Whether you like flowers or not, we are sure you have at least one flower vase adorning the corners in your home. These age-old decoration accessories have been used by our ancestors for centuries and are common in all cultures. Today, we can buy vases online with a mere one click in any design or material – be it geometrical or handcrafted in metal or ceramic, we have a whole collection of these home decor items at our hands. 

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This popular antique showpiece for home decor has been used as a decorative element in our houses by everyone from our parents to their grandparents. Even if your look at the photographs of ancient civilization ruins around the world, you will see that they are all covered with vases. Have you ever wondered why our forefathers produced so many vases? Today, we have a lot of robust metal, ceramic, and plastic containers in our houses thanks to modern technology. But people in ancient times had no access to plastic, and manufacturing a metal vessel took days. The only raw materials that were readily available were ceramic, wood, fabric, stone, and weave baskets.

As a result, they naturally used these materials to store food, water, and other items. Wooden and basket-weave jars were also used at the time, but they were not as durable in comparison as they all decompose relatively faster. This led them to create vessels out of clay, eventually producing the vases we know today. They utilized them as both home decor accessories and storage containers. Ceramic vases were not only attractive as vessels, but they were also long-lasting. If you search ancient flower vases online you can still find a lot of these creations that have stood the test of time and are still in good condition.

Today, we are one search away from exploring their whole selection and one click away from buying a vase online. But now the majority uses them for decoration, when they can be used for a variety of purposes if we take inspiration from our forefathers.

Vases are also pretty affordable and you can find these home decor items under 1000 in a wide variety of designs.

These are some of the ways in which vases were used during ancient times: 

Like a Glass or a Pitcher 

Small vases were often used as cups or glasses in ancient times, while larger vases served as pitchers for pouring different beverages. Kylix and Kanthoros were vase-like cups used for drinking, were popular in ancient Greece. Oinochoe was a wine storage container that looked like a vase.

Storing Grains

Vases were also utilized for storing pulses and rice in Harappan culture. The civilization possessed a large number of ornate vases, which can be seen in various Indian museums.

Storing Water

Large vases were used for preserving water in ancient Egypt, Greece, and India. During droughts, these clay vases kept the stored water clean and cold for days.


Our forefathers, like us, were interested in house design and aesthetics and often accentuated their spaces with flower vases to display fresh flowers.


Modern Vases Online

As the years passed the way we decorated these aesthetic home decor accessories has also changed. Although the classic combination of vases plus flowers is timeless and unmatchable; today, markets are flooding with a huge variety of vase fillers that allow homeowners to experiment with different aesthetics. While meticulously designed ceramic and metal vases can be displayed alone, transparent glass vases can be decorated with potpourri, coins, pearls, seashells, candles, and string lights.

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Vases are without a doubt amongst the most versatile home decor accents that have only grown popular in the interior world because of the ongoing tradition of giving flowers. Be it birthday, anniversaries, or any special occasion, we have been buying bouquets for the hosts since the middle ages. This tradition makes a vase mandatory in every home that can fulfill the function of holding flowers as well as offer an aesthetic value. This is a reason why these home accessories also make great gift ideas for housewarming parties and festive celebrations. 


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