We all use drink coasters in our daily routines, but have you ever wondered what led to the invention of these tableware accessories. In the last couple of years, coasters have become an essential part of our table and hosting etiquette. From morning coffee to weekend beer and the glasses of chardonnay during formal dinners, all these beverages stand beautifully on these serving accessories. In this blog, we will be looking at the history of these essential drink serveware accessories. 


What are coasters? 

A coaster aka drink coaster (beer mat, or beverage coaster) is a tableware accessory used for resting drinks upon. Coasters add a layer between the surface of the table and the glass/mug protecting the exterior of the table and other surfaces from getting damaged because of varying temperatures. Coasters are also placed on top of drinks to indicate that the person is not yet finished with the beverage or to simply prevent contamination (usually from germs, dust, or insects).

Coasters are great for stopping hot drinks from burning the furniture as well as preventing water-marks from cold drinks. The creative coaster designs have also inspired modern homeowners to assemble a set and use it as a tray for displaying hot serving utensils on the dining table.

Most pubs and restaurants have paper or cardboard beer mats spread out across the tables. Paper coasters absorb the condensation dripping along the glasses keeping the surfaces dry. These paper beer mats may include drink names or alcohol brand names and slogans. The first-ever drink coasters were also argued to have been designed for decanters and wine bottles, for the purpose of sliding the bottles around the dining table when the servants were retired. These home decor items were quite commonly used around 1760. Early coasters designs also took the form of shallow trays or wooden serving dishes and plates in the modern world.


History of Drink Coasters 

Although the true inventor of these tableware essentials is hard to trace, the recorded invention is believed to have happened in Germany at a print shop named Friedrich Horn. The shop started making the first “beer mats” in 1880 from cardboard.

New coaster designs were being made all across Germany, most notably in Dresden, an artsy town in the country. In 1893 Robert Sputh patented bierdeckels (a type of beer mat) made from wood pulp, designed and cut in square and round shapes. Soon drink coasters were found in every bar, alehouse, pub, and restaurant in Germany in the 19th century and slowly made their way in the rest of the world. In 1920, Watney brewery introduced these tableware accessories to the United Kingdom and advertised their pale ale. Since then these home decor products have been made in dozens of different materials and experimental designs.

Saucers were and are mainly used for a similar purpose in western culture. During Victorian times it became customary to drink and serve tea with a complete set of a cup and saucer. By the mid-twenties drink coasters were available everywhere and were manufactured in every material and style. Although it hasn't been long since coasters became a part of our domestic daily routines and hosting customs, one cannot deny the functionality of these home decor products. 

Today, drink coasters can be found in every home. Currently, resin coasters are very popular in the market but the timelessness of wood remains a preferred choice for a lot of homeowners. People are also opting for marble Coasters for their durability and easy maintenance requirements.


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