No matter how big a house is, when people start living in it and buying home decor products, it is prone to get cluttered. Even the best interior tips can’t stop you from shopping for the trending furniture and accents; when you see aesthetic home decor inspiration everywhere online. 

Regardless of the size of the home, we all seek for ways to maximize our space to make every room more spacious and welcoming. From the kitchen that’s always covered in boxes and kids' rooms where you can never have enough space to store all the toys to the living room where you keep adding a new antique showpiece for home decor every month or the dining table that is often covered with keys, coins, and bills – every room can use extra storage and a little organizing in our homes. 

So, if you have been pondering – how to fit more things into your cramped-up bathroom cabinets or your work desk, here are some home decor tips and home decoration accessories that will help you create more storage space in your home. 

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6 Home Decor Tips for Maximizing Space in Different Rooms

  1. Opening up your Entryway

The first place people see when they enter your home is your entryway, so you must design its interior decor functionally and efficiently. 

If your home has a no-shoe policy, maximize this area by introducing a bench or a small chair whatever your space allows, to remove and wear shoes. You can also add a shoe rack here to keep all the footwear in an organized way. 

For making your entryway more functional and ensuring that your furniture surface remains empty add a bowl on the entryway table to store all the change, and install some wall hooks for hanging all the knick-knacks like keys, bags, hats, and umbrellas. You can add a mirror on the wall to add a decorative element here and look your best whenever you step out. Mirror will also reflect light that will brighten up your home decor. 


  1. Make more Space in your kitchen 

One can never have enough storage space in the kitchen. Your cooking space is the busiest room in your entire home. So, it should be designed with functional, inviting and fun accessories that can make cooking fun and entertaining guests your hobby. Introducing vertical storage shelving and using drawer organizers for food storage containers is an effective way of maximizing space in the kitchen. Several home decor online stores sell multifunctional kitchen accessories which can be used for both organizing and serving food. Use these pieces to make your kitchen more functional. Maximize space with tiered baskets, trolleys, wall shelves, etc. Don’t forget to use wall hooks for hanging aprons, mugs, and other accessories. For keeping your counters empty you can also install overhead pan storage units. 

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  1. Bathroom Essentials 

The first room you enter in the morning and the last you use before going to bed – that is filled with all your beauty and oral hygiene products – often has the worst storage space. 

You can maximize the space in your bathroom by installing open shelving and cabinets by assessing who uses what in the bathroom. For shared bathrooms you can utilize open or closed shelving under the sink and store all the electrical beauty appliances in it. For soaps and washes, add a basket next to the sink or in the shower. You can create a cabinet and use its drawers for storing makeup, combs, jewelry, etc. If you have a dressing table in your bathroom, you can keep a trinket tray on it to keep your home decor pretty and every room organized


  1. Public Rooms also need Some Storage Space

Have you ever noticed how the entertainment areas in your home like the living room and dining area get the messiest regularly? Naturally, these rooms witness most traffic, from family and friends dropping over, to you sprawling on the couch to a watch series. 

Be it a family movie night or a midnight snack, the coffee and dining tables are always covered with empty utensils or snack boxes. 

When the home decor in this room should always be on-point because you never know when a guest might arrive. Maximize the sitting space in this area to accommodate more people with multifunctional furniture like foldable beds, ottomans, or introduce chairs with side holders and coffee tables with drawers and doors below for storing snack boxes or other gaming tools. Incorporate more hidden spaces in these busy rooms, for keeping them nice and clean. 

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  1. Turn your Kids Room into a Multi-Functional Space

Whether you have a newborn or a 3-year-old or a teenager, your child’s room should reflect their age, dream, hobbies, and interests so that it can be truly utilized for playing, studying, and daydreaming! Divide the room into different zones dedicated to playing, sleeping, and doing homework. Maximize the storage space in their room, by introducing study tables with drawers and cabinets to store all their academic study material and an open shelf for displaying their favorite book, to develop an interest for reading in their heart. 

Don’t forget to add a bulletin board for keeping them on track with their assignments, and other organizing accessories like trolleys, multifunctional baskets to keep their toys organized, and their space free of clutter. You can explore a variety of desk organizing accessories on our home decor online store at Casa Decor.


  1. Turn your Bedroom into your Oasis 

Everything in the bedroom from home decor accents to furniture and pillow cover should be of the person’s choice that is going to sleep there. This space should be your refuge from the outside world. 

However, sometimes we might get overboard and personalize it too much that we can’t even navigate in the room. If you like plants don’t grow the whole garden in your bedroom, just add an air-purifying plant near the window. Consider your routine and lifestyle while designing your bedroom; you want it to be organized and functional. 

Maximize your bedroom storage space using wall shelves to display your collectible, install board hooks for hanging scarves and hats and use bed storage cabinets for storing clothes. Use closet organizers to make more storage for your clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. 


These home decor tips will help you maximize the storage space in your homes without demanding a major renovation. So, use these interior designing hacks and our multi-utility home decor products to make your space more spacious and organized. 

Home Decor Style Tip: The storage space of a home instantly increases when you organize it – so, organize it frequently.  

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