Designing a kid’s room can be overwhelming; you want to make it fun and colorful but also create a learning environment. You can’t fill it in with expensive excellence of artifacts on the websites of home decor online. You have to put in a lot thought while selecting each home decor accessory for decorating kids room, especially if they are below the age of 10, then you have to ensure that every product is baby proof.

Most kids spend the majority of their time in their rooms, especially right now during Quarantine, sleeping, playing, learning, and indulging in all kinds of mischievous activities. This makes it important that their space reflects their cute little quirky personalities.

The interior design of a kid’s room should contain all the essentials and also have a creative flair that can help in igniting their imagination.

We have listed a few home decor tips that will help you decorate a cool space for your kids that might even help you earn a ‘Best Father/ Mother’ trophy.


  1. Room Interior Design Inspiration: Choose what your kids like

You must include your kid’s style and interest in the home decor while designing their space. This will encourage them and improve their cognitive mind in a healthy and playful manner.

You can use wallpapers designs, of their favorite cartoons or comics for designing their walls or include educational charts for helping them learn while they play in their room, igniting their curiosity.


  1. Include a Study Table

Encourage your kids to be organized early on, by including a small study table in their room, where they can complete their homework, as well as have fun play dates with their toys. Encourage them to explore their creative skills in this section, by engaging in painting, etc.

Select a table with multiple drawers and optimize them for storing different card games and toys, make your children keep them properly every time they play with them so that they can learn the value of organizing effortlessly. You can also explore our home decor online collection and order our wooden cart trolley for arranging their superhero collection or stuffed toys.


  1. Animals

All kids love and are fascinated by animals, so why not decorate their rooms with their favorite animals. Now the obvious choice is stuffed toys, but you can also include artifacts, decorative accents as well sculptures of animals in their room; just make sure that they are out of their reach. You can buy metal or aluminum animal figurines but make sure to purchase it from a good market of home decor India so that its finishing is smooth and will not hurt the kids. You can explore our home decor online store to order different jungle safari inspired interior decoration for your home. 


  1. Kid’s Room Interior: Must-Haves

Gone are the days when pink was connoted with girls and blue with boys. Let your kids choose what color they want their room to be. If your kid is too young to choose go for neutrals or pastels. He/she will end up coloring the walls in their masterpieces anyway.

Dedicate a wall in your children's room, hanging a series of photos of them growing up. We have a beautiful collection of photo frames that you can order online. This hack will help create a space where they will feel loved and adored.

Other essentials in a kid’s room include an obligatory bed, a comfy chair, and a compulsory organizing unit for their toys.


  1. Lampshades

Are you training your kids to become comfortable with sleeping alone? When it comes to home decor India, most parents sleep with their kids until they are of the age 3 or 4 years old. Because of the change, the kids might feel scared to sleep in complete darkness alone. So, add a bedside lamp by their side which they can either keep on throughout the night or turn on whenever they feel scared.  One doesn’t really think about the significance of an extra lamp in a kid’s room until they think about it from their perspective. You can order these lighting options from our home decor online store at


Last but not the least, you can also add the Initial of your kid's name inside or outside the room, and see them flex it the next time their friends visit your home.

Hope these home decor tips will help you decorate a cool space for your kids that will make them love you even more!


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