Winters are here with dozens of upcoming festivals in line waiting for us to redecorate our space, making it the perfect time to explore some home decor ideas for adding a festive touch to your space. From scented fall candles to the classic diyas, and trendy lamps, there are plenty of ways to add the warmth of natural light and a festive fervor into your home. 

From gold elements to lamps and other accessories, here are some home decoration ideas that will help you add a festive mood to your space.   


5 Home Decor Ideas for Lighting-up a Festive Mood in your Space

Introduce Some Drama with Candle Stands

Casa Decor has a beautiful collection of wooden and metal candle stands that will add a timeless touch of luxury to your decor. While candles are an obvious choice, decorating them can be a confusing task; however, our designer pieces not only help accentuate your space but also ensure safety by holding the candle properly on its sturdy structure. Create a cluster or display a single candle stand on your furniture to create a majestic display in your home that will enchant you as well as your guests. 

Helix Wooden Candle Stand 

Handmade in wood by local Indian artists, this carved wooden candle stand is a beautiful home decor accessory that looks like an art piece in the morning and becomes an ethereal accent at night.

Sterling Silver Candle Stand

Add a Victorian charm to your decor with this metal candle stand highlighting the exuberance of silver. Display it in your entryway or living room to introduce a glamorous feel to your decor. 


Usher the Festive Spirit in your Living Room 

This festive season, create an enchanting home decor scheme, in your entertainment areas like living room, dining space with gold elements, and functional tableware. By rearranging your existing home decoration or adding new accents and decorative serving accessories on your coffee table, you can give this space a fresh appeal. You can buy serving accessories as well as home decor items online from our website, so make sure to check them out. You can also organize tea light candle holders on a tray to create a beautiful display on your dining table. 


Pair Fairy Lights with Lanterns

This home decor trend has been popular since the Tumblr days, and it’s all over Pinterest now. You simply need to insert some fairy lights into a glass lantern and voila you will have a brand new light setting. You can display it on your surfaces or hang them on your ceiling to create an exquisite firefly effect. You can of course go with the classic pairing of lantern and candle as well – just make sure that the lantern glass is colorful to achieve a magical look. 


Illuminate the Corners with Lamps 

Lamps are amongst the most underrated home decor accessory - that is often ignored because of its simple appeal. Upgrade your lamps this season by changing their lampshades and bulbs into different colors to add a warm moody light into your space. Add a red bulb for a romantic mood, yellow to create a cozy vibe, or experiment with different colors.

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Add Some Color in Your Fall Decor

Although the fall season is all about plaids, neutrals, and browns, you can add some color into your home using seasonal flowers and natural plants. Use metal vases in gold and silver-tone to harmonize the decor scheme and use black or silver planters for a modern minimalistic effect. This will help you add color to your home without making anything look out of place. 

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Use these tips to give your home decor a festive upgrade for Diwali, Eid, or Christmas!

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