Considering you spend the most time in your bedroom, it should be the most important space for you. The bedroom is your personal space, where you hide all your secrets, and be vulnerable without any guard or worry of the world. So, the home decor of this room should also reflect a vibe that can make you feel as comfortable as possible. From pieces that showcase your interests to home decor accents that highlight your memories, it is the room where you should feel free and embrace yourself. 

You may wander around the world, and explore the beds of the best hotels but nothing can match the comfort your feel on your bed in your room. When everything seems too stressful, confusing, and loud, most of us find solace and peace in our bedroom surrounded by all the things we love. So, treat your bedroom as more than just a mere room. Especially, if you are decorating a small space! We have all lived in a bedroom with a space crunch, be it in our college dorm or first apartment. Small bedrooms are trickier to decorate because a bedroom decor needs to be selected with care, and it must be maintained, and protected with the correct decor. And Casa Decor knows how to do that with its functional home decor products. Not just accents, you have to care of everything that you display in your bedroom if the space is limited – from bed to furniture and other elements. Our products are designed with modern sensibilities and will help you decorate big or small bedrooms or living rooms. 

Your demanding lifestyle and dreams might encourage you to stay on your toes every second. But, for a proper functioning day, you need your 8 hours of sleep and you can only experience it when you feel comfortable in the room. And a cluttered bedroom with messy decor and unorganized papers on the bed won't help you achieve it. Not to forget, if you fall in the category of people who are working from home, your bed can get real messy with your work documents, files, and laptop.

The time you spend in your bedroom plays a way bigger role in your overall productivity, especially, if your bed is your workstation during the day and comforter at night. This makes it very important that you decorate this space right so that it not only looks good but also makes you feel happy and relaxed!

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5 Home Decor Tips for Decorating Small Bedrooms

Go Easy with Wall Decoration

While you would love to give the room a personal spin and cover it in posters and quotes from your favorite band or your favorite paintings – covering your walls can make your room look smaller than it already is. Also, never follow a maximalist home decor theme while decorating a small room or space.

Bright colors, mirrors, and neutral wall panels have been used for decades by interior designers for creating an illusion that helps make the space look bigger. Systematic placement of mirrors will also reflect more light in your room creating a brighter and cozy atmosphere.

A well-decorated wall gives the perfect finish to the space. And when talking about decorating small bedrooms, walls are the only place where you can truly experiment. So, instead of covering the wall with a large painting, add small wall accessories like photo frames, wall panels, scripted accents, wall hangings, and other home decor items on it. If you want to display art, opt for smaller prints, even if you are unleashing your inner creative talent, express that passion on a smaller canvas to create a cute quirky Pinterest-inspired display. You can consider the classic Polaroid and string light combination to give your room a personal touch.

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Use Wall Shelves for Home Decoration

Wall Shelves are the perfect solution for making extra storage space in a small room. Hanging on the wall, these hardware pieces hardly take up any foot space, while offering you a stage for displaying all your collectibles, favorite books, and eclectic finds.  

But just because these functional home decor pieces add extra space for decoration, doesn’t mean, you should be buying them in extra-large options, when a small piece can do the job. Also, consider buying wall shelves with hooks to maximize the room for organizing.   

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Consider your Habits

Despite the space crunch, always make room for a side table beside your bed. We all have one or other bedtime habits. While some people like reading before drifting to sleep, others wake up in the middle of the night craving some water. Waking up and looking for a space to keep your book or going to the kitchen can make you completely lose your sleep making bedside tables very important. From your vitamin pills and beauty routine kits to your laptop and charger, a bedside table holds more than just lamps, accents, and books.

You can find compact tables with multiple sections and drawers online, so invest in those options for creating more storage space. C-Tables will also make a great option for your space, as their design will help your space seem bigger while also offering enough space to display books, lamps, phones, or laptops. A C-table can also be used as a laptop stand/ study table, which you can use while working from the bed.

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Include Multifunctional Accents 

Being a home decor brand, we are all about aesthetics however; we understand modern needs and sensibilities that reflect in our multifunctional collections. From artistic tree-shaped jewelry organizers to hand-carved wooden boxes for storing your watches and wall pockets for holding your favorite magazines, we have sustainable multi-utility home decor products online that will help you accentuate and organize your space at the same time.


Let there be Light

Even if you prefer sleeping in a dark room, you still need light to operate in the room, so make sure to add a lot of lighting fixtures in the form of lamps, string lights, or hangings. Yes, the tube light in your room offers sufficient light, but for some occasions like date nights, weekend parties, or a night alone with music; you might crave a more moody vibe which you can easily achieve by simply using lamps, warm lights and candle stands. You can explore several home decor India stores to buy great lighting options or you can create a moody vibe in your space with our lamps and candle stands online.

Tip: If you prefer sleeping in a completely dark room, choose curtains with dark colors and layered fabrics to prevent the outside light from penetrating in your room.

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