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6 Home Decor Ideas For Designing Ultra-Modern Households

6 Home Decor Ideas For Designing Ultra-Modern Households

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6 Home Decor Ideas for designing Ultra-modern households

Adding wooden elements in your decor is one of the finest and simplest ways to level up your home decoration game. Some of the best carvings and patterns are made of wooden elements. Wood can be used in several ways in a household and will speak volumes about your fine taste. You can add a touch of wood to your dining area with wooden cutlery organizers, fancy fruit bowls, trivets with interesting patterns or carvings to stage your dishes, and more. Objects like wooden world globe, woody marble photo frames, handcrafted box sets, and wooden candle stands can add charming simplicity to your living area. When thoughtfully picked and placed, the final results will make you say “touch wood”!

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Let the space mirror you

Mirrors can enhance the look of entire interiors when you systematically place them. Mirror decor adds a luxurious and regal look. Mirrors have the power to visually transform a household space and give it a thematic look, be it boho, contemporary, bold, or minimal. In addition to making a space look bigger and brighter, mirrors can also be used to camouflage imperfections. If you are in love with cozy and glowy vibes, you can choose mirrors of different sizes and detailing that reflect the vibrant walls of your household.

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Go classy with coasters

Coasters are yet another tiny yet charming element that can add an ultra-modern look to your space. Be it a dining table or a coffee table, it is incomplete without having coasters. Coasters are no more a necessity but have become an integral part of table decor. Choose from a wide variety of handmade coasters available in quirky shapes, sizes, designs, and carvings on our home decor India store. Handmade wooden and embellished coasters are currently the coolest picks out there. There are abundant options to suit your taste and style.

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Light up with luxury

Perfect lighting is what elevates the look of your interiors like nothing else. Lighting can enhance the beauty of your space. Candle stands, lamps, and chandeliers add great detailing to decor and enliven a space. You can even pick tea light holders, indoor lanterns, or fairy lights according to the mood and vibe you want to create.

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Let your walls do the talking

Wall decor is an amazing way of jazzing up the interiors. Based on your taste, you can experiment and go for bold wall art or vibrant floral and classic pieces. You can also hang signs and phrases that go with your mood or the setting of a particular space in your household. Plain walls are the best place for putting up family collages, and displaying happy memories. Hanging plants, sculptural pendant lights, and baskets are easy ways to make your walls ‘speak’!

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Bring in the marvels of marble

Marble is making its way back to home decor trends. Marble accessories give a magnificent feel and can be used in myriad ways to add an exotic look to your space. Using it in flooring and stairs has been the traditional approach. Now it's time to take a smarter step ahead. Marble artifacts, plant holders, cake stands, wine chillers, and marble trays for serving desserts, are some of the interesting ways of using marble in your ultra-modern household.

Indulging in home decor is an exciting journey for those who love to keep up with the times. Elevate your modern home into an ultra-modern haven with these home decor essentials from and your guests won’t be able to stop admiring your style!

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