Most of us spend majority of our time at our work desks. And between work, lunch and meetings, things can feel very boring. The office decor can be quite dull, so, why not use decor accents for sprucing up the tiny cabins or tables of the office?

While you can pair an artful wall art with an antique showpiece for your home decor makeover, decorating an office can be bit more complicated. You can personalize this formal space with functional home decor accessories or colorful coordinates that can help you work more efficiently while making your desk look more aesthetic.  

After all, you are spending more time in your office anyway. Obviously, by decorating your workspace, we don’t recommend giving it a full-on makeover, because it’s still a professional space. So, in this blog, we have listed some small, creative decor elements that will make your workspace feel a little bit more personal.

Here are a few functional and professional decor accents you can start with:

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  1. Desk Organizers and Letter Sorters

An organized desk automatically looks more aesthetic. And we all would agree that finding an object on an organized work desk is easier and also helps you work faster during deadlines. You can buy industrial-style stationery sorters and letter sorters on Casa Decor for arranging the small devices, notes, letters, and documents on your desk. These desk organizing decor accessories come in handy when looking for a pen, specific pen drive, or a stapler. 


  1. Use Colorful Note Holders

Instead of sticking sticky-notes all over the computer, or your cubicle wall, use colorful sticky-note holders for keeping the memos close by. You can use colorful cards and note-holders to add a hint of color and a decorative element to your desks. You also write daily quotes or motivational words on notes and keep them on these holders for staying focused and determined. You can find these function decor accessories at any home decor store online. 


  1. Use Natural Greens

Plants are very popular right now, and you will see them in offices as well as homes. Using some greenery in your space is the easiest way for brightening up your desk. The plant will make you eager to go to the office and will also give you a sense of accomplishment. You can invest in succulents or any other form of indoor plants, and display them on your desk or a plant stand near your desk. A lot of plants purify the air, so, you can consider them or try low-maintenance plants that can survive even if you take a week-long vacation. 


  1. Decorate your Boards

Instead of keeping the cubicle boards all business, add some color and art to it; for giving it a touch of your personality. Based on your interests you can use images, cut-outs, scripted decor accents, etc., to fill in the whiteboards on or near your work-desk. Instead of using glue use pins for attaching these elements for it would be easier to remove and replace them. 


  1. Use Sculptures and Decor Accents

Nobody said you can’t display a sculpture on your desk. Explore our wide collection of animal sculptures and abstract pieces to introduce some glam on your office surfaces. You can also use these accents as a paperweight on your documents. However, avoid colorful pieces and opt for plain gold and silver. 


  1. Use Decorative Bookends for Arranging Files

No matter the profile, the majority of desk jobs include a lot of files and paperwork, which is one of the reasons, why employee desks always look messy. Well, we have the perfect solution for this. Just like you use bookends in your study, you can display them on your desk for arranging your files. Casa Decor has a wide collection of quirky bookends that will instill a stylish vibe on your work table. These decor accents can be used for organizing endless amounts of paperwork and will look pretty while managing your files. 


  1. Shop for a New Mug

Whether you drink tea, coffee, or hot water, a mug is a permanent accessory on your desk. In most cases, we don’t put too much thought into our office mug and just use what the company provides us, which also tends to be very basic and boring. Upgrade your white or black mug with the company logo, with a personalized mug with your name on it, or any other design that fits your style and personality. 


Use these aesthetic home decor hacks for making your workplace more functional and fun! Also, let us know which one of these hacks you are eager to try. 

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