9 Creative Ways of Revamping your Wall Decor 

The walls of our homes are like blank canvases that we can fill with different home decor items to tell a story or make a statement. From extraordinary paintings to ordinary wall art decor, there is no right or wrong way of decorating your walls! You can have fun with these blank spaces by using your creativity and adding initials on them to form words or cover them up with photographs to showcase your personality or maybe consider making your walls more functional by installing wall hooks on them. 

While you can find a beautiful range of wall decor online, you are just a quick shelf installation away from displaying almost all types of home decor products on your walls. In this blog, we have listed some wall accessories that will help you bring back your walls to life!


9 Home Decor Items that make the Beautiful Wall Decorations

  1. Use Picture Frames

Based on the pictures and frames you select, you can create different vibes in your home. Black and white photographs for a timeless touch, planned poses with beautiful backgrounds for a contemporary feel, or crazy candid shots from memorable nights for creating a personality-packed statement. Pictures are the best way of giving your guests an insight into your life. Photo frames tell stories without any words. So, display all your favorite memories in your space.

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  1. Hand-carved Wall Accents: For a Pinterest Aesthetic  

Take inspiration from our ancestors and decorate your walls with handcrafted frames and wall accents featuring floral patterns and traditional designs, to infuse a touch of indulgence and royalty in your home. We have a beautiful variety of wooden hand-carved pieces that you can explore on our website. 

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  1. Hang up Mirrors

Apart from their functional purpose, mirrors can be used for brightening up your space. Clever placement of mirrors can also be used for making small spaces feel bigger and brighter. From oversized frames to hand-carved mirrors, you can buy mirrors online in different designs for creating a captivating set up in your home. Hang a designer mirror at the center of your wall for a minimal look or pair it with different-sized and shaped options for creating a visually exquisite display.  


  1. Decorative Plates

In the last few years hanging plates have become quite popular in the wall art decor world. What started as a mere DIY hack has now turned into a home decor category. This DIY hack gives you a great opportunity to make the most of your beautiful china plates. You can use adhesives and glue for installing porcelain serveware on your walls and create a fancy display in your dining room or kitchen. 


  1. Scripted Wall Art 

From quirky quotes to words that are in harmony with your thoughts, decorate your with different scripts to add an interactive touch to your space that can evoke some interesting chit-chats. Consider selecting plaques with 'Yum-Yum', 'Eat' written on them for your dining space, and 'Blessed' or 'Family' plaques for your entryway to highlight your values in your space. You can also use stickers or buy prints of your favorite lyrics or poems to give your space a more personal touch.


  1. Create Hanging Garden

Instead of floors, dress up your walls with plants using wall planters or wall shelves to display beautiful blooming flowers and plants. Display creeping plants for a magical look or layout succulents on a wall shelf for a Pinterest-style aesthetic.     


  1. Designer Wall Hooks 

If you are struggling with space, covering your space with more accents and decorations might not be a great idea, instead, use space-savers like wall hooks for organizing and elevating your space. From hanging plant pots, and keys, to clothes you can use wall hooks in a multitude of ways. And if you invest in our animal hooks, you can create wildlife inspired accent walls with pieces that are meticulously designed to look-like accents. 

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  1. Wall Brackets

Most people are afraid of experimenting with wall brackets when these pieces can instantly elevate the look of your space. The classic combination of lanterns hanging from wall brackets at your entrance or entryway can introduce a lot of drama and magic to your space. Wall brackets can also be used for hanging different home decoration accessories like plant pots, string lights, garlands, etc. 


  1. Painting & Art 

Painting is one of the first choices of most homeowners when they are trying to fill up a big wall. So, based on your budget you can explore your local galleries to find the perfect piece that suits your aesthetic and current home decor theme.

If you are tight on a budget, explore the internet to find affordable artworks or prints of classical paintings on different home decor online stores. Further, you can also commission an upcoming artist for creating an entirely unique design based on your idea. 

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while buying a painting. If you are buying a big painting there is a high chance that you will be hanging only that piece on your wall, so measure the space in advance to find a canvas that fits an ideal size ratio without looking chaotic. Original art tends to be expensive so choose wisely what aesthetic you want to embrace because it will likely be a permanent investment.   


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