You can’t commit a bigger home decor sin, than investing in a beautiful home and leaving its walls empty and blank. Decorating home with art can be confusing and tricky, especially if you are not interested in it. Further, the price tags of paintings and other artworks can also scare you off before you even begin properly exploring your options in stores or home decor online websites. 

So before you give up after checking out the first art piece and decide to keep your walls rather empty, go through these art decoration do’s and don’ts, to save your time and money. 



  1. Use Photographs

Use the walls in your hallway as a showcase for your favorite photographs. You can hang big black and white family portraits in the entryway to give your home decor a timeless feel or use holiday photographs with scenic beauty to add a burst of color to your walls. When it comes to home decor India, incorporating your own images in your decor has become quite popular in the last decade. You can further accentuate these photos by using designer aesthetic frames. 


  1. Add Character to Every Room with an Art Piece

If you have big rooms, and a lot of empty walls in your home consider hanging an art piece in each room. You can explore home decor websites online or local artists on social media, to get unique pieces at an affordable price. Select pieces based on your home decor theme, as well as the character of the room. Like a scenery for the bathroom, imitation of a diner setting in the dining room, and an abstract piece in the living room. 


  1. Use Two Hooks 

Painting and even a big photograph frame can be quite hefty so make sure that you use picture-hanging hooks instead of random nails and screws. If you are buying a frame online, make sure that it comes with screws as you might not be able to find the right size in the market. Also, make sure to use two hooks for each piece to ensure that they remain at the adjusted level. 


  1. Use Mock Placements before Drilling the Wall 

Whether you are creating a cluster of art on the wall or hanging only one painting. Make sure to stick similar-sized paper as the pieces on the wall to see how it will look like a unit or individually. 


  1. Plan in Advance

Have a rough idea of the size you want as well as design while shopping in order to make it a successful spree. Avoid making impulse purchase as it will mess up with your previous arrangement. Try to find pieces that will highlight your interior seamlessly and can complement the whole setting. 


  1. Try the Laid Back Look

Experiment with the Instagram-approved laid-back look, in which don’t hang the painting, instead you just let the artwork lean against a wall on a mantle or console table. This is a very trendy look that also allows you to layer the piece with several other accents like plants and sculptures to create a striking display.



  1. Don’t go over the budget

Unlike popular beautiful paintings, art doesn't always have to be super expensive. You can get in touch with a lot of local artists online to create custom pieces at a very feasible price. When it comes to home decor India, local artists often sell their work at a very low because of the exploitation in the industry, so I definitely suggest you go into local markets and galleries to find local art. 


  1. Don’t hang the Artwork too high

The painting should always be hanged at eye level. If you are doing a grouping of several works make sure that the center point is at eye level. People often make the mistake of hanging the big frame too high, which often ruins the look of the room as well as the work. 


  1. Never hang tiny pieces on Big Walls

If you end-up finding a beautiful piece that is rather small, you can always increase its size by putting it in a large mat frame with intricate design, to take away the focus from its size. 


  1. Never hang a Painting or Photograph by Yourself 

The process of hanging any artwork on the wall requires a minimum of two people. One can hold the piece in place while the other is responsible for making sure that the placement is correct. Don’t commit another home decor sin by hanging a tilted art. 


  1. Don’t Hang Pieces further than 2 Inches 

Make sure to leave approximately two inches (or less) of space on all sides, if you are hanging multiple pieces together. You can also browse through interior design boards on Pinterest to take inspiration on hanging multiple pieces together. But avoid hanging them too far apart as it can create an awkward and unappealing distance. 


  1. Don’t Hang Similar Pieces Together

You must have seen on the internet how interior designers mix the sizes of the painting to create an uneven display. This helps accentuate the home decor, and also makes space look larger. Home decor experts are against displaying similar sized artworks together – The same rule also applies to similar frames as the focus is diverted. Mixing sizes and designs allow each piece to shine which automatically balances the room’s visual.


Implement these home decor tips for avoiding art blunders and beautifully decorating your walls!

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