Houseplants are the new obsession of Millennials and interior designers, and this leafy affair seems to grow every season. Quarantine has only helped in spreading this trend further, making more and more people interested in gardening. As you may be aware, Casa Decor has a beautiful collection of plant stands, so it’s obvious that we have been glad that more people are encouraged to add natural greens in their home decor. Plants are not only great for home decoration, but they also purify the air in your home, collectively generating more oxygen on the planet.

Also, it doesn’t matter whether your style is modern, minimalist, feminine, or masculine; flowers and fauna will instantly brighten up your space and put life into your decor and living arrangement. 

Most people are either skeptical or scared of including plants in their home decor because they think they can’t take care of them. And others are Google-ing “What are the best low maintenance houseplants?” for incorporating them into their decor? 

Well, the answer to this question depends on multiple factors. Although indoor plants don’t require intense sunlight, they still need a balance of temperature, specific environment, lighting conditions, etc for growing. The ideal conditions vary from each plant, while some indoor plants require extensive care, you just have water others once every week and you are good to go.

Soif you too want to get on this bandwagon, read this blog to find some low maintenance plants that are perfect for starting this hobby for amateur gardeners.


7 Low-Maintenance Houseplants Perfect for Decorating your Plant Stands

  1. Dracaena Lisa

With dark forest green stems and leaves, this indoor plant is often used by interior designers as a floor shade plant. Dracaena Lisa is a very low maintenance houseplant, which can survive in minimum light and can go for days without water. You can either plant it in planters or display it in a plant stand. This plant grows very slowly, so you don’t have to worry about it turning into a big jungle. Also, if you are buying a small plant, make sure to display it on a planter or plant stand, near the window.

It somewhat resembles bamboo, and is very tall, Dracaena Lisa is perfect for minimalistic decors as this plant is simple yet it captures plenty of attention with its natural design. You can place it in your living room as a beautiful organic accent or in your entryway for welcoming your guests.

TIP: Notice your plant for small changes: brown tips or stems are a sign of inconsistent watering and overwatering. Snip this damaged portion and it will start growing normally.


  1. Jade Plant

Also known fondly as the friendship tree and money plant, — it is an easy growing succulent, which is also used as a Vastu solution and believed to have calming effects, and bring good luck in homes. They have the perfect size and structure for being displayed on table-style plant stands; however, you can also display them on shelves allowing their stems to creep on the walls or hang from them.

It has oval green leaves that sprout from thick stalks which can bloom into shrub-like greens if treated with love. If provided with proper support with plant stands these indoor plants can grow over five feet.

They are one of the most common and popular houseplants, as they are quite easy to take care of. Its leaves have a colorful pattern that is also loved by interior designers and home decor enthusiasts.

TIP: To prevent these houseplants from leaning on one side, you can place the pot into a larger plant stand or pot, which will provide it support and space to grow and creep out. 


  1. Ponytail palm

Aka Bottle Tree, Bottle palm, and Elephant’s Foot Tree, these indoor plants have narrow leathery leaves and thick stems. Their appearance is also kind of funky that has tropical charm, making them for perfect beachside or country homes.

It is a native semi-succulent of the Mexican desert area which can survive happily in dry winter homes. It is the best option for forgetful plant owners. These houseplants can grow up to 20 feet, so avoid keeping them on the plant stands if you are getting an already big plant

TIP: Ensure to keep its leaves clean. Brown leaves are an indication of overwatering, which you can remove. Being a desert native, this indoor plant thrives when watered occasionally once or twice a week. 


  1. Air Plants (Tillandsia) 

These houseplants are a type of succulent that can grow without any soil, or much water making them the least demanding indoor plants.

Air plants utilize their roots for anchoring themselves to any object, which help them in growing in a variety of areas naturally. This flexibility allows them to thrive in any environment making them popular amongst interior designers when decorating working space and tropical home decor. 

However, they flourish best under bright, but indirect sunlight; you can also use artificial lighting or lamps to help them grow better. A Tillandsia can survive for several years if they are properly taken care of.

TIP: Following each watering, make sure to keep Tillandsias under light and in the air for at least 4 hours to dry the water.


  1. ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia plant is amongst the toughest houseplants in the world, making it the perfect choice for offices and homeowners who are forgetful. It is practically indestructible, will probably survive months and months of neglect, and infrequent watering while looking fresh and healthy. So you can place them in windowless rooms for purifying the air in your space. They look beautiful on geometrical plant stands and elevate the aesthetic element in any home decor

They have shiny oval waxy green colored leaves that sort of resemble a stylized feather. The unique appearance of these indoor plants makes them an exquisite table centerpiece. 

TIP: Similar to the cactus family, the ZZ plant doesn’t need a lot of water. If its leaves turn yellow, stop watering it, as it is a sign of overwatering. The trick is to only water this houseplant when their soils get dry.


  1. Heartleaf Philodendron

Aka Sweetheart plant also requires minimum care. They also thrive in indirect sunlight and limited water. Their yellow leaves are a sign of access watering and brown leaves are sign that they are thirsty for some water. 

As the name suggests its leaves are heart-shaped that initially blooms in a bronze color and then turn green. The different color leaves on your plant stand will add a distinct character to any room.

Interior designers are big fans of this houseplant as they look amazing in all spaces. Plus you can keep them indoors or outdoors in low light and they flourish beautifully anywhere. They can grow upon 4 feet, so make sure to invest in planters and plant stands that can support their shape and hold their weight.

TIP: Avoid buying this plant if you have young children or pets in your home. The plant’s leaves contain calcium oxalate that can cause allergies if it gets contact with skin or eyes. If you still want to keep it, or already have it, keep it on a tall plant stand or shelf, so that it’s out of their reach.


  1. Snake Plant

Snake Plants are one of the most popular plants that have gained their popularity because of interior designers. Their leaves have a unique design and thick waxy structure which makes them look almost artificial. Again, you can display them on a plant stand, or if it’s a bigger size you just put the pot on the floor.  

This houseplant can also survive weeks of neglect and is perfect for forgetful gardeners. Also, it has been ranked amongst the top low maintenance houseplants in several lists including the ones released by ‘HGTV’ and ‘Today’. 

One of the reasons why we recommend snake plant is it rarely has any insect infestation problems and also requires minimum care. NASA research also showed that snake plants help in cleaning the air and help in removing harmful toxins like benzene and formaldehyde in any space, making it a must-have indoor plant.

TIP: Avoid putting the plant in direct sunlight and over watering it. In fact, only water it when its soil is dry. 


If you want to create an aesthetic display with natural greens, explore our plant stands, and buy these low maintenance houseplants for beautifying your home decor with botanicals and cleaning the air in your space! Beyond the aesthetic function, these plants can help keep you healthy by keeping the air in your space purified, and your home fresh, so make sure to get one of these succulents today.

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