Most of us use drink coasters in our homes; if you don’t we are sure you have an aunt or a friend who makes a big fuss about using coasters at their home. Have you wondered why everyone is making a case for using these small home decor items so passionately? Well, they are definitely on to something! Despite their small size, and debatable use, coasters do a lot more than you think to protect your table surfaces, especially if they are made from marble, stone, or wood. 

So, next time when you are at a party, be a sport and put that coaster under your drink when you see one. We also advise you to keep a set handy on every table in your home!


Why do you need coasters?

Drink coasters help prevent water rings and stains from forming on your tables. This happens with all cold drinks like soda, beer, water, or juice. These water rings appear due to the condensation. If the temperature of the beverage is lower than the dew point, the water condenses as moisture on the surface of your bottle, mug, or glass – that gets all drippy and often leaves a puddle underneath!

Apart from protecting your furniture from water rings, coasters also prevent your cups and glasses from nicking and scratching your tables. While certain materials of cups and glasses tend to leave small scratches, tabletops with glass and marble finish are also prone to developing scratches easily – especially, if you are moving the drinks around a lot.

With this in mind, it makes sense that people use and want their guests to use these functional tabletop accessories on their furniture. Furniture like dining tables, coffee tables, etc., can be very expensive, so it makes sense that you would protect it from blemishes. Not to forget that handmade coasters are available in beautiful designs that actually helps accentuate your tabletops.


What Happens to your Furniture when you don’t use a Coaster under your Drink?

Serving your drinks without coasters can cause your furniture surface to get stained, dented discolored, or scratched. If these drinks remain forgotten for elongated periods, the damage can only get worse, as the stains will become more stubborn. The last thing you would want is to destroy your or someone else’s furniture or dining table. It takes one second to put a coaster under your cold beverages, so don’t be lazy!

Home Decor Style Tip: Even while buying coasters online make sure to order coaster sets with silicon padding below them, as sometimes textured pieces can also scratch your tabletop surface.


What makes coasters essential? 

Now, that we have explained the obvious staining caused due to direct contact of cold drinks on the surface, let's discuss the impact of a hot drink on the furniture. Hot beverages like tea and coffee can cause some permanent damage to your furniture if you don't use any shield between the steaming hot glass/mug and the surface. Plus, since coasters have become a part of serving and table etiquette, it's only natural you see them everywhere inside and outside of your home.

In restaurants, cafes, and bars, coasters are used for multiple purposes. The obvious ones are mentioned above. And another is that they are used as an indicator to the waiter that the customer hasn't yet finished his/her drink. If you leave your drink and cover it with a coaster, your waiter will not clean the drink from your table.

Although marble and glass tables are not damaged by the staining, wooden furniture can get permanently damaged and stained. The coaster acts as a literal barrier between your furniture and condensation that develops at the bottom of the glass. So come on – order yourself a wooden coaster set online now from our home decor India store!


What types of drink coasters are Best?

Coasters made from all materials do a perfect job of preventing your furniture from getting ruined, however, we recommend you to invest in products made from organic materials like wood, metal, ceramic, marble, etc, for long-term use. You can explore our home decor website online to shop stylish options in metal, marble, resin, wood, etc.


Final Thoughts

Hope this blog has helped you understand all the benefits of coasters, and the next time when a host nags about using one, you will not just roll your eyes but also reach for one to put it under your drink. You should also add a set in every room where you have a habit of enjoying a drink –be it your living room, home office, patio, or basement.


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