Vases aka flower vases are open containers used for decorating flowers and accentuating corners. Available in a wide range of materials, these classic home decor items have been used for centuries for decorating spaces and adding color to homes.


History of Vases

Various types and styles of vases were developed by diverse civilizations in different time periods, such as Native American pottery and Chinese ceramics. In ancient Greece "vase-painting" became a dominant art. These fine paintings depicted figures and scenes of Greek mythology. Such pieces were referred to as vases regardless of their structure and shape; most of these accessories were used for storing and serving liquids, so many referred to them as jugs, cups, and so on.

Vases have a long diverse history of function and form in nearly all developed ancient cultures, and often these ceramic objects are what's left of several vanished cultures that act as artistic evidence for the time. In the initial stages of pottery, the coiling method was the most utilized technique for making these home decoration items. The coiling method involves working with clay in long cylindrical strips that are later smoothed and shaped in different structures.


Early Creations with Potter Wheel

The first known vases discovered by historians weren't decorative but rather used as storage utensils. The oldest vases that survived through the centuries date back to the Bronze Age, where there was evidence that these home decorations were used for containing large quantities of oil and grain. The round shape of the classic vase design also suggests that they were made using a revolving pottery wheel, which allowed the circular shape to form. The first vase creation made from revolving wheels known was found in Mesopotamia which dates back to 3000 BC.


Evolution of Vases

Today vases are commonly used for decoration only and are available in diverse materials, such as wood, ceramics, glass, and metals like aluminum, bronze, bronze, etc. Wooden vases are usually made from carved blocks or rot resisting tree species such as teak. From pebbles to crystals thanks to Pinterest hacks, vases are decorated and filled with more than just flowers. Over the years dried stems have also become a popular home decor accessory that is often paired with these accents.

Different sizes and types of vases are paired with these varied fillers for accentuating the look of both elements. Vases generally have a similar shape in which usually only their base and foot are a little different and maybe flat, bulbous, or carinate, or any other shape. Its body forms the dominant portion of the accessory. Some designs may include a shoulder, with inward or outward curves, others may include abstract design. The influence of art throughout history is evident in the evolution of the design of these home decor accessories. And different cultures designed and used them differently!


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