7 Must-Have Additions to Dress up your Dining Table 

Dining tables were designed for what is truly important in our lives – food, family bonding, and fun! Be it festive gatherings or your daily meals, sharing the simplest food with your family with lavish tableware accessories can add a special vibe to your dinner.

The last two years in lockdown have given us enough practice on how to host the most amazing house parties, where we have experimented with all the classic cocktails and recipes to entertain our guests in the most lavish fashion. So, as the days are getting warmer, book your weekends with some delectable dinner-ins and fun cocktail parties with friends and fams with fabulous food, some good tipples, and gorgeously laid-out tables. 

Here, we have listed some tableware accessories that will help your spruce up your serving style and make your dining experience more convenient. The functional serving accessories in this list takes both aspects, pre-party decoration, as well as post-celebration mess into consideration, which will help minimize the work of the hosts.

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7 Must-Have Tableware Accessories for Dressing up your Dining Table

Lazy Susan: For a convenient Dining Experience

Lazy Susan Turntables were designed in 18 century for making the dining experience more convenient for all guests. Featuring a rotating feature these turntables allow everyone at the table to reach for a dish or platter displayed on it at any time. Apart from their functional purpose wooden lady Susan online also add aesthetic beauty to the arrangement while maximizing the space on your dining table.

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Spoon Rests: To avoid Curry Stain

On a table covered with food between a couple of serving spoons and a set of knives, forks, and spoons for each guest, there are always times, when you don’t have any space for holding your used cutlery and in times like these people often keep it on the table surface which can leave a stain. To avoid such issues, dress up your tables with designer spoon rests online. Even if you don’t need space for keeping your cutlery, you will need a space for holding your serving spoons, so invest in some handmade marble spoon rests from our home decor online store to keep your tables nice & clean.      


Caddy/ Cutlery Stand: For Organizing Sauces and Cutlery 

From organizing your favorite sauces and spices to holding your cutlery, a wooden caddy can be used in a variety of creative and functional ways for dressing up your dining table. You can buy cutlery stands online in a wide variety of colors, designs, and shapes. Explore our home decor India store to buy sustainable wooden cutlery holders online.


Tissue Holder: For Cleaning all Accidental Spills

We all love parties but dread the post-party cleaning errands. With more people, there is always a higher risk of greater chaos unfolding. Plus with so many platters and drinks laid out in the open, you can never guarantee that nothing will spill or break. So, it's best that you stay prepared and clean when it happens. Layout tissue holders on all your counters and tables so that people can reach them in case of such accidental spills! Restock all tables with tissues in between to ensure that everything stays clean. You can buy multifunctional tissue holders online at our home decor India store that come with an attached caddy that can be used for organizing tissues and cocktail mixes & mixers together.


Napkin Rings: For Hosting Formal Dinners 

Sometimes, it’s okay to dress up and make your dinners extra fancy with a restaurant-style formal tablescape. Napkin rings are available in a wide variety of festive designs like turkey for Thanksgiving, Reindeer for Christmas which you can use to add a festive touch to your family dinner. Clothes napkins beautifully wrapped in a napkin ring will also give your table arrangement a lavish appeal. Plus napkins are easy-to-clean, reusable, and good for the environment so we definitely recommend you order a few pieces of napkins and napkin rings online.


Coasters: For your Drinks

Drink coasters are a must-have tableware accessory that not only accentuates your beverages but also protects your furniture from water stains and scratches. Available in a plethora of designs, you can buy them in sustainable materials like wood, metal, and marble on our website. From geometrical shapes to scripted design and traditional patterns, we have a coaster set to suit your table aesthetic.

Table Decoration Hack: A set of hexagon or square-shaped coasters can be joined together on the table and used as a trivet for holding hot pans and dishes. This is a simple hack that will also make these table accessories multifunctional in the space. 


Cake Stands: For Serving Delicious Desserts

Baking takes a lot of time; and often times after a feast people tend to ignore the sweet goodness of the dessert on the table. So, for all your upcoming dinner plans and house parties, redirect the attention of your guests to your desserts by creating a welcoming platter for the sweets using a cake stand. We have a beautiful range of cake stands that will help you create the most inviting server for your sweet offerings - be it desi ladoos or donuts. You can buy cake stands online from our store in different designs to match your tableware for creating a well-coordinated tablescape. The cake stand can be used for displaying muffins, cookies, candies, cakes, Indian desserts, etc. Even if you serving desserts in small bowls, you can display them on the cake stand to draw more attention to the food. Apart from sweets, cake stands can also be used as a stage for highlighting the main dishes like turkeys on thanksgiving or rotisserie chicken during Christmas.   

Note: All Casa Decor serving and tableware accessories are handmade using food-grade sustainable raw materials that ensure the safety of your food and health. 

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