While some decor trends become a part of our routine others go out of style very quickly and since 2022 is ending soon and we are about to celebrate the arrival of a New Year it's the best time for you to embrace the fresh start and bid goodbye to all the home decor items that no longer serve a purpose in your abode. So, use this time to give your space a full-blown home decor makeover by judiciously going through your stuff and cleaning out your belongings! Here, in this blog, we have listed some trends and accessories that you should remove from your home once and for all. 

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8 Decor Items You Should Toss In 2022

  1. Old Cassettes, CDs, VCR Tapes, and DVDs

While some collections might hold meaning and value - truthfully how many of these vintage tapes do you listen to regularly? Well, this is exactly why you need to get rid of them. We are living in the 21st century where even your grandparents are streaming music online; making these tapes a waste of space. Instead of DVDs and tapes, fill your shelves with books or accents.

Note: While we recommend donating and reselling these tapes, make sure to keep all the limited additions as they can be used as timeless decor and priceless possession.


  1. Themed Dinnerware

We are all guilty of clinging on to festive themed decorations in the name of holiday spirit but end-up using them only once or twice, making them a wasteful purchase. From Christmas trees, reindeers, to holiday quotes and turkey designs, try to get rid of tableware that constrains your decoration to specific themes, instead use classic timeless patterns and shades. However, you can still get the festive feel by using candle stands, dessert platters, and other sustainable themed decorations that can be used more than once a year.

Our Suggestion: We recommend donating these dinnerware sets during holidays to make someone's festivals more special.


  1. Lifeless Plants

We all want to be plant parents right now, thanks to the green rage being the biggest trend in the interior world. However, not all of us are well-trained to take care of some of the high-maintenance plants out there. And while most plant care blogs online tell you 10 easy ways to revive your plants, it's often too late. So, replace the dying Zebra plant with a low maintenance plant like the snake plant, that doesn't require much attention. A lot of us don't have a green thumb and there is nothing wrong with that, just don't keep dead or dying plants decorated in your space, because it not only makes you look messy but is also considered bad according to Vastu.


  1. Excessive Reusable Bags

There is something so convenient about hoarding reusable bags that you can't help but stack these bags after your grocery runs, and luxury shopping sprees. And while it doesn't hurt to keep a few, sometimes we just end up forming a collection. So, this year try to get rid of your reusable bag collections and this hoarding habit. You can donate sustainable bags to a local charity, as they come in handy while distributing items. And for the bags, you want to keep, consider creating a home for them in our wooden boxes and bin stands.


  1. Old Blanks, Towels, and Throw Pillows

If you find yourself accumulating all your old furnishings, maybe this year is the time to either donate or sell them in a yard sale. Sometimes, we just change textiles because of changing trends and so consider upcycling or modifying them to fit in the current trends, you can use Tie-dye and other DIY techniques to update their look.


  1. Unnecessary Reading Material

While books are timeless and can be reread over and over again, magazines are often one time read that we shouldn’t hold onto forever, especially if they belong to a 10-year-old edition. The only good reason for you to store a magazine like that is that either you or one of your loved one is featured in it. Otherwise, you are just hoarding unnecessary clutter in your home. Let’s be frank, all the magazines you have been saving that you never seem to touch are simply taking space and collecting dust. So, donate or pass on the magazines and books that don't inspire you anymore. 


  1. Ultra-Specific Kitchen Appliances

It's always tempting to stock up your kitchen with all the up-to-date gadgets. But if you have a small kitchen, these appliances might backfire and take up all your space making cooking a nightmare. Today, one appliance can offer multiple purposes so find such multifunctional gadgets that fit in your kitchen while fulfilling their purpose instead of packing it with all types of technology that you never get a chance to touch. 


  1. Plastic Home Decor Items

From bottles, cups, mugs to plates and coasters, this year make a pledge to stop buying plastic homeware and enjoy the last few months of anything plastic that's left in your home. Think more about the planet and invest in more sustainable products that last longer in your home. Be it kitchenware or home accessories make eco-friendly purchases to create a sustainable space.


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