When you buy your own house, you basically sign-up to become obsessed with aesthetic home decor trends! Just like with fashion, you want to make an impression and dress up your home with latest styles.  

So, when it comes to reading magazines or late-night internet scrolling, there are few things that are guaranteed to catch a homeowner’s eye. Topping this list are beautiful families showing off their equally beautiful homes with a farmhouse interior and a countryside view.

From sustainable accessories and organic kitchen to subtle tones to antique showpiece for home decor with their rustic vibe – these are just some of the things that prevent farmhouse interior from going out of style. Interior designers also love this aesthetic for its natural attributes and homeowners can’t get enough of the visual appeal it creates. 

Maybe it’s because we look for nostalgia in our modern homes, or want to live in a farmhouse, or maybe it’s your small hometown upbringings that piques your interest in this aesthetic. From celebrities to modern city lads – everyone likes to add some, if not all elements of farmhouse design into their home. 

So, if you are also lost in the visual trance of this design, then we have some home decor styles that you can try, without going too far away from favorite aesthetic. 

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If you follow interior designing pages on Instagram you must have already heard of these three terms "rustic," "primitive," and "country.” All these terms are often interchangeably used; even for describing farmhouse design at times. While these three words overlap considerably in meaning, they are definitely not the same, however, they are closely related to the home decor design you like. 

Read this blog to learn more about them and include them in your home décor. 


3 Home Decor Design Styles you will like if you are obsessed with Farmhouse Aesthetic 

  1. Primitive Decor

The word itself means the first or the earliest of its kind, so think of trends that are natural and inspired by nature. 

Some Characteristics of Primitive Home Design:

  1. Can be defined as Simple, Crude, or Unrefined
  2. Might include art Made by Primitive Artists
  3. Includes old-age elements of history

In the home decorating world, the definition of these interior designing terms is quite subtle but the design elements retain the gist of the formal description. 

Just like Farmhouse decor, the primitive decor also leans towards handmade home accessories and furniture. Secondly, pieces in this decor are made by people without any formal training; hence the free creative craftsmanship makes each piece unique. And thirdly, most primitive items are utilitarian: dishware, tools, furniture, and cooking accessories are all considered primitive. Hence, the function is the main priority. 

And lastly, most items in this decor design are old enough to qualify as antiques, sculptures, and artifacts, among other family heirlooms are the main source of decoration in this interior set-up. 

This interior design is focused on age, practical purpose, and lack of pretense in primitive items, whether household goods or furniture, that gives them a well-worn, distressed and simple appearance, which is not particularly an intentional design. More than an interior style; Primitive decor is a description of aged accessories and a production method.


  1. Rustic Decor

Some Characteristics of Rustic Home Design:

  1. Resembles Vintage Decor and Country Designs
  2. The majority of Furniture found in this Home Styles are made from Wood and also consist of Tree Bark
  3. Include a lot of Rough and Irregular Surfaces

Rustic is also used as a term for describing the finish. In the home designing world, the word rustic is tied to nature: it refers to natural materials and furnishings that have an unrefined or a fairly raw finish. 

A rustic piece of home accessory or furniture usually features a weathered or a distressed look, and colors that are often found in nature. Covered in sylvan, a home designed with a rustic decor aesthetic has a sense of old-fashioned comfort and casual vibe that is similar to farmhouse aesthetic, but its elements are much more vintage them the latter. 

The accessories in a Rustic Decor do not necessarily have to be old and handmade. While a rustic interior involves both these characteristics, it is not required. It’s a genre of its own. In fact, you can buy a rustic furniture set that is produced recently in a factory but is designed to look aged and worn. And this is the key difference between primitive and rustic. Most farmhouse decor elements are also made in the factory, using the latest technology, just like Rustic interiors. Rustic home design style encompasses an old-fashioned, unpretentious, well-worn, and well-loved appearance that exudes warmth and a comforting feel that invites guests to sit and stay. 



  1. Country Decor

Some Characteristics of Country Home Design:

  1. Known to have a Rural Aesthetic
  2. Include Unfinished and Unsophisticated Home Decor Elements
  3. Imitates Designs found in Particular Countryside or Area

In the home decorating world, “country” is used for describing a variety of home decor styles: lodge, cottage, French country, coastal home decor, and American country can all come under its umbrella. 

The casual vibe is the common core of all these decor designs. They all emphasize, on natural colors, organic materials that are normally in a weathered or unfinished state, and most of all, a simple welcoming appearance that brings the warmth of nature in home. Country-style furniture may include elements of both primitive and rustic furnishings. The border between rustic home aesthetic and country decor is quite blurred even in the eyes of interior designers. The main difference is however that a country palette includes a much wider array of colors in comparison to the rustic palette that is confined to muted shades and earthy tones. 

Rustic furniture is often made from red and warm-toned woods, while country features a bit of beige because of the heavy use of oak. 


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