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5 Serveware Accessories that will make your Festivities more Flavorful this Diwali

5 Serveware Accessories that will make your Festivities more Flavorful this Diwali

With Diwali just around the corner, we are all busy upgrading our home decor, cleaning our space, buying gifts for our loved ones, and planning parties. To relieve some of this stress we have listed some beautiful serveware accessories from our collection that will both make a great Diwali gift as well as functional hosting essential in your home.  

Planning a party during Diwali can be very tiresome, especially if the guest list is very long! Hosting comes with its stress but it doesn’t mean that you should go from room to room, person to person to feed everyone, create a open platter for your guests using our cake stands, trays, and Lazy Susan turntables, and let them serve themselves! Get rid of the formality, they are all your family and friends after all. Explore these five beautiful platters to decorate your tables this festive season. 

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5 Serveware Accessories from Casa Decor that are Perfect for Diwali Celebration

Eden Garden Enamel Tray Set

Add a decorative touch to your serving style this festive season with our Eden Garden Enamel Tray Set. Handmade from wood and enamel, these trays can be used for serving, decorating, and organizing. Use it for bringing out the flavors of your kitchen, or serving drinks. It can also be used as a stage for your sculptures, candles, and diyas. This home decor product comes with beautiful gold patterns that introduce a decorative touch on the table.


Gold Maple Leaf Tray 

Add a touch of modern luxury into your home with the nature-inspired design of this Gold Maple Leaf Tray. Featuring a gold metal finish, this tray will become the center of attention on your coffee table. Fill it with all the Diwali specials and pair it with different pieces of our Leaf-Tray Collection to make your home feel truly festive. 


Greek Corinthian Wooden Bowl

Indulge in the timelessness of carved wooden artistry with our Greek Corinthian Wooden Bowl. This festive season use this bowl as a centerpiece on your coffee table and fill it will colorful treats. It also makes a great Diwali Gift so consider it for gifting. 


Black Delight Cake Stand

Every Indian festival has a dedicated palette of seasonal sweets, and Diwali is definitely known for its festive flavors. Handmade in marble, featuring a simple design this cake stand is the perfect serveware accessory to decorate a platter of all your favorite Desi sweets. Pair it with our white marble serveware to serve dry fruits and other treats and create a stunning table arrangement. 


White Abstract Lazy Susan 

Often dinner is the most demanding part of hosting, where you have to ensure that everybody has everything and is enjoying the food. But this can be a tad bit difficult when you are handling a full table of people with too many dishes to fill it. Don’t worry; we have the perfect solution for maximizing the space on your dining table. Designed with wood highlighting the rawness of nature, this Lazy Susan turntable will do the double duty of decorating and maximizing the space at your table. The revolving function of this home decor item will allow everyone on the table to access whatever they need, and the extra space will help you display all the condiments and dishes on it, so you don’t have to stand and go to the kitchen in between conversations to grab some salt or spice.   


These kitchen accessories will not only create a welcoming platter for your guests but will also help your manage the crowd with their practical function. Buy these pieces or explore our other serveware accessories and home decor products online on!
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