Being the seasoned host of the group and a culinary connoisseur, it's natural for you to put in extra effort to delight your guests with mouthwatering food and tasty treats served in equally tasteful quality dinnerware and serving accessories. And serving food with finesse that requires its own dedication!

Bowls being an unquestionably essential part of every kitchen – you can never have too many of these multifunctional accessories in your gastronomic zone. Apart from serving, decorative bowls also double-up as aesthetic home decor accessories.

From breakfast cereal to healthy salad, tasty snacks, and munching delicacies, bowls are a significant part of our routine. From prepping, mixing, to preserving and serving, wooden and metal bowls, come in handy in a lot of ways. Thankfully, the markets are flooding with artful and functional designs of these kitchenware accessories, so there is definitely no shortage of options. Right from the variety of shapes, materials, and sizes, your perfect bowl is already available on Casa Decor Online Store to fulfill your need.

At Casa Decor, we believe in sustainable and eco-friendly living. Therefore, we have crafted a range of organic bowls that will upgrade your serving style and cooking zone. Our kitchenware collections are handcrafted by local artisans in sophisticated designs to live up to the diverse impeccable tastes of different homeowners. And, trust us, with conscious luxury being the talk of the town, there is no better time to invest in this trend and make your kitchens an eco-friendly haven.


Traditional is Always Timeless

Decorative bowls made of wood, ceramic, and metal should be a go-to thing in your kitchen. These eco-friendly utensils not only last for generations but are also healthier and much more visually aesthetic than their plastic substitutes.

While plastic serving accessories might seem affordable and colorful when you are purchasing them, their bad health effects and shorter lifespan make them a significantly worse investment, than spending a few bucks extra on eco-friendly kitchenware.

Wooden and metal serveware are not only sturdy, durable, and 100% food-safe but they also look visually aesthetic displayed on your table. So, if you are looking for color, explore ceramic bowls, for a royal touch buy metal bowls online, and for a rustic but classic look for sylvan bowls.

Etched and handcrafted in traditional designs that blend elegantly with modern and minimalistic trends the grandeur of our bowls can be seen as they sit proudly at the center or corner of your table or kitchen. Further, handcrafted wooden bowls also made great festive, corporate, anniversary and wedding gifts. Although in retrospect this kitchenware is pretty basic, but its uses and multi-functionality truly make it a must-have kitchen essential. Explore traditional bowls online in a world of varieties on Casa Decor.


Bowl Sets for Different Cooking Techniques

Getting the right taste while cooking requires you to use specific techniques, ingredients, and different types of utensils! So, it’s best for you to keep a stock of different kinds of bowls in your kitchen. While chili oil noodles need a ceramic bowl, Korean bibimbap is served in a wooden bowl, and cereal or anything juicy is best served in metal. There is a reason why you don’t serve soup or Carbonara in a mixing bowl! So, order a set of different types of bowls for every function right from baking to prepping to soup serving.  


Are you a salad person?

A salad person knows the importance of mixing salad bowls very well. The desire to experiment with different ingredients and satiate your craving in the healthiest possible way, in Casa Decor’s elegant salad bowls, is a great way for you to appreciate your creation and favorite flavors.

Have you wondered why wooden bowls are the best choice for salads? While you can definitely use bowls made from other materials for mixing a salad, usually once you wash the utensils, all the flavors from the last served goodies also go away with the wash. Wood tends to retain the flavors of previously cooked/served food which works wonders for this dish. The absorbed flavors from the wood add a subsequent smack to every batch of salad. However, this doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t be cleaning your salad bowls properly.


Our Recommendations:

  1. Blue Florence Bowl Set– With the goodness of Aluminium, these affordable handmade bowls make a decorative display for all your favorite snacks and delicacies.  
  2. Country Meadow Wooden Bowl Set– From decorating fresh fruits to tossing salads and serving snacks at a big gathering, these wooden bowls are handcrafted beautifully - which makes them perfect for daily use as well as festive celebrations.


Hosting Hack: For small servings always keep at least a bowl set of 12 pieces, so that you don’t have to mix and match while hosting a big gathering.


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