4 Unique Ideas for Uplifting your Home Decor with Plant Stands  

Adding plant stands in your home decor design is a great way of uplifting the look of your space. They enhance the surroundings with their freshness adding a natural pop of color into the decor. The benefits of indoor plants are also endless as they help reduce air toxins while creating a relaxing and soothing environment making the homeowners healthy and happy with their presence. The complex and intricate natural shapes of cacti and succulents integrate beautifully with the home decor products giving the space a very modern look. It’s interesting how different plants can completely transform the look of a space while seamlessly blending in with the decor.

For example, a tall Euphorbia cactus looks stunning with minimalistic and ultra-modern home decor accents, while tall Mexican Post cacti matches well with contemporary interior. However, the settings of these plants play an important role, in making them aesthetically pleasing. We have listed some unique plant stand ideas that you can use for displaying plants indoors in a tasteful and cost-effective way!


4 Unique Ideas for Uplifting your Home Decor with Plant Stands  

  1. Plant Stands with Integrated Pots

These plant stands come with an adjoined pot above them. Most of them can be detached from their stands for ease of watering or re-potting. Plant stands of this design are quite popular as they come in different sizes and shapes. While most of them are made up of ceramic and wood, you can also get these flower stands, in stainless metal.

Make sure to read the description carefully if you are buying plant stands online, as some come with drainage holes while others don’t. For no drainage hole, you have to add stones or charcoal at the bottom, and for pots with drainage, you have to place a draining container to prevent the floor from getting dirty. Make sure to consider your home decor while shopping for plant stands online or offline.


  1. Table-Style Plant Stands

These plant stands look like delicate tables that can be used in a variety of ways - that includes displaying plants as well. However, because of their size, it is impractical to use them as side tables for holding beverages, etc. These table-style plant stands add a tasteful charm to your space and also this combination-style stand is suitable for homes and formal places like office and reception etc, as they do the job of enhancing your space with natural greens.


  1. Holding Racks: A-Framed Shelves & Ladders

These holding racks are perfect for assembling a variety of plants indoors. The best part about these plant stands is that you can place multiple pots on them each of a different size if you want. They are usually used as garden plant stands, but can also be placed indoors if the pots are watered and arranged in a systematic way. You can also use wall shelves or multi-utility carts for creating a similar visual with these natural home decor accessories. While displaying plants, at the same time, you can also include other decor accents on their shelves or ladder panels like candles, photo frames, and art pieces, etc.


  1. Creative Plant Stands: DIY Projects

You can use the old or vintage furniture in your home and revamp it using your creativity, turning it into a beautiful plant stand. Just add a coat of paint on your old table or cart and place your plants on them. These creative solutions will not only help you save money but will also turn into beautiful plant stands, for your green herbs.


If you need more inspiration for decorating your plant stands you can check out dozens of home decor products on our website or explore beautiful pins on Pinterest and create an aesthetic green arrangement in your space!

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