10 Creative Ways of Reviving Furniture with Decorative Hardware

When it comes to interior designing and home decoration, selecting finishing details, is one of the most important decisions. Decorative hardware like knobs, pulls, handles and knockers are the jewels for your furniture. Selection of the right hardware design can help accentuate and make your furniture pieces more functional. These versatile accessories bring a room together, helping you transform your mismatched furnishings into a planned cohesive set. 

Decorative hardware accents are also great for revamping and refurbishing furniture. Knobs and pulls are an easy, inexpensive way of updating your home decor. So, if you are bored of the blah accents on your living room table, dresser, or kitchen cabinets? Give them an upgrade with something more visually pleasing and aesthetic. 

Consider sprucing up a dark cabinet with colorful floral fusion, or add vintage crystals on your snoozy nightstand or give your old furniture a contemporary update with filigree knobs. 

Get ready to give your old cabinets and drawers a well-deserved makeover, with these 10 helpful DIY decor Hacks that will turn your ordinary furniture into something outstanding. 

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10 Creative Ways of Reviving Furniture with Decorative Hardware

  1. Marble Drawer Knobs

Marble is going to be quite popular in 2021; you might see it everywhere from coasters to countertops and even knobs. White marble looks great paired with wooden furniture and dark accents. You can use white marble drawer knobs on dark furniture and black or grey marble knobs on white or lighter shades of furniture for creating a modernized look in your space. 

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  1. Brass Pulls

If the beds and sofa in your space come with sizeable drawers for storing clothes and bed sheets, you can consider changing their bland pulls, with designer brass pulls. Or you can take it as a DIY project and invest in gold-spray paint, adding a coat on the existing pulls in your home, introducing hints of gold here and there. 


  1. Mid-Century Metal Pulls

If you love unique flourishes or timeless designs on your furniture you can try the old-school pull decorative accents from the ’50s. They can be hard to find, but don’t worry CASA DECOR has a collection dedicated to knobs and pulls, which includes an array of mid-century designs. Being a vintage style, these pulls are available in gold, silver, and oxidized shades, making them best suitable for sylvan furniture. 


  1. Pinterest Inspiration: Maps and Leather

Want to infuse a global flair on your furniture? Explore this trending knob design resembling the world map on Pinterest. You can simply buy these knobs online on Amazon or Etsy, or create them on your own following the YouTube DIY tutorials online. Leather knobs are also very popular right now, so consider introducing them in your decor. Map-styled knobs will help you produce a beautiful well-traveled effect.


  1. Door Knockers

Yes, you read that right! Don’t limit your design style to traditional hardware. Sometimes you might like designs in different sections, which might not belong to knobs, like door knockers. These pieces are designed in a way, which makes them the ‘perfect pulls’. Install them on big cabinets in your home for adding a major dose of retro aesthetic. 

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  1. Floral Glass Knobs

Infuse the spirit of colorful spring in your home all year round, or as a seasonal upgrade with floral glass knobs. They are available in a lot of colors and designs, making them a winning combination for botanical and contemporary decors. Instead of using just one color, you can buy colorful sets, to make a statement. 


  1. Embellished and Filigree Knobs

Embellished and Filigree Knobs are the living proof that pretty hardware can turn any minimalistic piece into a product of designer furniture. You can install these pieces on vintage as well as a modern compact furniture designs for creating eccentric displays. 


  1. Ribbon Drawer Handles

While built-ins are great for organization, they can often lack personality. So, if you have the basic handles in some of your cabinets, consider decorating them with kid-approved colors using ribbon. This DIY decor hack requires you to wrap your decorative hardware in ribbons. Imagine how cute it will look in a little kid’s room. This hack also helps in making the room child-proof, so it’s a win-win! 


  1. Gold Campaign Hardware

Gold hardware is the classic pairing for wooden and glass interiors. And you probably must have noticed we also love this combination. Gold instantly adds a touch of glamour to the decor, especially when used subtly. Hardware is often called the jewelry of furniture, so it only seems fair that we introduce some gold in this mix. 


  1. Abstract Shapes and Designs

Gone are days when knobs were only available in selective shapes, which were mostly circular. Use this variation in the market to create eclectic pieces by introducing asymmetrical knobs on your symmetrical furniture. From hexagon to nature-inspired and animal-shaped knobs, you can find a wide variety in decorative hardware selection. So, get creative!


Hope these tips and these home decor products help you upgrade your furniture. Also, if you have any other tips, let us know in the comments below!

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