How to Select the Right Interior Designer for your Home?

If you are planning on remodeling your home decor or considering building a new place hiring a professional interior designer can turn out to be a great help in functionally shaping your soon-to-be-home and reflecting your style in it in a visually pleasing manner. However, with the number of home designing companies and designers, it can be quite overwhelming for a homeowner to find the one who can bring their vision into reality while staying within their budget. 

With sources like Instagram and Pinterest where you can save and create design home decoration boards online, you might think you can be your own interior designer. But it’s much more complex than what you see on Pinterest. Imitating a simple home decor design on Pinterest can be very challenging. A lot of people end up burning double-triple the money that it would have required to get the same look, when they try to design their own homes. 

Good interior designers not only style your space, but they also help you save money and time while decorating your space and can even help you get discounts from their network of home decor online and offline stores. So, if you are looking or were confused about hiring an interior designer, you are making the right choice. Here are some factors that you should consider while choosing the right professional for decorating your home. 

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6 Things to Consider before hiring an Interior Designer 

  1. Set a Budget

The first thing you should consider before you even start looking for a home designer is to set a budget. Setting a budget helps prevent over-spending, and also allows you to give a specific figure to the designing expert based on which you can discuss how much you are willing to loosen up. 

Note that the fees of interior designers can be quite expensive especially the experienced ones and most of them, charge according to the room. So, make sure to consider this while discussing your budget with the designer. If you are low on budget, you can seek an experienced professional’s help for designing your living room and the dining area, as these are the spaces which would be seen by the guests. As for the other areas, you can experiment with new people.   


  1. Discuss the Process

An important factor to consider while short-listing a home designer is to understand the process of how he/she plans on achieving your desired look. Good interior designers will carefully take all your inputs and create drawings, visual representation, and mood-boards of the final outcome. Instead of forcing trends on you, they will bring your style into the spotlight, which you will see in these drafts. 

Also, if you believe in Indian Vastu or Feng Shui, make sure to discuss this with the interior designers so that they can shortlist the items and changes to attain the desired aesthetics according to the Vastu and Feng Shui principles. In home decor India scene even if people do hire a designer homeowners tend to either not give any inputs, or list to many things that often cause hindrance. Use this process to listen to the professional while expressing your preferences.  


  1. Go through their Portfolio

Once you have shortlisted some interior designers based on the budget and proposed drawings, it’s time to go through their portfolios. The portfolios consist of the end-result of their previous work and design capability which you can evaluate to see if they fit into your style. If you have a particular theme in my mind, it is better to hire a professional who has some creditability. You can use portfolios to see if a designer has worked on your desired style before or not and compare the final outcome with your vision. 

Seeing past work will help you decide if the taste and aesthetic sense of the interior designers matches with you or not. 


  1. Timeline

Timeline is an important factor you should discuss with the interior designer, especially if you are in a rush. Usually, this timeline includes all miscellaneous reasons that could cause unforeseen delays like delays from vendors, unavailability of the vendors, etc. So, usually, the place gets ready if not before then by the set date in the timeline. Make sure that you give your interior designer a specific date while finalizing the timelines for the project. 


  1. Know their Tie-Ups

Most experienced and skilled interior designers are popular in the market amongst customers as well as designer home decor stores. And hence, have tie-ups with several offline and online stores that sell interior-related goods. And one of the benefits of hiring an interior designer apart from getting a beautiful home design is that they can use their connections at these stores to help you get great deals and good rates, - reducing the sourcing costs significantly.

You can question the home designers about their connections before hiring them, as it has become an industry protocol. So, don’t be shy, building a home can be very expensive so save money where you can. 


  1. Check their Reviews

The last, and the most important step before hiring an interior designer or a home design company is to check their reviews on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Unlike portfolios, reviews not only give you an idea about their design capability but also lets you know about their team’s attitude and work ethic, which is very important when you trying to get a project ready on time. Reviews will also alleviate any doubts that you might have about the interior designer after going through all the above-mentioned factors.


Hope this blog can help your hire the perfect interior designer for decorating your home decor –make sure to consider all these factors religiously and don’t forget to save some extra bucks using your home designer’s connections. 

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How to Select the Right Interior Designer for your Home? – Casa Decor

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How to Select the Right Interior Designer for your Home? – Casa Decor

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How to Select the Right Interior Designer for your Home? – Casa Decor

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How to Select the Right Interior Designer for your Home? – Casa Decor

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