If you are planning for a special occasion or decorating for a festival, you can find beautiful home decor items online on CASA DECOR to add the charm of the season to your space. Explore home decor products online on!

Casa Decor is a home decor brand that has dedicated itself to crafting spectacular and unique handmade products that not only uplift the local artisans but also help preserve the environment.
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